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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 304: The Land of Fire Bahasa Indonesia

“Alright,” Vaan agreed with a nod before asking, “Shall we head there right away, Senior Jergag?”

“Hmph, let’s go,” Jergag snorted after seeing Vaan’s eagerness.

Vaan responded to the snort with a slight smile.

Although the elderly dragon acted grumpy and annoying, Vaan knew the elderly dragon meant well. However, the elderly dragon didn’t know his capabilities.

The elderly dragon was in for a surprise.

Nevertheless, there was truth in the elderly dragon’s words. The Trial by Fire must be very difficult since even the Black Rose Transcendent Witch barely survived the second stage.

That said, the greater challenge, the greater the gain.

“Are there rewards for overcoming the Trial by Fire, Senior Jergag?” Vaan inquired as he rode on the elderly dragon’s back toward the land of fire below the ninth mountain.

“Of course,” Jergag confirmed before saying, “There’s a one-time prize of one drop of Lord Dragon God’s blood essence for passing the first stage, three drops for the second stage, and five drops for the third stage.”

“The fourth and fifth stages are unknown, though. Besides Lord Dragon God’s blood essence, enduring the scorching flames of each stage is also rewarding for raising one’s fire affinity.”

“Of course, only if you have an affinity with fire. Otherwise, it’s a deathwish to challenge the trial,” Jergag mentioned.

Nevertheless, Vaan was excited to hear about the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence being the prize for overcoming the Trial by Fire’s stages.

This was a god-sent opportunity.

He didn’t doubt that the Fire Dragon God and Fire Spirit King sent up the Trial by Fire to nurture the red dragons. It wasn’t designed for humans.


‘I’m sorry, but I’ll be reaping the best rewards for myself since you’ve allowed humans to participate,’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, he had a sudden thought.

“It seems that passing the second stage earns the dragon tribe’s trust. But what happens if a human pass the third, fourth, or fifth stages, Senior Jergag?” Vaan inquired despite knowing his question might make him seem arrogant and disdainful.

Without surprise, Jergag snorted at his question.

“You really know how to dream, Vaan. Other dragons would be offended if they heard your questions. You’re basically claiming humans can achieve something dragons can’t, even though it was designed for them. That would be very humiliating,” Jergag stated before saying, “Nevertheless, this old dragon will answer your question.”

“If you pass the second stage, you will earn our trust and respect. If you pass the third stage, you will receive the same respect as a Peak Lord. If you pass the fourth stage, all dragons will respect you as they respect the current dragon leader.”

“However, if you pass the fifth stage, you will have the allegiance of the entire dragon tribe. You will be the new Dragon God of our tribe. Every dragon will have to listen to you and follow your will. Your will would be the dragon tribe’s will,” Jergag explained.

‘The dragon tribe’s allegiance, huh?’ Vaan thought.

Nevertheless, the elderly dragon swiftly descended into the land of fire with Vaan on his back, and the scorching-hot and suffocating air bombarded their faces.

At the same time, the entire region was brightly illuminated by fire and magma, as far as the eye could see.

There were also eight other entrances leading to the land of fire. No doubt, they belonged to the other eight inner mountains, ruled by the other eight dragon lords.

Although the land of fire was how Vaan imagined it to be, he was still taken aback by its grandness.

Having such an enormous hollow space underneath the mountains made quite the majestic and breathtaking spectacle.

“How is it, Vaan? Feeling a little hot yet?” Jergag asked as he flew over the surface of the fiery land filled with dragons and wyrms bathing in the magma.

It wouldn’t be surprising if other Fire Spirits were also hidden in such a rich land of fire.

“No, this temperature is perfect, Senior Jergag,” Vaan replied before pointing out to the magma whirlpool in the center of the land. “Is that the entrance to the Trial by Fire?”

“It is.” Jergag affirmed and introduced the area, “Beneath the whirl is the five stages of the Trial by Fire, separated into layers. The deeper you sink, the closer you are to reaching the next stage.”

“Lord Fire Spirit is watching over the entire land of fire. Thus, you don’t have to worry about not receiving your first-time rewards from overcoming the trials,” Jergag assured shortly after.

It was no wonder that the Black Rose Transcendent Witch barely survived the second stage.

Even if one had no fire affinity and relied on pure magic to charge their way through the Trial by Fire, they still need to conserve enough mana for the return trip.

Otherwise, the Trial by Fire would be their grave, even if they managed to charge all the way into the third, fourth, or fifth stages.

The only sure way of overcoming the Trial by Fire was to raise one’s fire affinity.

“Since you find the current temperature perfect, this old dragon doubts you will be able to endure the first stage. After all, the first stage is much hotter than here. So if you can’t even take a dip in the magma here, you won’t be able to get very far through the first stage in the Trial by Fire,” Jergag stated.

Surprisingly, Vaan did not refute and even agreed with him.

“It is as you say, Senior Jergag. As I am now, it’s still too early to challenge the Trial by Fire. Thus, I would like to spend some time adapting to the heat here first,” Vaan mentioned before requesting, “Can you put down over there, Senior Jergag?”

Vaan pointed to a scorching-hot but solid rock platform by the magma surface.

“Is that so? Alright,” Jergag agreed.

He was relieved that Vaan didn’t insist on challenging the Trial by Fire blindly. That said, he still hasn’t given up on it.

Vaan seemed determined to overcome the Trial by Fire’s second stage, but he won’t recklessly challenge it.

In other words, Vaan might be staying with them for a long time.

“It’s good that you have some awareness,” Jergag commented as Vaan hopped off his back and landed on the scorching-hot rock platform. “Let’s see how long you can endure the heat here before you beg me to take you back.”

The elderly dragon intended to watch over him.

“Alright,” Vaan smiled mysteriously.


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