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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 173: Aura Cultivation Bahasa Indonesia

The commotion outside marked the beginning of the enlistment process. There was some time from then until the enlistment competition began.

“Dahli, I have a very important task to entrust to you,” Vaan mentioned while hugging Dahlia’s head close to his chest before he asked, “Do you think you can do it for me?”

“Anything for you, Vahn. If it’s something I can do, I will do it,” Dahlia firmly replied after a brief pause.

“Anything? Even though I haven’t told you what I needed you to do for me?” Vaan further inquired with a calm smile.

“You said it was something very important to you, Vahn. In that case, I will definitely do it even if it might put my life in danger,” Dahlia said with determination.

“You have done so much for someone like me, Vahn. Since you came to me, the library has never been messy, even if it’s only been a few days. All of my problems were solved one by one, and my magic circle has grown at an alarming speed.”

“I can feel that I am getting close to becoming a Mid-stage Senior Witch, even though it hasn’t been long since I’ve risen to the ranks of Senior Witches. I’ve always felt indebted to you these past few days. I’m glad you finally gave me an opportunity to repay you,” Dahlia stated.

“I see. So I mean that much to you, Dahli,” Vaan calmly uttered with a slight smile despite knowing full well about her feelings. “However, it’s nothing serious as risking your life for me. I need you to cover for me. Pretend I’ve been with you the whole time and turn away anyone looking for me.”

“Just that? That is definitely something I can do,” Dahlia agreed first before she asked with surprise, “But what are you planning to do, Vahn?”

“I will be joining the punitive expedition to the Red Goblin Mountains under a different identity since there is no way Lord Helia will allow me to join, given my importance.”

“What? But that’s too dangerous! You can’t go, Vahn.”

Without surprise, Dahlia quickly expressed her strong objection to Vaan joining the punitive expedition.

However, Vaan persuaded her with his eloquent tongue, reassuring her that it was not as dangerous as she thought. With the Grand Inquisitor, Headmaster Astoria, and Lord Helia being part of the expedition, not to mention hundreds of troops, the danger was relatively small and controllable.

Furthermore, Vaan partly boasted some of his strength, reminding Dahlia of his duel with Bram Krauss.

“Fine. Since you are so sure, I won’t stop you. However, how can you join without being recognized by Lord Helia and the others?”

“That’s… a secret,” Vaan replied with a sly smile.

Dahlia pouted with an unhappy look, but she chose not to pry into Vaan’s secrets. She feared that doing so would make him unhappy with her. She wouldn’t want something like that to happen.

Sometime later, Dahlia got dressed and left under Vaan’s request.

Right after Vaan confirmed Dahlia was gone and that no one was spying on his room, he shut the windows. Then, he waved his hand over his items, storing all his clothes and weapons in his storage space.

‘Before joining the enlistment competition and competing for a spot, I need to do something.’

Right after having that thought, Vaan took out a low-rank spirit stone and directly popped it into his mouth.


‘As expected, the option is there. No doubt about it, the system is evolving along with me,’ Vaan’s eyes flickered at the conclusion.

From another perspective, it could simply be the system giving him more control over it.

However, from Vaan’s experience with the system until now, the system was more like an artificial intelligent assistant than anything else.

Nevertheless, although Vaan was slightly surprised by the first option, which was usually the last option, he didn’t find it too surprising either, given the available options.

Depending on how the second option is used, he could reap the greatest gain with the limited mana he ingested or incur the worse consequences from a flawed improvement plan.

Nevertheless, Vaan was precisely going to choose the second option.


Shortly after, Vaan delivered the instructions with his mind as if he was seeing a real-time simulation of his own inner body and how the pure mana would interact with his blood.

The system guided the pure mana accordingly, which followed the same circulation pathway as the mid-rank aura circulation method, The Way of the White Tiger.

Eventually, the pure mana fused with Vaan’s blood.



Aura Circulation Method: The Way of the White Tiger (Mid rank)

Cultivation Level: Low Rank 0 Aura User

Aura Power: 1

«Physical Attributes»

[155 Defense] [0 → 1 Aura (↑1)] [Mid-level Rank 2]

[101 Strength] [0 → 1 Aura (↑1)] [Low-level Rank 2]

[83 → 85 Speed (↑2)] [0 → 1 Aura (↑1)] [High-level Rank 1]

‘As expected, I can use the pure mana from mana stones to increase my aura cultivation like this,’ Vaan mused.

With the system’s help, his cultivation speed could be considered monstrous.

Other aura users needed months of extreme physical exercise and specific martial movements to guide their blood flow through the same circulation path.

However, Vaan could skip all that by simply using the system.

Nevertheless, The Way of the White Tiger was just a temporary aura circulation method.

As long as he obtained more aura circulation methods of the same rank or higher, he was confident in formulating a better aura circulation method.

Aura circulation methods weren’t fixed. Thus, he didn’t have to worry about backlashes from changing aura circulation methods mid-way.

‘Aura will be able to disguise my sturdy body and strength, but this amount is too lacking. I still need more,’ Vaan mused.


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