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Transmigrated Scoundrel’s Exchange System – Chapter 140: Back to the Sect Bahasa Indonesia

The prime minister turned to the royal patriarch, bowed, and said, “Your Majesty, assuming it is Sky Soaring Sect, we were the ones who offended them first, so they have the moral high ground. I am not sure if they will return the treasures to us, but if we do not mend our relationship with them, they will continue to grow more powerful with the royal treasures and mines they have found. Sooner or later, this might affect our power when they become strong enough.”

The prime minister continued, “The best course of action here would be to mend our relationship with the Sky Soaring Sect to avoid further misunderstandings. We have thousands of years of legacy and power; the damage is not irrecoverable.”

The emperor and the royal patriarch gave the prime minister’s words deep thought. The royal patriarch finally spoke, “You are right, prime minister. How should we go about this?”

The prime minister replied, “The actions we took this time were very severe, so we need to show them enough sincerity. Because of this, I need to personally visit the Sky Soaring Sect and mend our relationship. At the same time, I have heard that Your Highness, Prince Tian, had a very good relationship with Disciple Han Cai. It would be wise if the prince joins me on this journey to the Sky Soaring Sect.”

Prince Tian was shocked to hear his name mentioned, but when he saw the emperor and patriarch looking at him, he hurriedly nodded in agreement.

Before the Royal Patriarch could say anything, the Empress Mother couldn’t control herself any longer. As she stood up in indignation, Concubine Lan followed suit, standing in solidarity. The Empress Mother spoke with a voice filled with contempt, “Why not just give them the whole Yin Country while you’re at it? First, they killed Lan’s family elder. They should have been the ones to make amends. Instead, when we inquired about the death of the elder, they insulted and assaulted me in front of the whole of Yin. Now they might have even robbed our royal treasury, and you want to make amends with them? What will the people of Yin think? That we, the royal family, are a pathetic and weak bunch who give in whenever someone tries to bully us?”

The Royal Patriarch and the Emperor went into deep contemplation. Although the Empress Mother had gone overboard during the banquet, her words held some truth. The Sky Soaring Sect had been undermining the royal family continuously, and if they gave in now, anyone would think the royal family could be easily bullied.

As they were contemplating, they suddenly heard a voice, “What she said is indeed true. It makes you look weak. What are you afraid of? You have the support of my sect. Even if they have a heaven-grade treasure, can they face both my sect and the royal family?”

Everyone in the room turned to look at the source of the voice. They saw a man entering the throne room. It was none other than the Sect Master of the Starfall Sect. His unexpected arrival caused a stir among the royal family members and ministers present.

The Royal Patriarch and Emperor got up from their thrones to welcome the Sect Master of Starfall Sect.

After welcoming the guest, the royal patriarch said, “Let me think about this. We will make a decision within a month. Everyone else can leave. “With that, the royal family and their ministers began to the leave the throne room. The only people remaining were the Royal Patriarch, the Emperor, and the sect master of the Starfall Sect.

Back in Sky Soaring Sect

The Sect Master had just returned to the Sky Soaring Sect. After arriving at the entrance of the sect, he flew towards his abode.

Upon entering the abode, one would notice another sect master sitting outside, reading something. The sitting sect master looked up and said, “How did it go?”

The newly arrived sect master transformed his physical features, and it was soon revealed that it was Han Cai. He said, “The royal family was very kind and generous.”

Han Cai moved his hand, and two objects appeared. The sect master looked closely at them; they were two heaven-grade, circular artifacts containing grotto worlds. The artifacts were covered in intricate designs and emitted a powerful aura, reflecting their extraordinary nature.

Seeing one small and one medium-sized grotto world in front of him, the sect master was shocked. Grotto worlds were very important resources. These worlds were created by some very high-level cultivators, and they were complete worlds in their own right, with mountains, spirit rivers, and spirit beasts. They could sustain the living, and the whole Sky Soaring Sect could fit into one grotto world. They took spirit Qi from the outside world and purified it, resulting in the Qi in the grotto world being of much higher quality. The cultivation speed within the grotto world was much faster, and they provided a safe environment for cultivating without disturbance.

But the sect master was not yet done being shocked, Han Cai subsequently brought out hundreds of storage rings. Upon closer inspection, each ring was an earth-ranked storage ring. When the sect master picked one up to check its contents, he found millions of medium-grade spirit stones inside. Some of the rings also contained immortal level cultivation methods and grand array formation designs.

Just when the sect master thought this was it, Han Cai moved his hand again, and a series of weapons appeared in front of him. The sect master checked the weapons and found that two were heaven-ranked weapons while five were earth-ranked weapons. The seven weapons included a sword named Heavenly Edge, a saber called Moonlit Slash, a bow known as the Star Piercer, a spear titled the Heavenly Reaper, a staff dubbed the Solar Ecliptic, a pair of daggers named the Twin Shadows, and a whip called the Comet Lash.


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