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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 084: Rising Star Of TheYear Bahasa Indonesia

“Aiden Silvereye.”

As Steven said those words, there was a silence in the crowd for a second before everyone started clapping as the spotlight fell onto Aiden.

Most of the people in the audience have not heard a lot of Aiden but right now, he has won the award, so every eye was on him.

Some were curious, some were jealous while some were just happy for the young guy who had won an award today. As for the other nominees, they looked disappointed but they had no choice but to accept that they lost.

‘I… really won.’

Aiden thought as the crowd of people swarmed him, trying to shake hands with him and tell him congratulations.

If he was truthful, it was an indescribable feeling. A smile was plastered on his face like it was always there and his chest felt like it was full of too many emotions, things he can’t express.

One might say he was being too emotional but this was his first award. The first proof that he had talent.

Aiden wasn’t delusional to think he had done it all on its own. His system had helped him a lot but it didn’t mean he didn’t work hard. He had sent sleepless nights to work hard on his songs and practise his skills

And now, he was finally getting an award.

Before he knew it, his steps had made their way up to the stage. He shook hands with Steven, who looked at him with a smile.

“You deserved it. You have worked very hard since the last time we met.” He whispered, giving him a polite hug.

“Thank you.”

“Let’s catch up after the event.”

After saying that, Steven gave the award to Aiden. Holding the trophy in his hand, a sculpture of a golden guitar, he faced the audience, who had now sat down in their seats.

It was the time to give his speech.

Aiden looked at them like they were blurred images. He felt a bit nervous and took a deep breath before starting his speech.

“Ah, I forgot the acceptance speech I wrote.” His words made others chuckle.

He had written one just to be sure, but now, that was completely out of his memory. His mind felt a bit blank.

“Well, first of all, I’m sorry to my fellow nominees that you are not standing here.” Then, he looked at the people who were nominated with him. “I would not have been disappointed if any of you had won the award because I think you all are very talented.”

Some people clapped at that while Aiden continued his speech.

“I have a lot of people to thank. Wade, Uncle Sam, my Mom, Valerie, Abraham, Jackson, Cameron, Emily… Thank you for supporting me till now. I didn’t really expect to win this award today, but you all felt like I would.”

Before coming here, Uncle Sam had told him that he would win. His mom was also praying for him.

He was grateful for that support.

“In the end, I just want to say that I don’t know if I have a lot of talent or no talent at all… but I have been trying hard for a long time.”

He clenched the award in his hand while saying the last sentence.

His speech ended with that as people clapped. Then, he just smiled at them and walked off the stage.

Suddenly, some words came to his mind.

‘There will be a time when people will recognise your talent but don’t think your journey has been successful that day. It had just started.’

Because of these words, Aiden knew that this was just the start.

One award was never enough for his ambition, and he still needed to achieve a lot of things in his career.

This was just a mere start!


After Indie Music awards ended, a lot of articles burst forth on the screen to talk about the winners and spectacles that were witnessed in the ceremony.

Many articles talked about the ceremony as a whole while just focusing on some famous singers who won awards or showed up on the night.

Indie Music awards were pretty much an American event as most of the singers were from there, so it didn’t have a lot of global appeal but some famous news outlets still wrote some articles on it.

One of these articles was by Pop Zap magazine who has also covered the awards before the ceremony. This time also, the article was written by music critic Johnny Greyfield.

What was surprising about this article was the title of it which was ‘Infinity, expected winners and the emergence of Aiden Silvereye’.

[Like the article we wrote before the awards predicted, the band Infinity swept up the most number of awards.

It was always expected of them to win as they were on another level last year. This will surely be the last time we are going to see this band anywhere close to being called Indie as just after the ceremony, the record label of Infinity, Red Train media, announced a new album.

What was surprising in it was that Infinity was going to collaborate with a lot of famous artists, including Jessa Anderson, who attended the event last night. A world tour might be lurking around too after the release of the album, with the band’s popularity growing in Europe.

Other than the glorious band, there were other winners too, but the most important one, at least in my eyes, is Aiden Silvereye (His eyes are black actually).

One might not have heard of him much, but anyone who had attended a wedding in America in the last few months must have heard of Hold onto me. That was his breakout single that pulled me a bit out of obscurity.

The young singer also went on to work with famous pop star Grey, and now an award for the Rising star, a category that is always vital as it tells a lot about the future of music in America.

All this in just the past few months and it’s more surprising to know that aside from this, he had been coming in movies too with his next movie [Black Saints] already in post production.

Can Aiden be the next big thing in music? It’s hard to say but he has shown that his music has soul. It’s now up to him as to how he would use that soul.

Many young singers fail early on in their careers but if we take a look at Aiden’s career, it’s not wrong to say that he knows how to find a path for him to continuously move.

One of our reporters talked to Steven McDonald, the head of Cyco media and someone who had seen Aiden since he was on the third season of X-Star. He reportedly told us, “I see a lot of potential in him, especially from the point of view of a creator. Not anyone can write good music, and that’s a quality he has. His music might be considered in the genre of ballads but the words touch people’s souls. That’s his best ability — Music with a lot of soul.”

It would just take a lot of hard work and a good amount of innovation for him to become the next big singing sensation. But the question is, how many years it would take him?

Only time would tell…]


After Aiden won the award, he just lost himself in celebrations for the night. A lot of people came to talk to him and congratulated him on his win.

He even attended the banquet that was held after the ceremony and got a chance to catch up with Andrew and Steven.

They discussed X-Star and how he had made everyone stupified by his rise in the last few months. It seemed like they were going to return in the next season, too, which would start in the latter half of the next year.

Andrew even said that he felt like it was a mistake to let him be eliminated.

But those were just words. Aiden knew that, but he didn’t mind.

Before he left the party, Steven asked him if he wanted to join Cyco media. It was a very lucrative offer, and Steven was even ready to negotiate, but Aiden rejected it, saying he wanted to be independent of any labels.

Though, he didn’t mind cooperating with Cyco media in the future. Steven looked disappointed, but he agreed and wished him luck for the future.

After the award show, he and Wade straight left for New York, where Abraham got a party for them in The Rabbit hole. Even Uncle Sam joined in, making the atmosphere more fulfilling.

It was already mid-December till then and the whole of New York quickly got into a festive mood with Christmas and New Year coming in.

Both Wade and Aiden also decided to just enjoy the festivals as after that, the result of the title track for [Attack on Freedom] would come out.

They had already submitted it to Animeroll, and the results were going to come out right after New year.

At the same time, the release of [Black Saints] was also going to happen in the first quarter of 2016.

Wade called it the season of harvest after working hard for a long time. Aiden agreed with his words as it was finally going to be the time to reap the rewards of their hard work.

Though, the first thing was to know the result of the title track.


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