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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 35: Underground Cavern Bahasa Indonesia

Linette’s fair body laid bare before Vaan’s eyes before he traced his fingers down her smooth skin and played with her honey jar of love nectar.


The sensitive touch made Linette’s body quiver with delight, increasing her heartbeat and anticipation for what was to come.

Despite blooming not long ago, she was already feeling the thrills and bliss of carnal pleasure.

“Give it to me now.”

Linette sat on a luxurious marble table and spread her legs with a mixture of shyness and strong desires.

Without any extraneous techniques, her moist cave was already ready to accept Vaan.

Even the most reserved woman in the world can turn into a lustful nympho after spending a night of passion with him.

Nevertheless, Vaan did not forget their objective.

He starts stimulating the senses in Linette’s supple mounds before working his way down to her cave and smooth thighs.

The pleasant sensation of mana rushing into her body makes her involuntarily hug Vaan’s head close to her bosom before he uses his slithery tongue to play with her white rabbits.

“Ahh~! It’s so good~!”

Linette moaned as she held more tightly onto his head.

Her overly sensitive body was already close to climaxing before they could start the main event.

“I can’t take it anymore.”

“I want it now—Ahhh~!”

Vaan gave Linette what she wanted, suddenly ramming his bulging rod into her pleasure cave like a powerful piston, rocking the marble table and scattering its contents to the floor.

Linette felt like she was riding on horseback as Vaan shortly lifted her and continued thrusting deep inside her, rocking her silly.

It felt rough, and it felt wild, but she loved every bit of it.

“Yes~! So good~!”

“Don’t stop~!”

“Keep going~!”

Linette was euphoric, drunk on ecstasy.

Her body quivers with every thrust, and every wave of pleasure only serves to heighten her sensitivity to pleasure.

Her cells scream with joy.

Linette dug her nails in Vaan’s back as her mind was on cloud nine, having lost track of the number of times she climaxed in a short time.

She couldn’t get enough of it.

Captain Rhys and the others overheard the series of moans coming from the tent, and dark expressions quickly appeared on their faces.

“F*ck! It’s happening again! I can’t stand this mental torture!”

“Dammit, it’s too stimulating! I’m getting out of here!”

Linette’s erotic moans quickly gave the young warriors boners, causing them to complain before some of them decided to dive underwater to filter their hearing.

Splash! Splash!

Multiple young warriors followed suit and also dived underwater.

But no matter how good the sound filtering was underwater, they eventually needed to surface for air.


They quickly heard Lady Linette’s moans as they gasped for air before they wore darker expressions.


Splash! Splash! Splash!

The young warriors dive back underwater while Captain Rhys meditates in the cave, trying to achieve the state of Zen.

Fifteen minutes later, the erotic moans from the tent finally died down.

Inside the tent, Linette’s mind was brought back to reality after Vaan suddenly stopped before she furrowed her brows with confusion.

“Why did you suddenly stop, Vaan? C’mon, let’s continue~!” Linette coyly asked while rubbing her body against Vaan, urging him to continue.

However, Vaan shook his head.

“You should have recovered more than enough mana by now, my Lady.” Vaan suddenly smiles wryly before adding, “Besides, your little sister is watching us.”

“What?” Linette uttered with surprise.

She immediately shot a look at Lillias, and there, Lillias was staring back at them with attentiveness like a studious student taking notes for future reference.

“Ah? Am I busted? Hehe, please don’t mind me and continue. I’ve never seen my sister act like such a nymph.”

Lillias chuckled foolishly with a bleeding nose.


However, Linette quickly rushed over with a handkerchief to wipe Lillias’s bleeding nose before admonishing her, “What are you doing? Don’t you know that you can’t get overly excited?”

“Of course, I know that, but can you blame me when you were so loud?” Lillias pouted.

Linette felt embarrassed before making an excuse, “There’s good reason for this…”


Lillias rolled her eyes.

She did not believe her sister.

Nevertheless, Linette and Vaan quickly dressed before leaving Lillias inside the tent to rest and meet outside.

“Now that I’ve recovered some mana, what do you want me to do with it, Vaan?” Linette asked with a hint of affection.

At the same time, Captain Rhys and the young warriors gathered with weary looks as they awaited Vaan’s answer.

“For starters…”

Vaan suddenly paused his words before walking towards the wall at the back of the cave and pointing to it.

“I want you to use earth magic to remove this part of the cave, my Lady.”

“You want me to use earth magic for digging…?”

Linette appeared confused.

“Un, exactly.”

Vaan nodded.

Linette was even more confused after receiving his affirmation.

At the same time, Captain Rhys frowned before muttering, “This side of the cave should be facing the north… Don’t tell me you want us to dig our way out of the Blackmoon Region?”

Although they were only a few hours away from exiting the region, that was only if they traveled on land.

“If we have to dig our way out of the region, it could take us months or even years!”

“Obviously, that is not the plan. The Rank 3 Dark Hellhound and its minions most likely have our current area under watch. We are simply repositioning ourselves in a better location,” Vaan stated.

More importantly, his Magic Vision was picking up an enormous cluster of mana on the other side of the cave wall, too big and stagnant to be a creature.

Thus it can only be some natural treasure.

Linette shortly placed her hand on the rocky wall before she changed a spell, causing the rocky wall to turn to sand and crumble to the ground quickly.

After removing two yards of earth, she stumbled into a much larger cave leading deeper underground.

“Wow, there was such a big cave here?” a young warrior expressed his amazement.

There were stalagmites and stalactites everywhere, with the sound of dripping water echoing throughout the cave.

Vaan locked his eyes on the white liquid dripping down from the stalactites, sensing the concentration of mana to be coming from them.


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