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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 165: Decisive Kill Bahasa Indonesia

In Astoria Braveheart’s recount, she also included her speculations on the fate of Vaan Raphna, whose body may have been taken away by the Assembly of Silent Night for research.

“How preposterous!” Henrietta suddenly barked after listening to Astoria’s recount.

“If this person could amass so much knowledge in a place like Blackmoon Academy in one year, how much could he have achieved if he had come to Blackthorn Academy?! Why wasn’t such a talented person protected at all cost?!”

“He had been living under the radar, Your Majesty. Wise Scholar Eniwse’s research contributions most likely all belonged to him… I find it so regretful that I’ve learned about him—only after it was too late,” Astoria said with a sad sigh.

Henrietta glanced at Astoria and understood how she felt.

If such a peerlessly talented person had been living so close to her and died before she found out the person, she would also feel immensely regretful. It was such a waste of talent.

It became transparently clear to her why Astoria pushed for the Solomon title. Indeed, such a person could have become Solomon if he had more time to amass his knowledge.

“Don’t worry. I’m not blaming you, Astoria,” Henrietta assured.

Astoria slightly smiled.

The most reassuring thing she learned today was that Henrietta Rosegarden was quite accepting of Vaan Raphna despite him being a man.

As expected of a wise ruler, Henrietta wasn’t bound by the female supremacist mindset that was very prominent during the witches’ rise to power in the early stage of Gehenna Realm’s opening.

Henrietta knew what was more important.

Suddenly, a Senior Witch-level messenger arrived in the Great Hall.

“Your Majesty, the Grand Inquisitor is requesting an audience. She has amassed troops for a punitive expedition and came to seek your approval. Furthermore, she has also brought prisoners that require your judgment,” the Senior Witch-level messenger reported.

“Oh? Ember, huh? She came right in time! Send her in for me,” Henrietta demanded imposingly and said, “I really want to take a good look at the people that caused such a great loss for the kingdom!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the Senior Witch-level messenger complied.

A few moments later, Ember Killian entered the Great Hall, bringing Istana Gleriath and the wolf-men along with her.

Right after Henrietta saw Istana Gleriath’s state, her eyes glinted with a sharp and narrowed look.

In the next instance, she waved her hand and decapitated the person with a black metal blade that formed seemingly out of thin air, startling everyone in the hall.

Istana Gleriath was executed on the spot without a chance to plead in front of her.

“Your Majesty?” Ember Killian uttered with a startled look.

She didn’t expect Henrietta Rosegarden to be so decisive and ruthless to an outstanding war veteran and ex-lord without waiting for her to list the person’s crimes.

“There’s no need to be alarmed. She dabbled in dark magic and corrupted her soul. Therefore, she deserved death without mercy,” Henrietta coolly stated and glanced at Ember Killian. “Judging by your reaction, it seems you didn’t notice it, Ember.”

“That’s rather strange,” Henrietta added.

“From what Astoria told me, Istana Gleriath was in extreme grief and rage over her daughter’s death. None of you found it strange that she could rage atrociously without suffering mana reflux and going berserk?”

“I did find it a bit strange that Istana didn’t go berserk, but I figured she was just that great at mana control after living for three hundred years. Now I know that was not the case,” Ember Killian replied wryly and apologized, “I’m sorry for being negligent, Your Majesty.”

“There’s no need to apologize. Fallen witches may be more demonic than demons themselves, but at least you’ve brought her to me before she could become such a threat,” Henrietta calmly stated.

“Furthermore, you are both still High Witches. You won’t be sensitive to the soul like I am unless you reach my level of power. Thus, I don’t expect you to detect corrupted souls.”

“Anyway, keep working hard, and the door to the transcendent rank will open to you two,” Henrietta encouraged.

“Do you remember how you become a Transcendent Witch, Your Majesty?” Ember Killian inquired.

During the Gehenna Realm’s opening outbreak, Henrietta Rosegarden and the other six Transcendent Witches all rose to prominence on the same day.

They didn’t need to practice magic step by step like the other witches; they rose straight to the Transcendent Witch rank upon awakening to mana.

Nevertheless, Henrietta did not answer Ember’s question.

“That aside, don’t you have something more important to do right now, Ember?” Henrietta changed the topic and said, “You can leave those members of the Assembly of Silent Night here and go eliminate their remnant forces.”

“Since they may have plotted Vaan Raphna’s death, don’t spare any of them. Blast them all to kingdom come, Ember,” Henrietta coolly instructed.

“Understood, Your Majesty!” Ember Killian obeyed without any complaints.

The secret behind the seven Transcendent Witches’ rise to rank five power was not privy to anyone.

Even if Ember continuously pried, Henrietta Rosegarden or any of the other six Transcendent Witches would never tell them. It was a tightly guarded secret among them.

Nevertheless, Ember had always found it strange that while the Transcendent Witches don’t spill their secret to reaching rank five, they spare no effort to try and raise new Transcendent Witches.

Seeing Ember Killian leave, Astoria informed Henrietta of her departure.

“Then, I will also take my leave, Your Majesty. I promised to assist Marquis Ember in vanquishing the remnant forces of the Assembly of Silent Night. But even without the promise, I would still help her clean up the Assembly of Silent Night and retrieve Teacher Raphna’s body.”

“Teacher Raphna, huh? I wish you good hunting then, Astoria,” Henrietta blessed her.

“Nevertheless, do keep in mind that if everything regarding Vaan Raphna’s death had been part of the Assembly of Silent Night’s plot, they would have long brought his body out of the kingdom the moment they acquired it. It is very unlikely to be with the group hiding in Red Goblin Mountains.”

“Unfortunately, I have a duty to watch the north. Otherwise, I would also join you, Astoria,” Henrietta stated.

“It’s fine, Your Majesty,” Astoria shook her head and said, “Your thoughts and blessings are more than I deserve. I, alone, am enough to deal with them, and I will definitely hunt down every last one of them until I find Teacher Raphna.”

She left with a determined look shortly after.


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