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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 144: Headmaster Tabitha’s Visit Bahasa Indonesia

Redpine City, Helia’s Castle

“Marquis Ember, it’s an honor for you to grace Redpine City with your presence. Had I known the Grand Inquisitor was paying a visit, I would have prepared a warmer welcome.”

Helia Ashenborn strolled outside to greet with an amicable smile after the magic airship landed in the castle’s outer courtyard.

“There’s no need for you to come out and welcome us yourself, Lord Helia. We would have visited you shortly,” Ember Killian claimed.

“How would I dare put on airs in front of an Inquisitor? Let alone the Grand Inquisitor, Marquis Ember?” Helia Ashenborn replied with a wry smile before glancing over at the other airship members. “I see Headmaster Astoria is also here.”

“Good day to you, Lord Helia,” Astoria Braveheart greeted with a cordial smile.

Shortly after they exchanged greetings, Helia Ashenborn checked out the airship members again to determine the Grand Inquisitor’s reason for visiting.

“Those people are…” Helia Ashenborn noticed the old hag and half-humans on the magic airship.

“Istana Gleriath and dogs from the Assembly of Silent Night,” Ember Killian casually replied as she waited for her messengers to arrive.

Nevertheless, Helia Ashenborn was quickly stunned by Ember Killian’s words.

“That old hag is Lord Istana…?” Helia Ashenborn’s gaze flickered with surprise before she muttered, “Another war veteran has depleted their lifespan, huh?”

“It’s ex-lord now,” Ember Killian corrected.

“I have already stripped her authority and instated someone else as the temporary lord of the Blackmoon Region. Given her present state of mind, she is unfit to rule one of Her Majesty’s territories.”

“Furthermore, she has a higher risk of becoming a Fallen and causing greater harm to everyone and everything,” Ember Killian added.

“That does seem likely,” Helia Ashenborn agreed with a frown after looking at Istana Gleriath’s vengeful eyes filled with hate.

“How about a chat in the Great Hall over some lunch and tea while you wait for your people to arrive, Marquis Ember? You’ll join us too, right? Headmaster Astoria?”

“How can we refuse?” Ember Killian accepted Helia Ashenborn’s invitation.

Shortly after, Ember Killian instructed her people to watch over Istana Gleriath and the wolf-men on the magic airship.

“Inform me when our messenger arrives.”

“Yes, Grand Inquisitor!”

Shortly after Ember Killian’s people accepted her instructions, she entered the castle with Astoria Braveheart and Helia Ashenborn.

Inside the Great Hall, the three peerlessly beautiful women each took their seat at the long table that was soon filled with food, freshly brought out from the kitchen.

Nevertheless, Helia Ashenborn didn’t beat around the bush; she quickly inquired into Ember Killian’s purpose for visiting Redpine City.

“What kind of information are you waiting for your people to deliver to you, if you don’t mind me asking, Marquis Ember?”

“Information on Red Goblin Mountains and an estimate of the dog-men gathering there, including their strengths.”

“Are you planning a raid on Red Goblin Mountains?” Helia Ashenborn raised her brows in surprise before advising Ember Killian, “It’s too dangerous, Marquis Ember. The Curse of the Purple Umbala will severely undermine everyone’s strength.”

“Of course, I am aware of the disadvantages of fighting Red Goblin Mountains,” Ember Killian calmly acknowledged.

“However, since we have cut off relationships with the Assembly of Silent Night, we have to completely uproot their foundations in the kingdom while their traces are still known. Otherwise, it will become troublesome to hunt them all.”

“That said, I don’t plan to launch a raid on Red Goblin Mountains immediately. I intend to turn the current captives over to Her Majesty to handle before bringing back more troops from the capital for the raid.”

“Also, we have Headmaster Astoria to assist us,” Ember Killian added.

“As expected of the Battle Maiden of Holy Light with a heart of justice,” Helia Ashenborn complimented before looking at Astoria Braveheart with some doubts and confusion.

“Still, are you so free to be going around helping others solve their problems nowadays, Headmaster Astoria? Are you neglecting your duties at the Blackmoon Academy a tad too much?”

“It was just some time ago that your academy lost a Wise Scholar,” Helia Ashenborn added.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Lord Helia. I am only helping out to repay a favor. I have some business in the capital,” Astoria Braveheart replied with a cordial smile.

“Furthermore, there won’t be any trouble in the academy for the time being now that the Assembly of Silent Night’s branch is gone and Istana Gleriath is removed from power.”


When Helia AShenborn noticed a hint of anger when Astoria Braveheart mentioned Istana Gleriath, she was surprised.

“If you don’t mind me prying, may I ask what sort of business you have in the capital that requires a second trip shortly after returning to Blackmoon City, Headmaster Astoria?”

“As expected, you would be curious about this. Well, I don’t mind telling you the reason. No, it’ll be easier to understand if you read this.”

Astoria Braveheart took out a copy of the Book of Solomon Raphna from her Magic Domain and sent it across the long table with a floating spell.

After Helia Ashenborn caught the book, her heart was greatly shaken by the book title.

Solomon was not a name that could be used lightly.

Nevertheless, Helia Ashenborn didn’t comment. With intense curiosity in her heart, she turned over to the first page to read.

But before she could, she was interrupted by the sound coming from the front of the Great Hall as the big doors opened.

At the entrance stood a tall, beautiful blonde with long braided hair, mesmerizing green eyes, a very fair complexion, silky smooth skin, and a slim body in a white silk dress, radiating with confidence and holiness.

“I heard Marquis Ember and Headmaster Astoria have paid a visit to Redpine City, so I came to offer my greetings. I hope you don’t mind that I invited myself over, Lord Helia,” the beautiful newcomer politely greeted with eloquence and elegance.

“Not at all, Headmaster Tabitha. It must be my blessing to have three highly esteemed High Witches in my Great Hall,” Helia Ashenborn replied with a big smile, welcoming the beautiful newcomer in with a hand gesture. “Please, take a seat and join us.”

“I was just about to read a book with a rather interesting title,” Helia Ashenborn added.


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