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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 132: Aroused Maidens Bahasa Indonesia

Shortly after Sabrina dropped her black uniform in the dirty clothes basket, Vaan lay her down on her soft single-size bed, which wasn’t exactly too small, enough for one person to sleep comfortably but a slightly tight fit for two.

Until then, Sabrina felt fine.

But after laying down in her silk nightgown, Sabrina felt so defenseless and vulnerable in front of Vaan. Her heart started to thump quickly, increasing her blood pressure and nervousness.

Before long, Sabrina’s face became slightly red, which she tried to hide by covering it with a hand. She started to have second thoughts about the whole thing.

However, Vaan didn’t wait for Sabrina to back out.

After taking off his coat and rolling up his sleeves, Vaan warmed his hands by rubbing them together before reaching out to Sabrina’s soft arms and shoulders.

Sabrina quickly felt the electrifying feeling upon contact between their skin, causing her body to freeze as if she was stunned. But moments later, her body softened as her muscles relaxed, and the comfort seeped through her body.

“Mm…” Sabrina made a soft relaxing groan as she started feeling good.

From her shoulders and arms, Vaan worked his way to her chest, belly, and finally her legs, relaxing the rest of the muscles in her body.

At that point, Sabrina was completely at Vaan’s mercy, too defenseless to resist any of his whims, should he choose to do anything.

“You’re really good at this, Vahn. I feel like a could get a goodnight’s sleep after this,” Sabrina mentioned with a dreamy look as if she was about to fall asleep.

“You can’t sleep, my Lady. It would defeat the purpose of the full-body massage,” Vaan replied with a gentlemanly smile. “You must refine all the mana you can get out of this session. It will help you advance to the next stage.”

“Right…” Sabrina nodded, unconsciously exuding her womanly charms and temptation due to the comfort of Vaan’s massage.

After Vaan finished the first step of his full-body massage, he commenced with the real part of the full-body massage, increasing the intensity, strength, and skill of his massage.

The sudden torrents of blissful sensations flooded into Sabrina’s body, overwhelming her with pleasure and snapping her mind wide awake, causing her to let out a cry of joy as she was entirely taken off guard.


Sabrina’s soft and melodious voice resounded through the room like the chimes of a singing temptress, alluring and stimulating.

Vaan excited all the pores in Sabrina’s body, opening them up in large batches as the torrential wave of mana from the surroundings started pouring in, filling her with a greater sense of joy.

“What is this feeling? How can this be so good~~?! Ahhh~~~!” Sabrina exclaimed with euphoria as her back arched up and her body spasmed from reaching orgasm.

After giving Sabrina a taste of his skills, there was no going back for Sabrina. The moment she agreed to Vaan’s massage, she had already fallen into the palm of his hands.

The most difficult step to courting a woman was getting permission to touch them. After overcoming the hurdle, the Heavenly Massage would resolve the rest of the steps.

Letting Sabrina get a goodnight’s sleep was never Vaan’s intention. Her fire-attribute refined mana was necessary for improving his strength.


Sabrina helplessly and uncontrollably moaned with delight under Vaan’s skillful and dexterous hands as her erogenous zones were touched and stimulated, heightening her sensitivity.

She was overwhelmed by the pleasure of Vaan’s third-level massaging skill. She didn’t know when, but Vaan started caressing her petite breasts and rubbing her sensitive and wet clit down under.

After Vaan’s slippery fingers slithered past her undergarment and slipped into her honey cave, they explored the uncharted territory before quickly locating her G-spot.


Sabrina’s lower body twitched uncontrollably as a fountain of love nectar sprayed from her nether region.

Shortly after climaxing, Sabrina’s lower body twitched again, achieving another orgasm.

Even after Sabrina became conscious of her small breasts and private spots being touched, she didn’t want Vaan to stop. She couldn’t help but become addicted to the feeling of satisfaction.

“Vahn… I want more. I want to keep going. Can we?” Sabrina asked while grabbing hold of Vaan’s arm and looking into his eyes with complete infatuation.

“Then, are you agreeing to enter an exclusive contract with me, my Lady?” Vaan softly asked, causing Sabrina to blush shyly before giving him a cute nod.


“Understood, my Lady. I have confirmed the establishment of our exclusive contract,” Vaan stated.

Shortly after, Vaan unbuttoned his clothes and undressed, leaving himself with just his black underwear.

Afterward, Vaan hung his attire on a coat hanger stand where he left his coat earlier before climbing into the bed with Sabrina.

The curtains were pulled shortly after, shutting Vaan and Sabrina off from the rest of the dorm room.

“Oh my god, oh my god. Is this really happening right now? Are they really going to do it here with us around?” Cassandra Mortem panicked with the palm of her hands on both her hot cheeks as her heart thumped loudly.

She felt like her heart could leap out of her chest.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Cassandra Mortem felt so nervous and excited, almost as if she could picture herself being the one in bed with Vaan instead of Sabrina.

After listening to Sabrina’s ecstatic moans, she was greatly aroused as her private part became wet and lubricated.

Cassandra Mortem wanted to ask for her turn and be touched by Vaan immediately. However, she was also too shy and embarrassed to ask.

On the other hand, Alicia Whitmore had her gaze completely fixed on the curtains blocking the view of Sabrina’s bed.

She stared at it with intense interest as if she was trying to peer through it.

“I can’t believe Sabrina could make such sounds. Vahn’s skill is impressively high and extraordinary. This sheer mana is also astounding…!” Alicia Whitmore muttered with bright eyes as she studied.

Suddenly, Allicia Whitmore paused and glanced down at her private part, noticing it had also become wet from arousal like Cassandra Mortem.


A few moments later, Sabrina’s cry soon rang out from behind the curtains as she gave her virginity to Vaan and became one with him.


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