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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 88: Potioneering Quiz Bahasa Indonesia

“Don’t get chummy with me, Vahn Cadieux. We are not that close,” Cyrena Ashenborn said indifferently before ignoring Vaan and continuing to read her book.

Hester Thornton immediately wanted to admonish Cyrena Ashenborn, but Vaan gestured her to not intervene.

“It’s fine, Lady Thornton. I will handle this matter. There’s no need for you to intervene,” Vaan calmly smiled before turning his attention back to Cyrena Ashenborn.

“We might not have a close relationship personally, but formally, I have been assigned as your teacher. Addressing you so is my privilege, Lady Cyrena. You may refer to me as Teacher or Mr. Cadieux.”

“My teacher? I don’t acknowledge you,” Cyrena Ashenborn said coolly before continuing with zero expectation of Vaan, “You are younger than me, so what can you even teach me? It would make more sense if my mother just hired you to spite me.”

“A teacher’s qualification isn’t decided by age; it never was. Only the more skilled or educated one becomes the teacher, Lady Cyrena. In that regard, I believe I am qualified to be your teacher,” Vaan replied with a calm smile, indifferent to Cyrena Ashenborn’s cynicism.

“Are you saying you know more than me?” Cyrena Ashenborn frowned and said, “I may be incapable of magic, but that doesn’t mean I’ve slacked off in my other fields of study. I’ve worked harder than anyone else!”

Cyrena Ashenborn’s indifferent emotion was stirred by Vaan as she believed he was looking down on her too much. It was as if he had discredited her effort.

Nevertheless, Vaan could understand Cyrena Ashenborn’s boiling emotion.

Anyone else would also feel upset if they had worked their ass off and be proud of their achievement—only for someone to claim they know more than them despite being younger and a man, no less.

“I understand the injustice you feel, Lady Cyrena. However, people aren’t born equal in this world,” Vaan calmly said.

“Talent and hard work guarantee success, while hard work without talent won’t amount to anything—at least, not without luck. Such is the way of the world. I’m not trying to discredit your talent and hard work by saying this.”

“I’m just trying to say that even among geniuses, there is a gap in their talents. After all, genius is such a vague term we use to define talented people above a certain threshold from the general mass, not the peak.”

“And whether you like it or not, I am someone with more talent than you,” Vaan stated indifferently.

“That being said, you wouldn’t believe my words nor acknowledge me as your teacher unless I genuinely convince you, Lady Cyrena. So without further adieu, let us start with a quick quiz in your best field of study.”

Vaan continued to speak before Cyrena Ashenborn could retort his blatant boasting.

Nevertheless, when Cyrena Ashenborn heard Vaan mention a quiz, her eyes flickered mischievously. There was a way to embarrass him and expose the fraudster.

Vahn Cadieux was simply asking to be called out for his lies – Cyrena Ashenborn thought.

“I excel in potioneering, so ask away, Mr. Cadieux. What will you quiz me on?” Cyrena Ashenborn asked impassively.

“Potioneering, huh? I guessed as much,” Vaan muttered with a nod before saying, “I’ll be testing how firm your foundational knowledge is.”

When Cyrena Ashenborn heard it was about foundation knowledge in potioneering, she became even more convinced of her doubts.

‘Of course, you can only test me on basic knowledge since you, as a man, don’t know anything about advanced potioneering,’ Cyrena Ashenborn thought smugly.

Alas, Cyrena Ashenborn’s smile quickly froze when she looked into Vaan’s intrigued eyes. It was as if he had seen through her thoughts, causing her heart to be slightly shaken.

However, Cyrena Ashenborn quickly convinced herself that Vaan was just faking it.

“Alright, let’s start with the most basic potion among Sense Enhancers, the Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion. Tell me its effects, the number of standard ingredients needed to make it, and name all of them,” Vaan quizzed.

“Heh,” Cyrena Ashenborn snickered before she replied with a nonchalant shrug, “The Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion, like all other Sense Enhancers, is used to enhance the natural mana absorption ability in a witch’s body.”

“It’s an alternative for witches who do not wish to sully their bodies with dirty practices such as copulating with men… or women. I don’t judge. Anyway, the Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion’s exact effect is to excite all the pores in one’s body and leave them open for mana to smoothly flow inside.”

“A standard Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion requires seven ingredients to make, two of which are the main ingredients, and the other five are supplementary ingredients. In order of main to supplementary, they are Zapper Eel’s Eye, Darkray’s Tail, Dragon Grass, Ruby Paprika, Pearl Ivy, Wolf Seed, and Flaming Root.”

“Since Mr. Cadieux only asked to name the ingredients, I didn’t mention the specific quantity required to make a standard Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion. Should I list them now?” Cyrena Ashenborn asked with a sly look.

However, Vaan smiled with amusement and said, “No need. Given your confident look, I am certain you’ve already learned the exact quantity by heart.”

“Your answers were correct—all except one ingredient, that is. You’ve replaced the Summer Avens with Ruby Paprika,” Vaan calmly added, causing Cyrena Ashenborn’s expression to freeze with surprise.

Even so, Cyrena Ashenborn still had an ace up her sleeve.

But alas, before Cyrena Ashenborn could argue in her defense, Vaan calmly continued, “Although it is true that the Ruby Paprika can be used to substitute Summer Avens, it is not part of the standard ingredients.”

“Considering you have already learned about substitute ingredients for the Rank 1 Pore Stimulation Potion, there’s no way you would have made such a mistake unintentionally.”

“However, you need to remember something, Lady Cyrena; I am the one testing you, not the other way around. Got it?” Vaan lectured with a solemn look, which made Cyrena Ashenborn subconsciously obey despite being dumbfounded.

“Yes, Mr. Cadieux,” she replied blankly.

But after a moment, Cyrena Ashenborn quickly shook her head and recovered her wits.

Seeing how Mr. Cadieux saw through her little trick, he was much more knowledgeable than she gave him credit for. His earlier words might not be empty boasts after all.

Even so, it would take more than that for her to acknowledge him as her teacher!


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