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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 278: Lord of the Ninth Peak Bahasa Indonesia

Rirvedes and the other two True Dragons were immediately at a loss for words.

Jergag was the most senior among them. Even among their Ninth Peak, he was considered one of the oldest living True Dragon.

Few were more knowledgeable than him on the Ninth Peak.

If there was an ailment that couldn’t be solved by him, then it was unlikely for anyone else on the Ninth Peak to resolve it.

Nevertheless, Jergag also had his own pride. He wouldn’t seek help from a younger dragon. Thus, he kept the issue to himself.

However, the other True Dragons have now become aware of it thanks to Vaan’s blabbermouth.

Although Jergag was displeased with the situation, he didn’t punish Vaan for it. Instead, he gave him a stern look for some time before he asked, “Can you treat it?”

“I can’t guarantee it. But since I could see through your ailment at a glance, I believe I have a good chance after a more in-depth diagnosis, Your Excellency,” Vaan claimed.

After Jergag heard that, he continued to stare at Vaan in silence. After some time, he promised, “I can put in a good word if it’s required. However, the final decider of your fates is still the Lord.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Vaan smiled.

As long as they were given the opportunity to negotiate, there was a chance to sway the Lord’s decision with persuasion.

“It seems I won’t be required to speak. Teacher Raphna has handled it well,” Astoria quietly said with a wry yet stiff smile.

“You can’t say that for sure, Headmaster Astoria. Perhaps, your assistance will be required once we meet the lord of the ninth mountain,” Vaan argued before adding, “After all, we are not out of the woods yet.”

“That’s true.” Astoria nodded and said, “Let us hope the Lord of the Ninth Peak is benevolent like they claimed.”

As the group continued to be escorted up the mountain by the four True Dragons, they spotted bright light at the other end of the clear path.

Once they arrived at the end, a whole new world was revealed to them.

The nine mountain peaks were revealed, True Dragons roamed the clear skies, and thick white fog covered the surface like a sea of clouds.

With the sun high in the sky, shining over the land, it looked like Heaven had descended on earth.

If the group could see the center of each mountain peak, they would have realized they were all hollow with a steep hole that descends all the way down to the land of fire.

Along the way were rows after rows of dragon caves, making them look like colosseums.

“I didn’t expect the top to be so beautiful,” Astoria uttered with awe.

If people arrived without prior knowledge of their location, they could mistake the nine peaks of the Thousand Fog Mountains for the land of gods.

“The Lord will be seeing you all further up ahead,” the female True Dragon urged them to continue moving.

“Of course, Your Excellency,” Astoria complied.

As the Fallen Witches were captured and escorted ahead of them, a clear path was already formed, with True Dragons gathering and forming rows on either side of it to observe the intruders passing through.

Some had curious gazes, while others appeared more unwelcomed.

All of them were red dragons.

They seemed to have stumble upon the land of a fire dragon tribe.

Nevertheless, right before the entrance to the Ninth Peak, Vaan and the others had passed an area with a lingering stench of blood but no body.

Evidently, the body of the young offspring that had been killed by the Fallen Witches was moved, and the area was mostly cleaned up.

“Try to make a good impression on the True Dragons. It may help us later,” Vaan softly whispered to the three ladies.

Shortly after, he gave a friendly smile to young red dragon staring at him curiously before a much larger red dragon stood in front to shield it and snorted at him.

Vaan wryly smiled.

He could tell it was the parent stepping in to protect its young from him, the predator who might prey on its young.

After giving the parent a harmless smile, he shifted his attention to another curious True Dragon to leave an impression.

Nevertheless, the group eventually reached a gathering circle further up ahead a short while later, where a much large red dragon awaited them.

It was almost larger than the Peak-level Rank 4 True Dragons by a third, and the pressure emanating from it was no joke.

‘Rank 5 being!’ Vaan and the others quietly guessed.

When they glanced in to the Rank 5 True Dragon’s eyes, they felt like it was peering directly into their souls with a penetrative gaze.

Vaan gradually shifted his attention down to the Fallen Witches standing in the circle before the Rank 5 True Dragon, but only managed to spot four people.

Two people were missing from their group.

“Did two of them manage to escape? From these True Dragons?’ Vaan silently wondered with furrowed brows.

Although he was more inclined to believe two of them had been killed for resisting, he didn’t rule out the possibility.

Either way, he was going to find out soon enough.

At the same time, Aeliana spotted Elvira among the four Fallen Witches gathered, and her gaze glinted with killing intent.

“All of the intruders have been brought before you, Lord Narvim,” Rirvedes informed the Lord of the Ninth Peak.

“Thank you, Rirvedes. You and the other dragons can be excused if none of you wish to witness the trial,” the Rank 5 True Dragon named Narvim spoke in its dragon tongue.

Its voice was croaky but also booming and filled with authority.

“Yes, Lord Narvim! We will stand witness to the trial of these human intruders,” Rirvedes stated his intention before his group joined the crowd of True Dragons.

Shortly after, Lord Narvim turned his gaze back on the two groups of intruders before they felt the pressure on them intensify.

“State your affiliations!”


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