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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 82: Astoria’s Arrangement Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the headmaster’s office, Astoria Braveheart placed down her huge silver greatsword that seemingly weighed like feathers in her hand before it caused a heavy thud.

Then, with her back towards Senior Elaine and Senior Gwena, Astoria Braveheart looked up at a painting of Blackmoon Academy on the wall with a sentimental look.

Along the way to her office, Astoria Braveheart had seen the collapsed building of the library that was still in the process of rebuilding.

“So Wise Scholar Eniwse turned into the Wyvern-type Abomination…” Astoria Braveheart made a long sigh.

“I asked Marquis Ember not to slay her while we were on our way here, so Wise Scholar Eniwse was temporarily spared. However, Wise Scholar Eniwse headed straight for the Dark Zone, Thousand Fog Mountains, so her fate might not be any better.”

“Thousand Fog Mountains…?” Senior Elaine and Senior Gwena were startled at first, but they sighed with relief the next moment.

Thousand Fog Mountains might be dangerous to most people due to its unpredictable terrain and weather, not to mention threats from unknown creatures that dwell within the territory.

However, Wise Scholar Eniwse had become a Wyvern-type Abomination almost comparable to High Witches and Aura Lords.

Escaping into Thousand Fog Mountains at least gave Wise Scholar Eniwse a chance of survival, even if she was destined to live as an abomination for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, being hunted by a High Witch bent on killing her was inevitable death.

“It’s great that Wise Scholar Eniwse still has a chance to live her new life… But that makes me even more saddened by Servant Vaan’s death. He didn’t get that chance…” Senior Elaine woefully mentioned with a look of great loss.

“…Servant Vaan?” Astoria Braveheart turned around and looked at Senior Elaine with a raised brow. “Why are you mentioning Wise Scholar Eniwse’s servant, Senior Elaine?”

“It was in the message we sent to you via the sound-transmission magic tool, Headmaster Astoria,” Elaine stated.

“We mentioned the loss of a peerless genius who could have been the leading authority in the study of magic for the next two hundred years. However, the person we mentioned wasn’t referring to Wise Scholar Eniwse, but her servant, Vaan Raphna.”

“Please read through this notebook, Headmaster Astoria. It was found in the wreckage of the library. As Wise Scholar Eniwse’s friend and peer, I am familiar with her handwriting. Thus, I can safely say this notebook didn’t belong to her but Servant Vaan.”

Elaine pulled out Vaan’s notes from her Magic Domain and handed them to Astoria Braveheart to peruse.

After Astoria Braveheart accepted the notebook, she skimmed through the first few lines on the first page before it quickly grabbed her attention.

Astoria Braveheart immediately focused on reading through Servant Vaan’s notes carefully.

“These magic theories and spells… They were all introduced by Wise Scholar Eniwse… It was what earned her the title of Wise Scholar. Her magic theories and spells were revolutionary in the study of magic… These were all invented by Servant Vaan?!”

Astoria Braveheart softly exclaimed with mixed feelings as she became more invested in reading through Vaan’s notes. Eventually, she became completely absorbed, thoroughly fascinated by the contents as if she was peering into the truth of magic.

No, the notebook also contained Vaan’s thoughts. As such, it was more like Astoria Braveheart was receiving a sermon from the person on the truth of magic.

At first, Astoria Braveheart expressed surprise, shock, and awe. But afterward, she showed anxiety, sorrow, loss, and fear—fear that the next page she turned would be the last.

Unknowingly, time passed, and before Astoria Braveheart realized it, she had already reached the end of the notebook.

A great sense of loss struck Astoria Braveheart as she blankly stared at the end of the notebook. After coming to terms with reality, she slowly but carefully placed the notebook down on her desk.

“Vaan Raphna… This servant—No, this young man wasn’t just an unparalleled genius of matchless wisdom who could have been the led the advancement of magic for the next two hundred years… He could have been the hero the world needed to break the balance with the demons.”

“Magic is still relatively new and full of unknown, but within one year… No, within less than a year, Vaan Raphna advanced the study of magic by fifty to a hundred years…! Who knew how much this person could have accomplished within the next hundred years, let alone two hundred years to come?”

Astoria Braveheart clasped her hand together to pray with a sorrowful look.

“Vaan Raphna’s death wasn’t just a loss for Blackmoon Academy or the Kingdom of Black Rose, but the whole world of witches and humans. The one responsible for his death has sinned against the human race and all academics across the seven kingdoms of witches…”

“However, I am not one to point fingers and hold the people responsible… All that I wish for right now is to pay my respects to the great man. I trust he was buried appropriately?”

“This…” Elaine revealed a sorrowful yet difficult expression.

“Vaan Raphna’s body was thrown into the wasteyard before we found his notebook. By the time we realized and went to retrieve his body, someone had already incinerated his body and everything else within the wasteyard ahead of schedule…”

“I see…” Astoria Braveheart closed her eyes and shed a tear.

Senior Elaine and Gwena saw Astoria Braveheart shed tears for a stranger, but they didn’t find it surprising.

Their headmaster wasn’t just called the Battle Maiden of Holy Light for nothing. Her heart was pure and kinder than most.

Furthermore, Vaan Raphna’s research made great contribution to the witch society, but they didn’t even have a body to build a grave and honor him by.

It was just too sad.

After some time, Astoria Braveheart calmed down and asked, “What arrangements have you made for Vaan Raphna’s notes, Senior Elaine?”

“None, Headmaster Astoria. We were waiting for you to return and make that decision,” Elaine replied.

“In that case, please record all of the notebook’s knowledge into a book that can be used for education,” Astoria Braveheart requested and said, “The person is gone, but it will be selfish to keep such knowledge to ourselves.”

“You can list your name as the publisher, but do remember to give just credits to the original author,” Astoria Braveheart added.

“Of course, Headmaster Astoria. I am interested in the knowledge, but I still have my integrity and principles as an academic,” Elaine swore before asking, “What should I call the book, Headmaster Astoria?”

After Astoria Braveheart paused to contemplate for a short moment, she replied, “Call it the Book of Solomon Raphna.”


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