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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 45: Earth Spirit Body Bahasa Indonesia

Even though Linetta was fully aware of the risks associated with Spatial Magic, she had quite a bit of confidence in her Spatial Magic.

After all, Spatial Magic was her second most used magic. As such, she had quite a bit of proficiency in using Spatial Magic—not through talent but hard work.

She had practiced Spatial Magic to a satisfactory level in the past to prevent the risk of failing her familiar summoning.

“Before you even think about storing anything in your Magic Domain, I must warn you, my Lady. A True Witch’s Magic Domain is quite frail, even more so if you have yet to reach Peak-stage True Witch.”

Vaan suddenly reminded Linetta just as she thought about testing her Magic Domain’s storage.

“Even if you succeed in establishing the connection to the Magic Domain with Spatial Magic, the Magic Domain will still collapse if the items you put inside the Magic Domain aren’t correctly placed within its dedicated storage space, my Lady.”

“You see, the Magic Domain’s walls are quite delicate. A bit of poking, and it’ll collapse with your Magic Circle. Only when you have a second Magic Circle to fortify the Magic Domain will it become relatively safer to use the storage space.”

“I see. No wonder the teachers don’t teach this to True Witches. It’s too risky for them,” Linetta uttered with understanding.

After learning about the risks, even she would have to think twice before making an attempt. After all, she was putting her life on the line to use her nascent storage space.

Nevertheless, this is also what separates geniuses from the ordinary; to do things that others can’t at the same level.

Vaan saw the look in Linetta’s eyes and understood that she was bent on testing the skill.

Vaan quickly sighed and reminded her, “We are all depending on you to get away from the Rank 3 Dark Hellhound, my Lady. Therefore, it is better to put off such risky attempts for later when you have a safer environment to practice in.”

“Nevertheless, you can use Spirit Magic to attach your spirit to a wisp of mana. That way, you can use the spiritized mana to explore and understand the specific dimensions within your personal storage space inside your Magic Domain,” Vaan added.

Although Vaan had recommended that Linetta avoid the attempt until they get out, he also wanted to leave behind some guarantee in case she practiced behind his back and made a mistake.

“Spirit Magic?” Linetta’s eyes lit up.

Spirit Magic had a wide range of uses, but it was mostly considered sensory magic, a type of support magic. Nevertheless, that’s what makes it harmless.

As such, even if she adhered to Vaan’s advice and postponed testing her storage space, it doesn’t hurt to check out its dimensions with Spirit Magic first.

Sometime later, Vaan returned to the Stalactite Milk Pond and continued to drink his portion of the Stalactite Milk and improve his physique.


<Your Heaven-Swallowing Physique has improved>

<Overall defense increased by 9 points>

<Earth-attribute absorption increased 9%>

<Earth-attribute resistance increased by 9%>

<Your Heaven-Swallowing Physique has improved>

<Overall defense increased by 8 points>

<Earth-attribute absorption increased by 8%>

<Earth-attribute resistance increased by 8%>

Vaan continued to hear a string of system notifications until his Earth-attribute absorption and Earth-attribute resistance were both capped at 49%.

Even so, Vaan didn’t stop drinking. Instead, he continued until his overall body defense reached a total of 150 points before it finally capped.

At the same time, his Earth-attribute absorption and resistance, which capped at 49%, also made the last push and hit 50%.


<Your body has completely absorbed the maximum benefits Stalactite Milk has to offer.

<Stalactite Milk will no longer improve your physique>

<When consuming Stalactite Milk, your body will only enjoy a recovery effect>


<Your Earth-attribute absorption has reached a special threshold>

<Your Earth-attribute resistance has reached a special threshold>

<You have acquired a sub-physique, Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank)>


[Earth Spirit Body (Low-rank)]

Overview: Earth Spirit Body is a special physique blessed by the earth and loved by the Earth Spirits. By possessing the Earth Spirit Body, you have become an existence closer to the earth.

Effect 1: When encountering a Low-rank Earth Spirit, they will immediately take notice of your existence.

Sub-effect 1.1: There is a chance that the Low-rank Earth Spirit will actively communicate with you.

Sub-effect 1.2: There is a slight chance that the Low-rank Earth Spirit is willing to establish a contract with you.

Effect 2: When you are in touch with the earth, the earth will bless you with a 20% increase in overall defense and natural regeneration.

Effect 3: When consuming Earth-attribute medicine, you will enjoy a 20% increase in its effect.


Vaan’s eyes flickered with a hint of excitement after listening to the string of system notifications in his head.

The Earth Spirit Body was great, but it wasn’t his most crucial discovery.

‘I’ve only picked up slight clues about them in the library books, but I’ve finally obtained conclusive news of their existence; elemental spirits. Nevertheless, this is quite a pleasant surprise. I sated my curiosity and also obtained a trump card,’ Vaan mused thoughtfully.

Without the system’s assistance in maximizing the effects of Stalactite Milk, it would have been impossible for him to acquire the Low-rank Earth Spirit Body so soon.

That was despite the fact that he was consuming a miraculous medicine like Stalactite Milk.

After all, not everyone gets to chance upon such a large reservoir of rare Earth-attribute medicine that can improve one’s physique and affinity to the earth.

In other words, it wasn’t so easy for others to acquire the Earth Spirit Body.

That being said, there was still one other candidate that had a good chance of acquiring the Earth Spirit Body.

Vaan glanced in Linetta’s direction with a thoughtful look.

‘If Linetta can acquire the Earth Spirit Body, our chances of leaving the Blackmoon Region will increase significantly,’ Vaan mused.

The Rank 3 Dark Hellhound was the biggest problem, but it wasn’t the only problem.


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