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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 142: Change of Plans Bahasa Indonesia

‘Broken wastes and used goods are dumped in the wasteyard throughout the day. The best time for Wise Scholar Sacha to scavenge reusable materials would be in the afternoon at the end of classes. That would be the best time to meet Wise Scholar Sacha,’ Vaan determined.

There was plenty of time until then.

As Vaan perused through the artificing-related books in the library, morning classes gradually began. Thus, the last visitor in the library left to attend her class.

‘Since classes have started, there won’t be any library visitors until lunch break. I should do other things,’ Vaan thought.

Shortly after, Vaan headed into the back office to collect his stuff.

He changed into his old modified black attire, equipped his belt and weapons, and pocketed his remaining items in the Heaven-Swallowing Space.

“Where are you going, Vahn?” Dahlia Payne noticed as Vaan was leaving the library.

“There won’t be any visitors until lunch, so I plan to head into the city to run some errands. Also, I plan to book accommodation near the grand library,” Vaan replied.

“Right, I needed to see Headmaster Tabitha and have her sort out your lodgings…” Dahlia Payne recalled. However, she could not help but ask, “Isn’t it fine sleeping with me, Vahn? If you don’t like the office, I still have a private room I don’t use much within the academy…”

Dahlia Payne was hoping she could continue to spend every night with Vaan, but she didn’t want to sound too desperate.

Nevertheless, Vaan needed his privacy.

“I will still need a room outside the academy, Dahli. There are many books in the grand library I’ve yet to read. Having a room outside the academy will make things more convenient in my private time,” Vaan lied with a straight face.

The academy had too many restrictions. It had many eyes, and the young witches were quickly attracted to his good looks. Only older witches were more tamed.

Furthermore, Vaan needed a place where he could freely make use of the countless scraps in his Heaven-Swallowing Space.

Seeing how Vaan’s mind was made up, Dahlia Payne didn’t stop him.

Dahlia Payne didn’t want to undermine Vaan’s will due to her selfishness. At the same time, Vaan wasn’t leaving forever. Thus, there wasn’t any reason to hold him back.

“Alright, I understand. But come back before lunch, Vahn.”

“Understood, Dahli.”

After Vahn replied, he noticed Dahlia Payne giving her cheeks to him, expecting a kiss before he left. She was demanding.

However, Vaan didn’t settle for a simple kiss on the cheek.

He pulled Dahlia Payne by the waist and gave her a hot and smothering kiss on the lips, prying right into her small mouth with his snake-like tongue to intertwine with hers.

Vaan only ended the passionate kiss after Dahlia Payne became breathless.

“Thanks for the treat,” Vaan smacked his lips with a grin before exiting the library, leaving behind Dahlia Payne in a daze as if she was daydreaming, replaying the kiss in her mind.

After leaving the academy, Vaan found a place to stay at The Peaceful Gentlemen Inn, which was not far from Redpine Grand Library.

Due to The Peaceful Gentlemen Inn’s popular location and high standards, a room for the night cost him ten silver.

Nevertheless, Vaan was escorted to his room after paying the fee. He locked the door on his way in and headed over to shut the blinds by the window.


However, as Vaan reached the window, he heard the reverberating noise that could only come from a magic airship.

It was very distant at first but still easily heard with Vaan’s sharpened senses. However, over time, the noise grew loud enough for him to feel vibrations on the ground and in the air.

Vaan peeked out the windows and noticed the magic airship in the distant sky wasn’t planning on passing the city like last time; it was going to make a stop in the city.

‘The situation of Blackmoon City must have been handled. The Assembly of Silent Night must have suffered greatly,’ Vaan mused.

He had no way to confirm it for himself. But with the trail of evidence he had left behind, the Assembly of Silent Night should have taken the blame for Isabelle’s death.

‘If the magic airship stops in Redpine City, then… the entire branch must have been uprooted,’ Vaan’s eyes flickered.

No matter how powerful the dark organization, Assembly of Silent Night, it was no match for the might of the Black Rose Kingdom.

‘And if one branch was uprooted, the rest has to be uprooted as well. Does the Assembly of Silent Night have a branch in Redpine City?’ Vaan rubbed his chin thoughtfully before his eyes glinted with a deeper look.

‘No, that’s not right. The Assembly of Silent Night wouldn’t wait to die. They must have some way to pass information around and know what happened to their branch in Blackmoon City. They should be fleeing the kingdom’s pursuit right now.’

‘In that case, the reason the magic airship is stopping in Redpine City means… they’ve come to collect information on Red Goblin Mountains,’ Vaan determined.

Given the unique situation regarding Red Goblin Mountains, it was the best place for the Assembly of Silent Night’s people to retreat to and seek refuge.

‘The Inquisitor dispatched this time was more hasty and decisive than I anticipated. Since things have already progressed to this stage, I will have to put Wise Scholar Sacha aside and prepare for the main objective,’ Vaan decided.

Little did Vaan know, the magic airship didn’t belong to just any Inquisitor but the Grand Inquisitor herself.

Although Vaan didn’t get enough time to reach his ideal strength for the trip, his goal had not changed.

It was too much, even for Vaan to explore the depths of the Red Goblin Mountains alone. However, it was a different story if there was a large punitive force entering the mountains to catch criminals.

Joining the punitive force was the best way for Vaan to enter the depths of the mountain and look for the Plant-type Abomination.


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