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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 30: Giant Physique Bahasa Indonesia

The crimson glimmer of the red fangs that are now his twin fang dangers immediately stood out as Vaan unsheathed them from the cloth cover under his cloak.


Vaan scraped the two daggers together before the tiniest of spark transformed the twin fang daggers into crimson blazes.

In that instance, an invisible pressure of intimidation quickly descended on the Rank 1 Dark Hellbounds, causing them to retreat some distance from the escort group.


The Dark Hellhounds weakly howled with defiance, but their trembling bodies showed clear signs of fear.

“Did you do this, Vaan?” Captain Rhys glanced back with surprise.

“Yes! The Crimson Direwolves of higher ranks has innate suppression on Dark Hellhounds of lower ranks,” Vaan impatiently explained before quickly urging the group, “Now keep running and don’t stop!”

“Do not fight the Hellhounds head-on and just parry or dodge their attacks to keep running! The effects of these red fangs aren’t as strong as the Crimson Direwolves in the flesh!”

As Vaan explained, the suppression weakened after the initial surprise as the Rank 1 Dark Hellhounds resumed their attacks.

Even so, their ferocity, speed, and attack were reduced by half under the lingering presence of the Crimson Direwolves’ red fangs.

To fully suppress a group of Rank 1 Dark Hellhounds, Vaan would need at least the red fangs of Rank 3 Crimson Direwolves.

“Amazing, to think you had something like this up to your sleeve!” Captain Rhys exclaimed with surprise.

Shortly after, he coated his entire body in a layer of red aura that extended to his sword before he easily bisected two Hellhounds with a single slash.

Vaan’s gaze flickered for a brief moment.

Aura was the power produced by male witch descendants after they trained their physical bodies to the limit and caused the uncontrollable mana in their bodies to mix with their blood and spirit.

Nevertheless, exceptions always exist.

Talented Aura Masters could awaken their aura early without training their physical bodies to the limit by relying on their spirit.

Although Vaan was envious of other male witch descendants with such power, the thought only lasted briefly.

“Wait, Vaan. Don’t go,” Linette suddenly stopped Vaan as he was about to take the lead and deter the incoming Hellhounds ahead with his twin fang daggers.

“Let me assist them with my magic,” she offered.

However, Vaan shook his head and rejected her suggestion, “Absolutely not, my Lady. You’re the only True Witch in the group who can kill Rank 2 Dark Hellhounds and possibly defend against Rank 3.”

“You have to conserve your mana for the critical moments if we want to have hopes of getting out of here alive,” Vaan firmly stated.

“That… fine,” Linette conceded before adding, “But be careful.”

“I will,” Vaan nodded.

It went without saying that he would.

He was putting in his weight to maximize their chances of survival, not to sacrifice himself for people that he had just met.


Vaan quickly took the lead beside Captain Rhys with a single dash before his sudden appearance caused the incoming hellhounds to freeze in their tracks.

That brief moment of hesitation and fear was all it took for Vaan to swipe their necks with his twin fang daggers, downing two hellhounds in an instance before taking down another two in the next.

Although none of the four hellhounds died immediately, they were all paralyzed after having the carotid arteries and the jugular veins in their necks slit by Vaan and will bleed to death very quickly.

With the quickest speed and minimal strength, Vaan executed the most efficient killing method on the run.


Vaan awed Captain Rhys and the young warriors with his ability, and his aura-less body surprised them even more.

Aura doesn’t just enhance their physical strength and attack power; it also reinforces their defense.

“Color me impressed, brother.” Captain Rhys caught up to Vaan and spoke on the run, “I am utterly convinced that you can travel alone with those abilities.”

“How on earth did you train your body to such a state?”

“I didn’t train it,” Vaan replied.

There was no point in making up an excuse that people could easily find out later.

Suddenly, Vaan dashed ahead and sliced down two more hellhounds before slowing down for Captain Rhys and the others to catch up.

“If it’s not due to training, then it must be the innate divine strength of the Giants! But, man, I’m jealous.” Captain Rhys sighed enviously and said, “I wished I was also born with the Giant-attribute physique.”

“It is what it is. You can’t fight your lineage,” Vaan replied with a slight smile.

It was nice to have others making up their own assumptions based on his short and vague replies. It saved him from coming up with explanations, and he could always deny having ever said such a thing.

Nevertheless, Vaan felt a sting in his left shoulder after slitting the neck of another Rank 1 Dark Hellhound up ahead.

Its skin was slightly harder, its speed was slightly faster, and the debuff was less evident on it.

It was a Rank 1 Dark Hellhound that was closer to Rank 2.

At the same time, Captain Rhys, who was running behind, felt a few drops of blood splatter on his face before he quickly asked, “Are you alright, Brother Vaan?”

“It’s fine. It is just a small nick,” Vaan calmly replied.

Thanks to basic-level regeneration, the bleeding stopped in fifteen seconds before the wound disappeared in the next five minutes.

‘To think basic-level regeneration already has this kind of effect. What would the higher levels be like?’ Vaan wonder.

Not to mention him, even Captain Rhys and the other young warriors were also surprised.

“Innate divine strength and high regeneration… Truly the Giant-attribute physique,” Captain Rhys sighed enviously again.

All male witch descendants were born with an attribute and physique based on the specialized magic of their witch parent and ancestors.

‘I better use the reward before I lose a limb,’ Vaan silently mused.

On the head of the Earth Salamander at the back, Lillias glanced back in the southern direction before turning to her sister.

“Sister, do you think Aunty is responsible…?” Lillias whispered.


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