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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 3: Wyvern-Type Abomination Bahasa Indonesia

“Damn you, Isabelle!” Lady Eniwse roared with great fury and madness, eyes bloodshot, and surging blue mana turned a crimson red.

“This… This…!”

Isabelle retreated several steps with an abrupt change in expression upon witnessing the sight, aghast at the crimson mana.

“Librarian Eniwse, it was a mis—”


The witch-in-training was shot out of the library by a sudden blast of powerful crimson mana.

Her body broke through the office and library walls on her way out before landing in the open courtyard with bones broken and a bloodied body, on the verge of death.


The nearby witches-in-training screamed horrifically at Isabelle’s state, alerting the other young witches to the area.

“What happened? Was it a demon attack?!” a few senior witches rushed over to the source of commotion with questions.

“This person is…” one of the senior witches spotted the blood-soaked Isabelle in the center of the crowd before urging, “Quickly heal her, Gwena! Your recovery magic is the best among us.”

“I’ll do my best, Elaine!” Gwena nodded solemnly, uncertain whether of her success in healing such grievous wounds.

Seeing Isabelle was still conscious, Elaines quickly questioned, “What happened?”

Blood spurted out from Isabelle’s mouth before struggling to respond, “Librarian Eniwse… She… She…”

“She, what?!” Elaine interrogated impatiently.


The library suddenly exploded with rubbles and precious books of knowledge flying everywhere, producing larges clouds of dust as a towering fleshly abomination poked out from the absent ceiling of the library.

“Oh, my lord!”


Several young witches cried as Elaine widened her eyes with alarm.

“Summon the anti-demon barrier! Wise Scholar Eniwse has gone berserk and turned!” Elaine quickly roared.

Within moments, several senior witches worked together before five massive magic circles enclosed on the towering heap of grotesque flesh with countless limbs, trapping it within the library’s vicinity on all sides.


The abomination immediately issued a mighty power in anger, disrupting all the senior witches’ focus before shattering the magic barriers.

Shortly after, the abomination grew broad fleshly wings, turning into a wyvern-like creature made of flesh before flapping its wings and flying away.

“Dammit! This is bad!”

Elaine bit her lips while her eyes locked onto the escaping figure in the distant sky.

“A Senior Witch that loses control of her mana flow and undergoes metamorphosis into a demonic abomination is a B-rank threat at least!” Elaine frowned.

“Right! Such bad timing when Headmaster Astoria is away. Without her, there isn’t any other High Witch in Blackmoon City to deal with this B-rank threat—and a Wyvern-type Abomination no less!” another Senior Witch stated.

“Still, we need to alert the city and surrounding towns to minimize the possible damages and casualties.”

Shortly after glancing at the ruined library, Elaine turned to a few witches-in-training and ordered, “I want to know exactly why Wise Scholar Eniwse went berserk! Go search for clues in the library for me!”

“Yes, Senior Elaines!”

“Yes, Teacher Elaines!”

A group of witches-in-training quickly responded, heading straight into the library ruins before Elaine shifted her gaze back to the young witch in a near-death state.

“How is she, Gwena? Can she be saved?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure. Witches have strong vitality, but her bones are all broken, and her organs are ruptured. It’s like trying to revive a dead person. A normal man would have died on the spot with this degree of injury.”

“I see…”

Elaine nodded calmly before shooting the young witch a stern glare, “Tell me what happened inside the library. Why did Eniwse go berserk?”

“I… I don’t know… I was just perusing books when Librarian Eniwse suddenly attacked me in her pre-transformation state. It might have something to do with her servant, though!” Isabelle trembled with fear, afraid of spilling the truth.

However, Elaine’s gaze quickly turned cold, having understood that the young witch-in-training was lying.

“Only Apprentice Witches run risks of berserk transformation during their Witch Awakening. True Witches don’t have such risks unless they lose control of their emotions and mana.”

“And you are telling me Wise Scholar Eniwse, a Senior Witch, lost control for no apparent reason? Do you take me for a fool?”

Under Elaine’s cold gaze, Isabelle failed to endure the pressure and coughed another mouthful of blood.

“Let her recover first before interrogating her, Elaine. She will die at this rate before we can get the truth out of her.” Gwena stated with her hands hovering over a magic circle, sprinkling green particles with regenerative properties onto Isabelle’s broken body.

“…Fine.” Elaine spat with a knitted expression.

Shortly after, several witches-in-training returned from the library ruins with newfound discoveries.

“Senior Elaine, we found two servants in the library ruins. I believe one of them is Isabelle’s servant and the other is Librarian Eniwse’s servant.” a young witch-in-training reported.

Elaine’s gaze fell on the burly servant called Luwg before shifting onto Vaan’s motionless body.

Seeing the punctured wound in Vaan’s chest, Elaine frowned in understanding before ordering, “Dispose of his body. He is already a goner and can no longer be saved.”

“Yes, Senior Elaine!” Two young witches-in-training immediately complied, taking Vaan’s body away.

Shortly after, Elaine’s gaze fell back on Servant Luwg before she interrogated the person, “Speak! What happened in the library?”

“I…” Servant Luwg trembled, immediately turning to Isabelle for instructions with clearing signs of preparing to lie if he needed to.

Elaine’s expression turned colder before she snorted, “No need to explain. I’ll find out the truth myself!”

Elaine cast an interrogation spell on Servant Luwg’s mind with a single poke, compelling him to speak the truth and nothing but the truth like a brainwashed puppet.

After the surrounding Senior Witches and young Apprentice Witches listened to the turn of events from Servant Luwg’s mouth, Elaine’s expression turned incredibly gloomy.

“Dammit! We lost a Senior Witch over a dispute between two mere servants? This is outrageous!” Elaine stomped her feet in anger, cracking the ground with the force of mana discharged from her body.


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