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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 40: Optimized Improvement Bahasa Indonesia

‘How absurd!’

The moment Vaan spoke about teaching Lady Linette magic, not only did the two sisters of the Delarosa Household have that thought, but everyone in the escort group also felt the same.

“Oh? You’ll teach me magic, Vaan?” Linette furrowed her brows.

She wanted to give Vaan the benefit of the doubt; she really did.

However, most men do not have access to learn about magic, let alone even use magic. Thus, they will never truly understand it.

On the other hand, witches immediately received their education on magic from an early age and had access to most magic knowledge stored in public libraries and academies.

Furthermore, they are taught by qualified teachers.

That is why the sheer notion of a man trying to teach a witch about magic is utterly ridiculous in and of itself.

As such, when Vaan said he’d teach Linette magic, it was not only an insult to her teacher and background but also to her.

‘Your teacher is incompetent, your family background could not provide you access to proper magic knowledge, and your comprehension is lacking; thus, I will teach you magic!’

Others can easily misinterpret Vaan’s words like that.

If he had said this to any other random noble witch, the noble witch would have executed him on the spot.

“Don’t you think your jokes have gone a little too—”

Even Lillias, who had the most favorable impression of Vaan, could not help but voice her displeasure before she was interrupted by her elder sister.

Linette stared into Vaan’s eyes seriously and could see the sheer confidence he had in himself.

“Can you really teach me magic? Magic that I, a Mid-stage True Witch, can use to kill a Rank 3 Dark Hellhound only Senior Witches can do?” Linette asked again.

“Of course,” Vaan calmly nodded.


Lillias uttered before she quickly stopped by Linette again.

“Don’t say anymore,” Linette said to her sister before returning her attention to Vaan. “I understand. What will you teach me, Vaan?”

“For now, let us drink some Stalactite Milk and improve her physiques,” Vaan stated.

“Alright,” Linette nodded.

Although she had her doubts, anticipation also sprouted in her heart.

If Vaan could really pull it off and teach her some amazing magic that enables her to kill a Rank 3 Dark Hellhound, it would make him an unrivaled prodigy in magic theory and application.

At the same time, others will also view her as a peerless genius.


<A wonderous medicine has entered your body>

<Would you like to optimize its effect?>

<[Yes] / [No]>

Shortly after Vaan drank his first mouthful of Stalactite Milk, the system immediately sent him a message.

Although he expected more options from the system, the present option didn’t disappoint him either.

‘Generally, the human body cannot fully absorb any medicine without assistance; a portion of the medicine’s efficacy will always be lost in the absorption process due to the human body’s natural immune system…’

‘But it seems like it might be possible to bypass the body’s natural defense mechanism and absorb 100% of the medicine’s efficacy with the help of the system…’

‘Yes!’ Vaan accepted without further thoughts.

Shortly after, he felt the cooling sensation of the stagnant Stalactite Milk in his stomach quickly spread to the rest of his body.

All his cells came alive and fueled his body with energy and comfort, especially on his skin, which felt like getting kissed by the gentle spring breeze.


<Your Heaven-Swallowing Physique has improved>

<Overall defense increased by 10 points>

<Earth affinity acquired>

<Earth-attribute absorption increased by 10%>

<Earth-attribute resistance increased by 10%>

‘Interesting… To think I’ll get this much benefit from just the first mouthful,’ Vaan silently mused to himself.

Although he had yet to gauge how tough his body has become, 10 points added to defense did not sound like a small improvement.

Vaan had the urge to take another mouthful, but he resisted the urge after seeing the changes to Linette; the very air around her changed as her body naturally drew more mana towards her.

He couldn’t tell her exact improvements, but considering she was a True Witch with a natural earth affinity, there should have been other significant improvements.

When Linette opened her eyes, they glowed brightly like the starry night.

“I see you are delighted with your improvement, my Lady,” Vaan commented with a slight smile.

“Mm, your improvement was also not small, Vaan.” Linette glanced at Vaan’s glossy skin with a bit of envy before saying, “But never mind that. Teach me magic now. I’m very curious about what you have to teach me.”

“Alright,” Vaan agreed.

Nevertheless, he could not help but reassess Linette; her will to resist the Stalactite Milk’s temptation is worthy of his respect.

Perhaps, she was aware that consuming the Stalactite Milk consecutively would greatly diminish its effects.

“Then shall we find a more suitable spot for you to learn magic, my Lady?” Vaan sought Linette’s opinion.

After she agreed, they only moved 10 yards away from the Stalactite Milk Pond, not too far away and still within its illuminated area.


“Ah, wait a moment, Vaan,” Linette suddenly stopped Vaan from formally commencing his lesson.

“Although your qualification as a magic teacher is questionable, it is the kingdom’s custom that students pay proper respects to their teachers. As such, I, Linetta von Delarosa, will be in your care, Teacher.”

Linette spoke with a mixture of seriousness and teasing as she lifted the hems of her dress and curtsied to him.

“Well then, Student Linetta, please take your lesson very seriously.”

Vaan replied to Linetta with a similar teasing tone and smile after he was briefly taken aback by her full name.

“Yes, Teacher!” Linetta answered.

As if someone had turned on a switch, the both of them quickly entered a solemn teaching-learning mode.

“Good!” Vaan nodded.

“I will teach you offensive earth magic with your specialized magic, Earth Acceleration, as the core. But since this is my first time teaching you, I need to assess your foundational knowledge first.”

“Is that fine?” he asked shortly after.


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