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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 248: Aeliana’s Jealousy Bahasa Indonesia

Helia considered whether it was better to give up her hands or to let everything she had built fall to ruin.

But given the state of her hands, it was no different from being infected with Zellera’s Curse; it was a type of magic cancer.

She could cut off her hands and stop them from spreading further, but she wouldn’t be able to regrow her hands through regular regrowth magic or miracle potions.

In other words, she would lose her hands for good if she wanted to preserve her wealthy status.

However, even though Helia wanted to refuse, she still struggled to voice it.

After all, Vaan had given her this chance to get her hands treated. Furthermore, wealth could be restored with time, but her hands could not.

“Fine, I accept your condition. You have my word.”

Shortly after Helia voiced her acceptance with a sigh, she seemed to have aged a fair bit and lost all her strength.

Nevertheless, Vaan and Astoria didn’t say anything.

As they have some relationship with both sides, they remained neutral in the matter and didn’t pick a side; it wasn’t their business.

Grievance between Helia and Aeliana could only be resolved by the two of them, no one else.

Aeliana had already demonstrated great restraint by not seek

“Acknowledged,” Aeliana indifferently nodded before she informed her, “Then, I will begin the treatment, Lord Helia.”

Right after she approached Helia, she grabbed both her hands and extracted the advanced stage of anti-magic spores from them after she entered Dryad Transformation.

Helia’s assimilated hand was reversed as the infused plant-type substances separated from her flesh and bones, returning their former spore-like forms.

At the same time, Helia’s hands were left unscathed from the extraction.

She only felt like hot glue was peeled off her skin.

The process was swift and simple—so much so that Helia felt complicated in her heart. Such a difficult problem was easily resolved by Aeliana.

It was as easy as turning over one’s hand for Aeliana, but it cost her a fortune.

“It’s done,” Aeliana uttered indifferently.

At the same time, she quietly assimilated the rich anti-magic spores she extracted from Helia and absorbed their nutrients.

They merged with her mutated mana veins and strengthened them to a greater degree, thereby improving the power of her Specialized Magic.

Her Lord did not lie to her; the advanced anti-magic spores benefitted her. They contained some essence of the original Wood Spirit.

Helia sighed and said, “Hopefully, all the grievances between us are written off with this.”

When she decided to accept Aeliana’s condition, Vaan was the biggest factor in making her choice. There were plenty of benefits as long as she maintained a good relationship with him.

“Of course, until you decide to add new grievances,” Aeliana coolly said.

“You can count on that not happening, Lord Aeliana,” Helia said with a forced smile. “I do not want to be your enemy.”

“Then, you better start funding Sunpeak Town’s development plans; it has already started,” Aeliana stated.

“Of course, Lord Aeliana…” Helia did her best to remain cordial.

She meant everything she said; she did not want to be Aeliana’s enemy.

Aeliana wasn’t just as powerful as High Witches; her abilities were even more terrifying than theirs.

If she wanted Redpine City to decline like Sunpeak Town, she could spread her anti-magic spore throughout the region.

Nevertheless, after Helia’s matters were settled, Aeliana turned her attention to Vaan with bright eyes and wanted to report her task completion.

However, Vaan subtly cautioned her to report to him later.

Aeliana silently expressed her acknowledgment.

“With that out of the way, we can finally prepare to leave. Do you think we could use the magic airship to save us some travel time to the Thousand Fog Mountains, Headmaster Astoria?” Vaan inquired.

Astoria paused for a moment before she replied, “The magic airship hasn’t departed for the capital yet. If I put in a good word, the crew shouldn’t mind taking a detour for us.”

“Then, can you inform the airship crew and have them ready for take-off soon, Headmaster Astoria?”

“Of course, Sir Vahn.”

Shortly after Astoria left, Vaan informed Helia about sending Cyrena to Sunpeak Town for work experience as a Potioneer.

Helia naturally had no complaint with his arrangement. Furthermore, she intended to escort her daughter to Sunpeak Town personally.

After all, she also needed to pay a visit to Sunpeak Town and discuss the development funds with Lady Solana.

“Be careful on your journey, Sir Vahn. The Thousand Fog Mountains are unkind to humans,” Helia reminded him.

“Don’t worry, Lord Helia. I will,” Vaan reassured her before he suddenly recalled, “Oh, right. If you can do me one more favor, I hope you can have someone send these letters to Redpine Academy according to the recipients they are addressed to,”

“A small matter. Consider it done, Sir Vahn,” Helia accepted Vaan’s letters.

Shortly after, they bid farewell.

After Vaan and Aeliana left the Great Hall, they dropped by Hester’s room to pick her up and head over to the magic airship together.

“Why is this old hag traveling with us, Lord Vahn? Looking at her current state, I don’t think she will be of any help on our journey,” Aeliana whispered while staring at Hester.

At that moment, Hester had barely rested, had dark bags under her eyes, and required a walking stick to support herself.

Nevertheless, she overheard Aeliana, and her face contorted with exasperation.

“W-Who are you calling an old hag?!” Hester screeched, feeling offended by Aeliana’s rude remark that targeted her age. “I’m not like this because of old age, alright?”

“Oh?” Aeliana was mildly taken aback before she asked, “Then why are you like that?”

“Try dual-practicing with Sir Vahn for two days straight and see for yourself!” Hester snickered before she added, “He is simply a monster in human skin. No one can outlast him.”

After Aeliana heard that, she was immediately filled with jealousy.

While she was busy with matters in Sunpeak Town, another woman actually enjoyed all of her Lord’s affection!

“Lucky bitch,” Aeliana muttered inaudibly.

“What was that?”



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