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Chapter 58

Two days after the audition, the crew of [Black Saints] organised a meeting to discuss the status of the filming and one of the agendas for the meeting was casting for Kai August.

“So, who should we go with?”

Anthony began, as he looked at the people gathered in the meeting room, his eyes stopping at Zavier for a bit longer. Most of the important members of the crew were here.

The cinematographer, prop director, stage director and many more. All in all, the room looked crowded.

“It’s a difficult decision. We did have some good performances but first, let’s cross out the bad ones.”

Zavier said, glancing at the profiles of the actor on the table.

A laptop on the side was showing all the audition tapes of the actors that had auditioned for the role.

Granite films would go over each and every important character in the movie very carefully, because for them, casting was everything, especially for a movie like [Black Saints].

If it was a romantic comedy or a teen drama, they could cast actors more on looks and charisma, but a gangster flick like [Black Saints] needed capable actors.

There was a similar movie released last year, more of a cop action piece but the performances of the actors weren’t strong enough to carry the movie and it became a disaster in the box office.

Zavier had written every one of his characters very intricately and every single one of them were complex, needing an actor to show a wide range of emotions.

“So, first is Drake Westwood. 23 years old and had worked in some TV series as a supporting character.”

One of the staff members read out the profile of a causacian stoic looking guy. After seeing his audition again, Zavier clicked his tongue.

“No, he doesn’t suit Kai at all. Looks too young, maybe also because of his short height.”

“We could try him in the romantic comedy we are planning next year. For now, rejected.”

Anthony gave out the verdict that everyone was thinking of and they moved to another profile.

More than 50 actors auditioned for the role of Kai and it was a daunting task to go through each one of them. But that was just filmmaking.

Every step took a long time and you need to tread carefully.

As they watched more and more auditions, some actors impressed them while some were outright weak in front of the camera.

“Next is Tyler Reed.”

Zavier made a conflicted expression hearing that. A frown also appeared on the face of Anthony who couldn’t help but ask.

“Do we even need to watch it again?”

“Not really. He was awful.” Zavier said, then added regretfully, “But how about giving him another chance? Maybe he will do a bit better.”

He was only saying that to get a chance to make a move up ahead in Hollywood. Zavier was pretty new in the movie business, even if he had a good name in the tv industry. Both industries were correlated to each other but were very different.

By giving a role to Tyler, it was a chance to indirectly make a connection to a big time Hollywood actor and producer and get into the richer circles.

But Anthony shook his head.

“No, there’s no need to. It’s not good to damage a movie just to please someone. We need to choose the best actors possible.”

Saying that, he gestured to the staff to move on to the next actor. Zavier didn’t say anything on that, not really too keen on Tyler in the first place.

It was just a passing suggestion in his mind.

The crew looked at more and more actors throughout the afternoon and had varying responses to each of them.

“That guy doesn’t even have any acting skills. I wonder why people get into acting without knowing how to do the one thing that they are paid to do – act!”

“Okay, this guy is good. He even looks tough, but he doesn’t give off the Kai vibe. There’s the villain look, not the vibe.”

“No, he’s very average. We need an actor that could give life to Kai, not make him look like a 2d character from a generic novel.”

Like that, they discussed most of the shortlisted actors before they got to Aiden’s profile. It was already close to evening when they looked at his audition tape.

“This guy… he’s the only one who came wearing a suit.”

“Yeah, his acting was pretty spot on too.”

“The guy who acted the role of Mr. Black said he was truly scared when he was performing. He’s a good actor.”

“No, I think his eyes look very soft. We need sharper eyes.”

“I think he’s good enough.”

Opinions about Aiden were exchanged in the room. Some thought that he suited the role while some had the complete opposite reaction.

But one thing was sure that Aiden’s performance was discussed the most.

Though, the decision was only on two people who were the most important part of the crew – The director and the producer.

“His name is Aiden Silvereye, right? 24 years, he’s good for this age. A capable young actor.” Anthony said that because the ideal age for an actor in Hollywood was between 30-45, most of the famous actors were around that age.

That was the reason behind why even many teen dramas had 30 year old adults who didn’t really look like high school students.

“What do you think?”

Turning towards Zavier, he asked.

“He’s better than what we have seen till now. One thing is that he was the only one who actually put time in trying to make an image for his character. I like that in an actor.”

Zavier put a finger on his chin and thought about it clearly.

Few names roamed in his head that had impressed him as Kai. But Aiden’s performance was something that stood out, because of the small things.

He noticed that during the audition Aiden had moved the chair from the side to sit in front of the staff member playing Mr. Black. That wasn’t in the script given to him.

He had done it himself, thinking that Kai would do something like that in order to make it seem like even if he was in his enemies territory, he was still in control.

At the same time, Zavier also felt like Aiden was a bit too young for the role. An older actor would be able to play it better.

“I think he’s….”



“I just wish we could fast forward the bad parts.”

“Maybe, just freeze the good parts.”

“So, that they forever last.”


In the bar, The Rabbit hole, silver light filled the entire place as people calmly listened to Aiden’s singing.

In the last part, he got his notes really high, touching the boundaries of the F note. The customers seemed to love that as they cheered for him after the song finished.

“Aiden, that was great!”

“You are the best. Encore! Encore!”

“I never get tired of hearing your songs.”

Basking in all the applause and praises, Aiden just smiled and put down his guitar. He had already stopped working here a while back but Abraham was now paying him to come sing some songs.

This was the privilege of being the famous indie singer that Aiden had slowly become.

If he was being honest, he would have sung here even if he wasn’t being paid, just because he had gotten really familiar with this place during his stay in America.

Old Don, Freddie, Jessie – he had gotten used to performing for these people who would always greet him when they saw him in the bar. They would have small talks and then, would be on their way.

[You have gained experience.]

[You are now one step closer to Intermediate Grade 2.]

As Aiden got off the stage, these system notifications appeared in front of him. He shrugged them off as he would get them after every single performance.

He was going to leave the bar when suddenly, he saw a familiar face stepping inside. It was Wade with a cigarette in his mouth.

Going by the atmosphere around him, Aiden guessed that it was something serious.

“Wade, what are you doing here?”

Aiden asked, walking up to him.

“Looking for you. I just got the call from Granite films about your audition.”

“So, they liked it?”

Wade took a bit of time to open his mouth, making Aiden get a bad feeling. Maybe, it was another audition that he failed in?

“You got the role.” His agent said, quickly giving out a smile.


“Yeah, they liked it a lot. From what I heard, there were other people that were close to getting the role but they ultimately decided on you. They will send the contract in a few days and you will get the full script at the same time. Then, we need to prepare for the read through.” Wade said, before adding. “Anyway, congrats. You worked hard!”

Aiden could not help but smile widely upon hearing that. In the span of a few months, he had gotten his second role. It really seemed like the clock of fate was finally turning in his favour.

‘One more step closer.”

He thought in his mind but Wade patted his shoulder to get his attention before Aiden could ask for drinks from a waiter.

“Let’s celebrate! I know the best place for it!”


Aiden thought, wondering if Wade was going to suggest something like a strip club. For some reason, the latter looked like someone who would go there often.

“I have two invitations for a party. Let’s go, you might meet some interesting people there.”


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