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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 78: Eniwse’s Trail Bahasa Indonesia

“The Wyvern-type Abomination? You mean the one found deep in the Red Goblin Mountain the other day?”

“Yeah, that one. I mean, what other Wyvern-type Abomination could I be talking about around here? Wyvern-type Abominations aren’t that common.”

“True, you do have a point. And so? What about the Wyvern-type Abomination? Did some party kill it already?”

“Kill it? A Wyvern-type Abomination? Do you think a Wyvern-type Abomination is easy to kill by the likes of us? Furthermore, I received some information that the Wyvern-type Abomination used to be a Senior Witch. That means the Wyvern-type Abomination is at least a B-rank threat.”

“B-rank threat? That dangerous? But that would mean…”

“That’s right. A B-rank threat isn’t something normal Senior Witch can deal with. Unless we have a well-organized large party of Senior Witches or Rank 3 Aura Grandmasters, a High Witch or Rank 4 Aura Lord would be needed to slay the Wyvern-type Abomination.”

“However, Rank 4 Aura Lords are practically legends. So few had reached such a level of strength that people would question whether they even exist.”

“On the other hand, High Witches aren’t common either. At the very least, High Witches aren’t people that commoners like us can easily meet. It would take time to dispatch a High Witch over to hunt down the Wyvern-type Abomination.”

“In that case, just what are you trying to talk about by bringing up the topic exactly?”

“A group of Senior Witches thought they could slay the Wyvern-type Abomination, so they also brought twenty Aura Masters to challenge it deep in the Red Goblin Mountains.”

“They failed, didn’t they? Just what the hell were they thinking?”

“You’re right. Not only did they fail, but they also suffered disastrous losses. The world never lacks idiots, so there’s no helping it. It is what it is.”

“They ventured too deep inside the Red Goblin Mountains and attracted many Green Goblins and Green Hobgoblins. All the Aura Masters were wiped out. And among the seven Senior Witches, only one made it back.”

As the people chatted at the adjacent table left of Vaan, he recalled the journey to Redpine City was relatively smooth due to the small number of encounters with the Green Goblins on Goblin’s Road.

‘So that’s why the goblins were fewer than I heard about Goblin’s Road,’ Vaan thought.

“So they didn’t even reach the Wyvern-type Abomination? They were only overwhelmed by goblins and nearly suffered complete annihilation? It’s a bit too pathetic, no? Just what were they thinking?” one of the people continued to ask about the topic brought up.

However, the person who brought up the topic shook his head, “No, the group of Senior Witches did indeed reach the Wyvern-type Abomination and even fought it. The survivor confessed to it.”

“Supposedly, the Senior Witches and Aura Masters even had the upper hand against the Wyvern-type Abomination before they were ambushed and overwhelmed by the goblins, leading to their terrible defeat.”

“However, the problem is the Wyvern-type Abomination did not stay in Red Goblin Mountains after that. It took flight and flew west. This will no doubt cause delays in eliminating it once a High Witch arrives in the city.”

As the men at the table continued to talk, Vaan picked up his mug of Serpent’s Kiss and suddenly joined them.

“What do you want?” one of the Rank 1 Aura Warriors at the table quickly looked at Vaan with a frown.

“I overheard you guys talking about the Wyvern-type Abomination and became interested in your conversation. I hope you all don’t mind me joining,” Vaan replied with a smile before adding, “You won’t refuse a smiling person, right?”

“At least we won’t punch a smiling face. Just suit yourself, pretty face,” another Rank 1 Aura Warrior snorted after noticing Vaan’s slender figure and bitch-ass drink.

“Thanks,” Vaan smiled and took the only empty seat at the table of six.

“Now, what were we talking about again? Thanks to this new brother joining us, I forgot what we talked about,” said a Rank 2 Aura Master with a bulky and tanned build.

Most men that diligently train their aura would usually have large muscular bodies.

“You were just talking about the elimination of the Wyvern-type Abomination being delayed. Since the surviving Senior Witch’s party caused the problem, the person will shoulder all the blame and be heavily punished,” Vaan said before asking, “Do you know the Senior Witch’s name?”

“Let me think. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the person’s name,” the Rank 2 Aura Master contemplated before recalling, “Ah, yes. I believe the Senior Witch was called Niobe Autumn.”

Although the people at the table initially disliked Vaan, he was good at reading expressions and easily blended with the group.

After improving the people’s impressions of him, Vaan began to ask more questions regarding the Wyvern-type Abomination.

Gradually, Vaan learned that the Wyvern-type Abomination didn’t just fly in any western direction; it flew closer to the north-western direction.

‘North-west of Ashenborn’s territory… is the Thousand Fog Mountains, one of the Dark Zones!’ Vaan slightly furrowed his brows with concern.

The Dark Zones were regions of land deemed too dangerous for people below Rank 3 in strength to explore and had a high mortality rate for those that ignored the warning.

It was full of the unknown.

Although Eniwse would be freed from the kingdom’s pursuit for the time being, Vaan didn’t know if she would face other dangers within the Thousand Fog Mountains.

‘As I am now, it’ll still be difficult to venture into the Thousand Fogs Mountains to find Eniwse. I won’t be able to change her back either. I should improve my abilities and test my method on Lady Aeliana first,’ Vaan contemplated seriously.


Vaan suddenly received a smack on the back before the Rank 2 Aura Master laughed, “Hahaha. Since you joined our table, you should drink something better with us. Someone get this brother a mug of Dragon’s Kick!”

Shortly after, the Rank 2 Aura Master placed his coin bag on the table before Vaan smiled wryly.

It didn’t seem like Vaan could refuse, considering the Rank 2 Aura Master was willing to pay for the drink out of his own pocket.


As Vaan was in a pickle, the entrance bell rang with a new guest.


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