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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines – Chapter 4: Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg (3) Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you sure you don’t need assistance, my Lady?”

At the words of the maids Ferzen had brought along with Sebastian, Euphemia nodded and let them go as she soaked in the warm water in her bath.

“Ah… !”

As soon as she tried to move, a piercing pain rose inside of her, and Euphemia reflexively frowned as she placed her hand on her waist.

“… … ”

After all that happened, I didn’t get the time to check my body, but looking at it now, I can see the traces of last night’s love affair in every corner of my being.

As if trying to erase the marks on her body, she rubbed her skin with her hands hard enough that it was left red and swollen, but in the end, all that was left was the Stinging pain.


She knew that being stubborn would only make her more miserable, so in the end, Euphemia put her hands down, finished her bath, and walked around the estate.

“… … ”

The walls, which had long been left unattended due to lack of funds, are now being reconstructed or repaired.

The previous empty warehouse was now filled with food supplies, and there were people standing in lines receiving free meals since morning.

As some of the people met Euphemia’s eyes, they quickly lowered their heads as if they were ashamed of her; seeing this, Euphemia thought she shouldn’t be here, so she quietly took her leave before drawing any more attention.




It is as that man – Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein said, aside from my personal feelings, that this was the best thing that could happen to this land.

Things that we couldn’t accomplish no matter how hard we tried before were now being achieved so easily…

But why?

Euphemia missed those times.

Of how things were a couple of months ago.

‘I could still remember the moments I had with Ciel….’

Is it because I’m so accustomed to relying on others, that now I’m alone, I’m feeling lonely?

‘I hope you are safe… ….’

That day he fled riding the only horse we had left on the estate, and if he survived, he should’ve sold the horse for some money and settled in a peaceful place.

I don’t regret it one bit.

For me, it’s the least I could do to a man who was an Honorable Knight who, however brief it may be, served and followed me like I was his Lord.

In fact, when I saw Ciel, who was getting farther and farther away, I almost reached my hand to him with the goal of us escaping together.

However, thinking that he would be able to survive better alone without me being a burden, I lowered my hand before I could stop him and watched my Knight silently disappearing before my eyes.

Of course, now, such thoughts have become meaningless.

Because the result outweighed my feelings.

And now, Euphemia felt like a child lost in the middle of a snowstorm, bound to her grief lingering in the bleak wintry nightfall without a glimpse of a star.

Had that man, Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein acted like a Tyrant, this would be something that Euphemia would have expected and even been prepared for.



I don’t know what I should do now.

When people lose their will to stand on their own, do they become this pathetic?

If I was a little more selfish, I could have escaped with Ciel.

But I’ve already made my choice, I can’t go back.

Time is irreversible and irreplaceable


“Euphemia El Lauren Louerg.”

“… … ”

A distinct and solemn voice.

Seeing the large shadow cast in front of her, Euphemia raised her head and looked at his prideful and self-righteous face.

“If you are going to cry, shed tears with both eyes.” (PR note: Bruv..)

“Ha… ”

Is it that difficult to say you don’t like a Crying baby? Why beat around the bush this much?

“The carriage is ready. You don’t need to bring your own luggage, so come with me. We are leaving this place right now.”

“All right… ”

I don’t even have the energy to utter a retort.

It would have been better if he was simply trying to control me, but the man in front of me was even crueler.

I’m just like a bird trapped in a cage, longing for freedom, flapping its wings, hoping to soar in the blue sky again….

However, a bird with its wings ripped off won’t ever be able to fly.

To the man in front of her, Ferzen, she would be nothing more than an ornament to decorate his noble house or a stuffed animal for him to brag about the contest he was victorious in.

I have to listen to his every word, but at the same time I can’t talk to him, it’s as if I’m talking to the wall.


The wagon moves without even shaking, so even now I can’t believe I’m Leaving Louerg, my own province, the place I’ve been since birth.

Perhaps, if I hadn’t been able to view the sight of the land where I was born growing farther and farther away, I would never believe I was leaving.

“Stop Looking ”

It would be better if I closed my eyes to this and get some much deserved rest.

However, the man sitting in front of me, Ferzen, won’t allow that, he just stares at me, with his hand supporting his chin.

In those red eyes that are bloody enough to give you goosebumps, I can see glimpses of joy or satisfaction. Is he thinking about how he defiled me to his heart content the night before?

Being stared at by those red eyes, and even though she was wearing clothes, Euphemia closed her legs and wrapped her arms around her chest as if she was laid bare in front of him.

“…… ”

Soon Euphemia gave up on this meaningless rebellion, as she leaned her head back comfortably, closed her eyes, and quietly became his spectacle.

Her heart was tired.

And so she sought refuge in sleep.

While listening to the sound of the horse’s march, Euphemia fell asleep.

* * * * *

‘Even if you lean your head… ‘

While watching Euphemia exhaling evenly with her head leaning to the left, the opposite side of mine, I felt compulsive aversion, so I quickly shifted my seat to the right and held my chin with my hand.

I felt at ease when Euphemia’s seat and mine were diagonally symmetrical.

