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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 95: Negotiating Conditions Bahasa Indonesia

“I believe we still need to run a few more tests to accurately gauge the effect duration of Pore Stimulation Potion and examine its consecutive usage for any other side effects that may be unknown to us.”

“However, once we confirm there is no problem with your version of the Pore Stimulation Potion, the Ashenborn Household is willing to shoulder all the cost, production, and sales of the potions and split the share of the Pore Stimulation Potion’s sales 70% to us and 30% to you.”

“What do you think of this, Sir Vahn? You have the authority to make the decisive, right?” Helia Ashenborn asked politely.

After hearing the conditions, Vaan fell silent to contemplate for a moment. Helia Ashenborn’s offer was surprisingly very favorable.

“The standard Pore Stimulation Potion is sold on the market for 30 low-rank mana stones per a batch of 10 potions. Considering the average production yields at least 100 two-ounce bottles’ worth of potions, that’s a minimum sale revenue of 300 low-rank mana stones per production.”

“However, just Zapper Eel’s Eye and Darkray’s Tail alone will cost 100 low-rank mana stones. If we include the total cost of ingredients required to make the standard Pore Stimulation Potions, we are looking at around 200 low-rank stones. Excluding the labor cost, we are looking at a profit of 100 low-rank mana stones. That is almost a 70-to-30 ratio in terms of cost to profit.”

“If our business followed a similar cost-to-profit, that would imply that I would be taking 30% share of pure profit for doing nothing, while Lord Helia, on the other hand, will be making next to nothing. Can I understand it as such?” Vaan asked casually.

“I suppose you can, Sir Vahn,” Helia Ashenborn smiled before shaking her head. “However, you’ve spoken too seriously. How can your version of the Pore Stimulation Potion compare to the standard version?”

“Even if we consider the cost of using Sirre Roots, the total cost of production would only be around 250 low-rank mana stones. If we sell at 50 low-rank mana stones per batch of 10 potions, we have a sales revenue of at least 500 low-rank mana stones.”

“Thus, even if Sir Vahn takes the 30% cut of 150 low-rank mana stones, I will still be left with 100 low-rank mana stones of pure profits,” Helia Ashenborn stated.

“True,” Vaan calmly agreed, having expected Helia Ashenborn to mention it.

However, the way Helia Ashenborn mentioned it straightforwardly let Vaan understand that she wasn’t planning to play any under-the-table tricks with him.

That also made negotiations easier.

“Other Master Potioneers sell their improved Pore Stimulation Potions for around 60-80 low-rank mana stones per batch of 10 potions. Even though my version of the Pore Stimulation Potion isn’t as effective per dosage, it can be used consecutively without a cooldown period in between.”

“As such, I believe we can even sell our version of the Pore Stimulation Potion for 60 low-rank mana stones per batch of 10 potions. In that case, I will get a 180 low-rank mana stone cut, while Lord Helia will still gain a 170 low-rank mana stone profit.”

“But if we also consider the labor cost, then Lord Helia will…”

“You don’t have to worry about the labor cost, Sir Vahn,” Helia Ashenborn coolly said before adding, “I will be using my own people to produce the potions. Thus, they will receive other forms of rewards from me.”

“I don’t trust other potioneers to handle the production. They are more likely to leak the potion recipe into the hands of our business competitors.”

“That is a possible risk that we have to consider when hiring other potioneers,” Vaan calmly agreed with a nod.

In truth, Vaan didn’t care much if the potion recipe was leaked, and other potioneers started selling the zero-side effect Pore Stimulation Potions.

True, the sales would take a plunge, resulting in less profit, but the Pore Stimulation Potion formula wasn’t valuable to Vaan, to begin with.

What is considered valuable to others wasn’t all that valuable to him.

Removing the side effects of a rank 1 potion is nothing impressive. In the end, it was still a rank 1 potion. Being able to use rank 1 potion ingredients to produce a rank 2 potion – now that would be truly impressive.

Of course, Vaan had no intention of sharing that potion formula with Helia Ashenborn.

“So then, I trust we have an agreement, Sir Vahn?” Helia Ashenborn sought Vaan’s confirmation before he nodded.

“Naturally, Lord Helia.”

“Great! I look forward to our business together, Sir Vahn,” Helia Ashenborn reached out her hand for a handshake. There was a brief pause in her movements before she ultimately pushed forward with it.

Vaan’s eyes briefly flickered before he accepted the handshake.

He had seen Helia Ashenborn’s hands fidgeting multiple times and knew something was wrong with her hands—something that she didn’t want others to know; the silk gloves were proof of that.

Nevertheless, after they shook hands on the agreement, Helia Ashenborn added, “Oh, yes. You don’t have to continue teaching Cyrena, Sir Vahn. I will grant you access to the public libraries. You can visit them with Hester’s company.”

“As for the academy’s libraries, it will be a bit more tricky. I will have to write a letter of request to Headmaster Tabitha first. You’ll be free to visit the academy’s library once I receive word of her consent,” Helia Ashenborn stated.

Vaan was pleasantly surprised after hearing Helia Ashenborn’s decision.

“Thank you, Lord Helia. That would be great,” Vaan said with a gratified smile before shaking his head. “I will visit the libraries during my breaks, but I won’t stop teaching Lady Cyrena.”

“Since I have given my word, I will teach Lady Cyrena for the full seven days we have agreed upon. I trust Lord Helia doesn’t have a problem with that?” Vaan politely asked.

“How can I? It’s great that you are still willing,” Helia Ashenborn said joyfully. “But regarding our business, how would you like to receive the dividends, Sir Vahn?”

“Regarding that, I hope Lord Helia can help me open an account under Lady Linetta’s name at the Witch Union Bank. The payment can be sent there.”

“Under Marquis Delarosa’s eldest daughter, huh?” Helia Ashenborn softly muttered before nodding, “Mm, it can be done. I will take care of it for you, Sir Vahn.”

“Thank you, Lord Helia. Then, I will return to resume Lady Cyrena’s lesson now.”

“Of course. I’ll call someone to guide you back there, Sir Vahn.”


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