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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 270: A Moment of Silence Bahasa Indonesia

Hester and Astoria were greatly surprised by Vaan’s transformation, but they could only ask questions later.

As Vaan said, dragging the battle would attract more attention.

They wouldn’t be in a good position if more dragon-type beasts were drawn to their battle when they already had difficulty dealing with one.

Nevertheless, the Magma Wyrm wasn’t stupid.

Vaan’s transformation gave off a certain pressure that made it feel threatened.


The wyrm roared to intimidate and deter him. But at the same time, it was also using its dragon roar to summon its kin.

“It’s calling for others,” Vaan narrowed its eyes.


Vaan and Astoria dashed toward the wyrm from two different directions with their weapons tightly gripped in their hands.

However, the wyrm ignored Astoria and focused on Vaan, viewing him as the greater threat.

In the next instant, the wyrm swept its tail end at him.

“Be careful, Teacher Raphna!” Astoria immediately warned him.

Vaan naturally saw the incoming attack.

But instead of evading, Vaan chose to take the attack head-on for two reasons; to test the extent of his defense and to allow Astoria to strike a decisive blow.

The wyrm wouldn’t just sit still and wait to be hit. They had to look for openings.

“Teacher Raphna!” Astoria cried.


The wyrm’s tail swing slammed into Vaan, but he endured it with little to no damage.

However, the ground he stood on couldn’t withstand the tremendous force and gave way, causing his feet to plow the earth.

Vaan was pushed over two dozen yards before he came to a stop.

“I’m fine!” he shouted.


The wyrm cried after Astoria struck its eye in the same instance.

Although it managed to close its injured left eye, protecting it from being cleaved by Astoria’s greatsword, the powerful force behind her swing still inflicted a great deal of pain.

It felt like its injured left eye was being crushed under the force.

Nevertheless, Astoria swung her greatsword at the wyrm’s left eye several more times after seeing the first attack did little damage.


The wyrm cried under the barrage of attack and shook its head repeatedly before slapping her away with its head.

After shaking Astoria off, it immediately dived into the ground.

However, Vaan had his Rank 4 Black Sword wedged in between the scales on the wyrm’s tail end. Thus, he was dragged underground with the wyrm.

“Kyuuu!” Topaz panicked after Vaan disappeared.

“Don’t worry, Tia. We’ll definitely find him,” Astoria calmed her before urging, “Let’s follow them before we lose them.”

“Kyuu!” Topaz agreed.

“Lady Hester, check on Lord Aeliana and the Volcan Wolf. I’ll take care of things here,” Astoria instructed before she jumped into the tunnel with Topaz.

Hester naturally didn’t refuse and immediately headed over to Aeliana’s location.

She was aware of her own strength; she wasn’t strong enough to hurt the Magma Wyrm.

If she followed Astoria and fought in the limited tunnel space, she was more likely to lose her life than contribute to the fight.

Sometime later, Hester reached Aeliana’s general location before she spotted her with the Volcan Wolf.

Although the wolf’s broken body was restored, it wasn’t moving.

“How is it, Lord Aeliana?” Hester asked with a bad feeling.

However, Aeliana shook her head.

“It didn’t make it,” Aeliana said with a sigh before adding, “The wyrm’s attack shattered all of its bones and organs. Although I managed to restore its body, it didn’t last long enough to survive during the healing process.”

After Hester heard that, she immediately felt sad.

It was rare to come across a loyal beast, and its life was lost just like that—All because she allowed it to follow the group in the middle regions.

It was a short-lived companion.

“Its death is on me,” Hester said with a sad sigh.

The two ladies underwent a moment of silence for the fallen wolf.

Shortly after, Aeliana said, “Don’t take it too hard on yourself.”

“It was prepared to die when it chose to follow us. It served its purpose and died a noble death. We can only honor it by giving it a proper burial or returning its body to its kin.”

“Anyway, where’s Headmaster Astoria and Lord Vahn?” Aeliana asked shortly after.

“Sir Vahn was dragged underground by the Magma Wyrm, and Headmaster Astoria went to chase after them,” Hester explained with her gaze fixed on the wolf’s motionless body.

After Aeliana heard that, she simply responded, “Oh, I see.”

“Huh? Aren’t you worried for them, Lord Aeliana?” Hester glanced at her with furrowed brows when she noticed the lack of concern.

Nevertheless, Aeliana casually shook her head.

“Lord Vahn will deal with it,” Aeliana confidently claimed.

She had the utmost trust in him.

Meanwhile, Vaan continued to be pulled by the Magma Wyrm as it plowed through the earth like water, reaching deeper and deeper into the subterranean region.

At the same time, he could feel the earth’s temperature rising. He instantly knew the Magma Wyrm was returning to the magma pool.

Since its kin didn’t come for help despite its repeated roar, they most likely didn’t hear it, being so deep underground.

However, it would be a different situation if the Magma Wyrm returned to its nest and called for help directly.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

While he was under the Lycan Transformation, his heart continued to beat powerfully. But within the adrenaline-like blood rush, there was also a hint of excitement.

Safety first had been his motto, but there was no such thing as safety in the Thousand Fog Mountains.

But instead of being worried about the unknown, he looked forward to it with anticipation.

A game of chess could only be played when the first step was taken.

There was a sense of thrill in solving problems as they arise rather than solving all his problems before they become problems.

He was more willing to take risks.

No doubt, it was a change brought by his staggering growth in strength. The strong had more freedom of choice.

‘I’ve changed, huh?’ Vaan silently reflected.


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