‘Really… this disorder is absurd.’

Maybe, if Ferzen one day died and were to be put in some asymmetrical coffin, this body would probably refuse to rest there with all its being.

「Special Abilities」

٭ ???

٭ Digitization

As it takes a lot of time to go through the northern part of the province to Brutein, I decided to make the best of my time and learn more about my stats, especially the ability that wasn’t defined.

In fact, this unmarked special ability is a good thing, but in the long run, it could become a disadvantage.

Because this body is a villain who robbed the heroine of the Main Character in the main context of the novel’s setting, the more talented I am, the stronger the Main Character’s potential will be.

‘Let’s review Ferzen’s memories once more.’

The novel, ‘Struggling to Survive Together,’ was a work where the setting column, which separately interpreted the setting of the world view, was quite popular and active.

And, as it was a work that I ‘followed with love’, at least until the last episode, I frequently visited and browsed the setting column, so I have a good understanding of this world.

Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein is a rare – Euclidean Class Warlock, so if you compare the settings related to his class, you can get a sense of what special abilities are not listed here.


In ordinary fantasy, Warlocks are taboo, criminals, or just downplayed in general, but this wasn’t the case in ‘Struggling to Survive Together’.

Warlocks are masters in the art of corpse manipulation

Warlocks can bring up to 90% of a corpse’s ability from when they were alive, depending on their familiarity, which includes their own qualities and skill, the degree of the corpse’s preservation, and their understanding of the corpse.

For this reason, the bodies of nobles with historical significance who either become Auror Knights or Elemental Wizards are strictly preserved to prevent decay.

‘In this regard.. … There is no deviation from the setting.’

Ferzen’s memories showed his great skill in understanding and his affinity for the Dark/Warlock’s art, but I couldn’t find elements that weren’t mentioned in the novel’s setting or something that deviated from it.

‘Then… ‘

Concentrating I tried to recall Ferzen’s past a little more.

In this novel, Warlocks can make deals with the underworld, apart from the ability to manipulate corpses.

In those deals, what you can get from the underworld is random, and you offer a great deal of wealth to seal the pact.

Among the things you can offer, rather than simply using gold coins, you need to offer things with significant value and historical relevance, the higher the ‘Status’ of the offering, the better the deal.

Therefore, this ability is useless to the poor.

‘Found it.’

As I continued to look through Ferzen’s memories, I finally found something that went against the novel’s setting.

Warlocks, by default, have their own altars.

And if you make a deal even once, your ‘Altar’ becomes a subspace, so Ferzen tried to make a deal with the underworld to get this convenience.

The problem is that, despite the transaction being completed, they refunded a portion of the offering with the intent that it was too much.

In the setting, it was explained that the offering will not be refunded unless you achieve a certain ‘Status’ within the underworld and become a so-called ‘Vip’.

‘But I’ve only made one deal so far.… ‘

So am I at the level where it’s a bit inconvenient to make offerings?

Frowning, I tried to trace Ferzen’s memories a little more, but the carriage, which was moving quietly, suddenly rattled and stopped.

“My lord, there is a problem.”

The man sitting in the driver’s seat quietly opened the small partition and vaguely conveyed the situation to me.

Then, I stood up, looked down at Euphemia, who was sleeping soundly, opened the door and got out.

“… … ”

As soon as I got out of the carriage, my body was entangled in transparent and sticky strings.

At the same time, seeing the culprit from afar, and based on Ferzen’s memories, it should be an Erbet Arachne, who lives in the snowy mountains of the Northern Region

‘Did it come down here to teach its spawns how to hunt?’

In order to remove the Erbet Arachne’s web, it is necessary to light its web ablaze and wait for at least 10 minutes.

During this time, Of course, you will be hunted down.

I reached into my pocket and took out my glasses.

Since Ferzen has an OCD with symmetry, the act of wearing his glasses has a special meaning.


Webs shooted from all directions, and swarms of baby Arachnes rushed to our location.

But, when I looked at those flimsy patterns engraved on the bodies of these baby Arachnes and saw that they weren’t symmetrical, I bit my lips in instinctual repulsion.


Ferzen’s ‘Altar’ was the ring he wore on his left hand

And through the subspace engraved on the ring in his left hand, I summoned a coffin in which the body of Bavaria Von Grielle Brutein,the 27th head of the Brutein family was laid in.

As a Warlock’s skills were affected by their familiarity with the corpse, the corpse being of the same bloodline gives them a number of advantages.


While I was emitting magical powers, I bowed my head at Bavaria Von Grielle Brutein, who opened the coffin and raised his body as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

This is an act of gratitude and respect for the previous generations who left their bodies with the determination to dedicate themselves to the Family even in death.


Seeing this first hand, it’s natural that Ferzen exudes such a strong sense of pride and elitism for his bloodline.


They create the link between the past and the ever-flowing present, allowing the dead and the living to stand side by side.


Now, the 27th head of the Brutein family, Bavaria Von Grielle Brutein, struck the floor with the cane he cherished when he was still alive.



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