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A Peak-level Rank 4 True Dragon suddenly roared outside the battle ring after hearing Vaan’s request to the dragon lord.

“Presumptuous human! Do you think you can save the Wood Spirit when even Lord Ninth is helpless?! How dare you look down on the dragon lord!” the Peak-level Rank 4 True Dragon. “Do you think you are more capable than—”

“Pipe down, Tyvrin! You will not be rude to our guest!” Lord Narvim silenced the Peak-level Rank 4 True Dragon before it could finish speaking its mind.

“Y-Yes, Lord Ninth! I apologize for speaking out of turn.” Tyvrin’s aura diminished after being scolded, but then he said, “However, I cannot stand this human’s blind arrogance.”

“The epitome of blind arrogance is when you immediately assume something despite having zero knowledge of it, Tyvrin,” Lord Narvim coolly stated before saying, “As a pursuer of the truth, I am disappointed in you. One does not assume the unknown but questions it. That is how you learn about the unknown.”

The unknown was to be feared.

Making assumptions about the unknown is disregarding the unknown, and ignoring that which hasn’t been understood is sheer arrogance.

“I understand, Lord Ninth. It was my mistake,” Tyvrin quickly reflected on himself before turning to Vaan. “I apologize for thoughtlessly criticizing you, Human.”

Although Tyvrin apologized, Vaan could tell that he was not convinced that he could save the Wood Spirit.

Nevertheless, Vaan didn’t find it surprising that all dragons were as well-mannered and reasonable as the dragon lord.

After all, one of the True Dragons was killed by humans. Thus, it was just wishful thinking to hope every dragon would welcome them with smiles.

“This Lord hope you won’t take it to heart, Vaan,” Lord Narvim spoke apologetically to Vaan for his kin’s mistake before saying, “However, I hope you also understand his doubts.”

“If you are not confident, it’s best that you let this Lord put the Wood Spirit to rest. It has already suffered much. Thus, it won’t be good to desecrate its astral body any further.”

“I understand where you are coming from, Your Excellency,” Vaan calmly replied before shaking his head.

“However, we should also respect the Wood Spirit’s will. Even if it’s just a lingering will from when it was whole, it still shows how desperately it wanted to live. Thus, who are we to deny it of its chance to live again, no matter how slim that chance may be?”

“You’ve made a valid point, Vaan. I wish you the best of luck,” Lord Narvim offered his blessings.

Although the dragon lord didn’t know what Vaan could do, he sincerely hoped he could do something for the Wood Spirit.

At the same time, whether it was Vaan’s group or the True Dragons, everyone watched him curiously.

Without a doubt, they were about to learn one of his secrets.

Nevertheless, it was a secret he no longer needed to keep, nor could he keep it from the dragon lord’s seemingly piercing and all-seeing eyes.

As a Rank 5 being, the dragon lord had undoubtedly developed abilities that allowed him to glimpse into the divine.

Thus, the dragon lord already had suspicions regarding the form of his soul.

Furthermore, he had already straightened things out with his group. He also learned that the dragons appeared relatively neutral in matters related to humans and demons but had great respect for spirits.

As such, saving the Wood Spirit had more benefits than disadvantages.

If Vaan had one concern, it would be the price to use Name Bestowal on the Wood Spirit. He didn’t doubt that the price he had to pay would be much greater than the previous times.

After all, the Wood Spirit’s astral body required a greater degree of reparation.

That said, he believed the acquisition of a Wood Spirit and the goodwill of the red dragon tribe would be worth it.

“If you need anything to prepare, just let this Lord know,” Lord Narvim suddenly added.

“That won’t be necessary, Your Excellency,” Vaan replied. Shortly after, he moved his lips close to the Wood Spirit’s soft pale ears and whispered, “Awaken, Emerald.”

He gave the Wood Spirit a simple True Name that matched with Topaz.

Up until that point, he still wasn’t sure whether Name Bestowal would work since the target was unconscious in her incomplete astral form.

Furthermore, the target had to accept the True Name for it to work.

Fortunately, his concerns were unwarranted. Shortly after uttering the Wood Spirit’s new name, he quickly felt his mental strength sapped from his body in large quantities.

At the same time, he lost one-third of his Heaven-Swallow Space, which accounted for more than three months of hard work.

As he suspected, the price was no small.

‘The price was three months’ worth of mana accumulation from dual-practicing, huh? But I mostly dual-practice with Apprentice Witches and True Witches. Now that I have more resources and connections to higher-rank witches, I should earn back what I lost much quicker,’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, the dragon lord and the others witness the restoration of the Wood Spirit’s incomplete astral bodies with their own eyes.

Several breaths after the Wood Spirit’s complete restoration, she regained consciousness and lay her eyes on Vaan, the first person she saw upon opening her eyes.

Afterward, she glanced around blankly with increasing clarity before her eyes brightened with a mixture of joy and caution. Sensing all the gazes on her, she subconsciously shot to her feet and hid behind Vaan.

That said, it didn’t stop her from studying her surroundings curiously.

“Myuu?” Emerald uttered.

At the same time, everyone also studied the Wood Spirit in wonder. Surprises were written over their faces.

Although the Wood Spirit’s astral form was completely restored, she had also undergone a significant change in appearance.

Rather than a mature-looking Dryad, the Wood Spirit had adopted the form of a little girl in a leafy-green dress with pale skin, sparkling emerald eyes, and two antenna-like branches sticking out of her head.

Vaan had named her based on the color of her beautiful emerald eyes, just like he did with Topaz.

“A Soul Master…” Lord Narvim uttered with awe.


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