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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 223: New Business Proposition Bahasa Indonesia

“By the way, Headmaster Astoria, what had become of my research notes?” Vaan changed the topic as he glanced at Astoria across the dining table.

“About that…”

Astoria suddenly felt awkward regarding what she should say.

After all, Vaan was assumed dead when she arbitrarily turned his notes into a book to spread his fame and nurture the future generations of witches.

After a brief pause of hesitation, Astoria explained everything to Vaan honestly. In any case, what has been done cannot be undone.

“I see… You turned those notes into a book. And even now, both Blackmoon and Redpine Academies are likely making more copies as we speak,” Vaan muttered as he rubbed his chin with a thoughtful look.

“On top of that, Headmaster Astoria also took a copy to Her Majesty, and now I am being recommended for the Venerable Sage title… Interesting.”

If it were before the expedition to the Red Goblin Mountains, such news would have troubled his mind.

But now, he wasn’t as bothered by the discovery.

That said, it was still a bit problematic.

“Headmaster Astoria had good intentions, but alas, she has caused problems for you, Sir Vaan. It’s even more important that your life status isn’t made known,” Helia stated.

“Right,” Vaan nodded.

If he were dead, the trouble wouldn’t find him.

However, if everyone learned that the author behind the Book of Solomon Raphna was still alive, witches would come flocking to recruit him, including the most troublesome group of witches from the capital—the witch supremacists.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Raphna. I have inconvenienced you,” Astoria apologized with a guilty look.

“There’s no need for apologies, Headmaster Astoria. As far as I am concerned, Vaan Raphna is still dead to the rest of the world,” Vaan mentioned.

“Thus, if I continue with my alias Vahn Cadieux, there shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like I plan to visit Blackmoon City any time soon.”

“Actually, there is a teeny weeny bit of a problem,” Astoria said wryly with a pinching gesture. “We’ve made portraits of you back in the academy.”

“So, once your fame spreads through the Book of Solomon Raphna, witches may visit Blackmoon Academy to learn more about how you lived to acquire such knowledge.”

“When that happens, they will come to learn about your appearance as well,” Astoria said with a wry smile.

“I even have portraits now?” Vaan smiled back at her ruefully.

“Actually…I also thought about erecting a statue of you in the academy, but it would have caused serious issues,” Astoria openly admitted, albeit with some awkwardness.

“A statue…” Vaan rubbed his scalp, feeling at a loss for words.

He didn’t expect to reach such a level of worship with just the research notes. After all, it was only a small part of his knowledge.

“It’s unheard of for a man to receive the Venerable Sage title or any academic title for that matter. There’s no doubt that many witch supremacists would oppose the decision,” Vaan continued.

“However, Her Majesty should be able to make it happen with her influence and power. But if everyone found out I am still alive, there’s also a small chance that the stronger opposition will make Her Majesty revoke her decision.”

“The witch supremacists wouldn’t allow a living man to receive the Venerable Sage title,” Vaan stated.

After all, Venerable Sages were treated on the same level of respect as High Witches and Marquis-rank noble witches.

That said, Vaan didn’t care about the title.

Possessing the Venerable Sage title cannot be compared to having the personal backing of a High Witch.

The influence and authority of a Venerable Sage are useful, but only if the witches play by the books.

Otherwise, it is not as reliable as the personal backing and protection of Headmaster Astoria.

Of course, the most reliable would still be his own true strength.

“I should return to Blackmoon Academy to get rid of the portraits,” Astoria decided.

However, Vaan shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that, Headmaster Astoria. Even if you get rid of existing portraits, new ones can still be made at the requests of the visiting witches.”

“I just need to lay low for a period of time while I settle my matters in Redpine City,” Vaan added.

There was a chance that more people would learn about his appearance, but it didn’t mean he would have to change his plan.

He still needed to prepare multiple things for his trip to the Thousand Fog Mountains over the next three days.

He glanced at Helia and asked, “I wonder if Lord Helia is willing to provide my accommodation for the next three days?”

“You can use the guestrooms for as long as you like, Sir Vaan,” Helia said generously.

“Great,” Vaan clapped his hand before he said, “In that case, may I intrigue you with a new business proposition?”

“Oh?” Helia’s eyes brightened as she smiled and asked with interest, “What kind of business proposition do you have for me, Sir Vaan?”

“Right now, we have the Pore Stimulation Potion to target the low-end market. However, the high-end market is where the big money is made,” Vaan calmly mentioned.

“Sir Vaan intends to…?” Helia’s heart trembled with excitement as she had a faint guess of his intention.

“I have a new recipe for you to manufacture and dominate the high-end potion market,” Vaan stated with a confident smile.

“Is it really possible for a single potion to dominate the high-end market?” Helia wondered.

While Senior Witches were considered the elites of the kingdom, True Witches made up most of the witch population.

That said, True Witches were also not as wealthy as Senior Witches unless they had a good background.

To dominate the high-end market, they required a potion that could be sold to both True Witches and Senior Witches at a high price.

It would be even better if it could also be sold to High Witches.

“What do you think is the most important aspect to a witch when considering to advance to a higher rank, Lord Helia?” Vaan casually quizzed.


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