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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 74: lnevitable Parting Bahasa Indonesia

If there had been harsh penalties for failing, Vaan wouldn’t have readily agreed.

After all, even if he was confident in his abilities, the same can’t be said for Lord Helia’s seventh daughter, who he knew nothing about.

Without understanding Lord Helia’s seventh daughter’s comprehension level, Vaan wouldn’t have accepted the job if Lord Helia had set unreasonable penalties.

‘Seems like Helia Ashenborn is quite a reasonable person…’ Vaan thought according to his first impression.

That being said, no matter how perceptive Vaan was, he couldn’t learn everything about a person’s nature from their first meeting.

“When do I start, Lord Ashenborn?” Vaan shortly inquired after his agreement.

“When you want to start, you just need to inform me. I will send someone to fetch Cyrena from the academy to be privately tutored by you in the castle. All study materials can be supplied at your request,” Helia Ashenborn said after some thought.

Vahn Cadieux’s teaching qualifications were still unconfirmed.

Helia Ashenborn didn’t want him to teach her daughter in a public place like the academy. She also believed the castle would be more convenient for Vahn Cadieux to teach.

Vaan saw through Helia Ashenborn’s intentions, but he found it in his favor.

Staying in Helia’s Castle would give him plenty of chances to learn more about Helia Ashenborn and her household.

“Since Lady Cyrena is behind in study, I believe the sooner we start, the sooner she catches up to her peers. How about we start tomorrow, Lord Ashenborn?” Vaan suggested, appearing thoughtful of Helia Ashenborn’s daughter’s education.

“Tomorrow, huh? You’re very confident, Vahn Cadieux,” Helia Ashenborn mulled before she nodded. “Alright. I will send some to fetch Cyrena after dinner, and you can begin tomorrow.”

“Do I have freedom outside of tutoring hours, Lord Ashenborn?” Vaan inquired.

“Naturally,” Helia Ashenborn nodded.

“Since you are an important person to Lady Linette and a guest of mine, I would not restrict your freedom. If necessary, I can even arrange someone to accompany you for protection if you want to head outside, Vahn Cadieux.”

“Thank you, Lord Ashenborn. I will definitely ask if I do happen to require protection when I head outside,” Vaan said gratefully before inquiring further, “Will my daily teaching hours for the week be the same as academy standards?”

“That is entirely up to you, Vahn Cadieux. I do not care whether you teach my daughter for two hours a day or twenty hours a day; I only look at the results at the end of the week,” Helia Ashenborn coolly said.

“Understood, Lord Ashenborn,” Vaan nodded.

After some idle talk over the lavish dinner, Linetta and Lillias bid farewell to Lord Helia.

They left the castle, meeting up with Captain Rhys’s people and the group of guards and combat witches led by Yasmin, a Senior Witch.

“We meet up again, Lady Linetta and Lady Lillias. My Lady has arranged for me to accompany you and ensure you are safely escorted to the next city.”

“We will be in your care, Yasmin,” Linetta said politely before sweeping her gaze to Captain Rhys’s group to check if everyone was present.

“If you are all set, we leave at any time,” Yasmin said.

“Just one moment. I still wish to say my farewells to someone,” Linetta said before turning to face Vaan, who had followed them out. “I guess this is where we will part, Vaan.”

“For now, yes, my Lady,” Vaan casually nodded before there was a period of silence between them.

“The capital is full of talents. Although I am taking my little sister there to get treated, I will also be meeting many people. I also have a lot of suitors there.”

“I see.”

“I also have a lot of suitors there. They are also handsome men of notable talents and backgrounds. Who knows, there might also be someone else who is also skillful as you in the art of pleasuring, Vaan.”


Seeing how Linetta’s words failed to trigger the desired reaction she had hoped from Vaan, she became slightly unhappy and depressed.

At the same time, Vaan understood Linetta’s thoughts. But he found it more amusing to tease her by feigning ignorance.

“Don’t you get what I’m saying? If you take too long to reach the capital, I won’t wait for you. I might pick up a few handsome and talented men if they meet my standards,” Linetta said with a bit of frustration.

However, Vaan’s lips curled into a sly smile. Linetta’s tricks to incite his jealousy were completely ineffective against him.

Furthermore, Vaan was confident that he had set her standards pretty high.

“I’m not in a position to dictate what you do in the capital, my Lady. However, if you do happen to play with other men, you will lose whatever chance you have to be with me,” Vaan calmly said.

Although Vaan knew Linetta wasn’t a loose woman, he felt he still needed to be clear about some points.

“Hm? Are you saying you’re the type who dislikes sharing a woman with other men? It’s quite normal for a woman to have multiple partners… Men are also quite accepting of this point…” Linetta mentioned.

That being said, Linetta never really entertained the thought of having multiple lovers.

“I am not like other men, am I?” With a calm smile, Vaan said, “Just as a capable woman can have multiple men, a capable man should also have multiple women. However, I don’t like my women to have any other men. I’m quite possessive, you see.”

“That’s a surprise,” Linetta said.

“You’re definitely different from other men. It’s a pity I failed in getting the response I wanted out of you, but you don’t have to worry, Vaan. I will be waiting for you in Blackthorn City.”

“Hehe, even if my sister doesn’t wait for you, I will. Once I’m cured, let’s do it a lot, okay? I’ll certainly be more fun than my—Ow!” Lillias suddenly cried after being smacked on the back of the head by Linetta.

“Don’t talk nonsense in front of so many people,” Linetta admonished her.

“Ahem!” Captain Rhys and many other men in the area coughed and pretended they didn’t hear anything.

Even so, they were quite envious of Vaan.

Nevertheless, exchanging a few more words, Linetta and Lillias departed with everyone, heading north for the Shadowacrea Swamps, which was the quickest route to the capital.

Sometime later, when Vaan couldn’t see Linetta and Lillias’s slender figures anymore, he issued a soft sigh and gathered his thoughts.

‘Since I have time, I should head to a tavern and collect some information,’ Vaan decided.


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