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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines – Chapter 10: Dignified Night Bahasa Indonesia

Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein – the man who is now her husband, bearing the same Louerg surname as herself, was caressing her waist gently.

Even if she tried, Euphemia would never be able to forget the events of that dreadful night, when she was taken and violated by force, but now… that same man was treating her so gently and lovingly, almost as if he became another person entirely.


Euphemia flinched when his warm breath greeted her exposed neck, causing a strange feeling in her body.

But the man didn’t stop his teasing, as Ferzen slowly ran his tongue along her neckline, basking in her scent.

Euphemia’s body tensed up, as Ferzen’s almost feline behavior completely threw her off as he continued to lick her neck.

“N-no, don’t look…”

Before Euphemia could even realize what was going on, Ferzen had already loosened her robes.

Euphemia knew that her attempts to cover her ample chest with her hands were meaningless resistance, but she did so nonetheless.

However, Ferzen simply broke through her last defense as he effortlessly hung both of her hands above her head.

As if annunciating their presence, Euphemia’s pink nipples stood tall and expectant in Ferzen’s sight.

“Ah… !”

Ferzen’s hair was like the beautiful night sky, akin to a deep obsidian color, covering Euphemia’s chest like a curtain as the man approached his head at her bosom.

“A-Ah! Mmmm”

Ferzen then brought one of her nipples in his mouth, gently teasing it with his dexterous tongue while simultaneously pinching her remaining one.

As moans quickly left her mouth, even as she tried her best to remain silent, Euphemia became ashamed of her own lack of control, and the heat in her body grew more and more.

And as Ferzen continued his assault, Euphemia’s resistance stopped. Now her only movements are those caused by sudden bouts of pleasure.

“W-why are you doing this…”

“…… ”

“If you just need me to bear your seed, you don’t need to do this … I… I wasn’t feeling good at all…!”

“Is that so?”

Unlike Euphemia, who barely seems to be able to hold her breath, Ferzen’s voice maintained the same flat and impassive tone.

Then, Ferzen reached towards Euphemia’s plump thighs and lifted the lower part of her robes, proceeding to slowly remove her luxurious black underwear.

“You are not being very honest, are you?”

Looking at Euphemia, who avoided his gaze by turning her head to the side, Ferzen scanned her slimy slit.

“Did you know that the wetter you are, the better the chances of conceiving a child?”

“There’s no way I would know something as shameful as that…”

“It’s fine. You don’t need to worry about such things. Leave it all to me.”

Ferzen, who was gently stroking her tightly closed crevice, slowly inserted his middle finger into Euphemia’s slit.


Euphemia, assaulted with pleasure, reflexively closed her legs as Ferzen’s finger continued to stir her insides.

“…… ”

Ferzen frowned for a moment at her resistance, but with his free hand, he grabbed Euphemia’s ankles, brought her legs together, and skillfully lifted them up.

She was laid bare before him.


Ferzen released his hold on Euphemia’s ankles, making her lower half fall onto the bed again.

At first glance, this seemed like an act born of consideration for Euphemia. However, this was nothing more than an act guided by his desire to thoroughly conquer the woman in front of him.

Euphemia covered her face with both of her hands in order to hide her shame, as her legs were spread wide open in a vulgar manner.

“Ah… !”

The feeling of his fingers gently stirring her intimate folds made Euphemia clench her lower abdomen.

As if responding to Euphemia’s actions, Ferzen stopped his fingering and began to stroke her insides with his finger in the shape of a hook.

“Hnnghh… Ah…Ah!”

As the pleasure grew to new heights, Euphemia removed her hands from her face, and instead, she gripped the blankets.

And Ferzen continued to stimulate all of Euphemia’s weak points, bringing her closer and closer to reaching nirvana.

“Ah!…. aahhng!!”

Ferzen’s efforts were not in vain, since whenever he teased a certain spot in her folds, Euphemia couldn’t help but moan loudly.

“Haa, haa, stop… Ha……”

While feeling such an undiluted pleasure for the first time in her life, Euphemia reached her trembling hands and clasped Ferzen’s wrist as her legs began to quiver more and more.

“Pl-Please…… !”

Euphemia, feeling the prelude of reaching the summit, buckled her quivering torso against Ferzen’s fingers, begging and crying for her anguished release.

As if answering her pleas, Ferzen continued with the skilled use of his fingers, and with his free hand, he gently pressed her neglected clitoris.


Euphemia lost her breath, as her body shook and suffered long spasms as the pleasure crashed in her like a tidal wave.


“Ah, ah, ah……Ah……Aahh!”

Euphemia’s body twitched almost as if she was having a seizure, as the afterglow of her climax made her toes curl. Euphemia was clinging to Ferzen’s body just like a baby as she continued to drench the sheets with her fluids.

“Ha… ha… I… is it over?”

As soon as her mind was cleared from all the pleasure, Euphemia let out an ashamed cry when she saw the soaked bed.

“Nothing to be ashamed of.”

As if nothing happened, Ferzen stroked Euphemia’s head and nuzzled her onto the bed.

“…… ”

Turning her head towards him, Euphemia observed the naked man before her.

His appearance struck a stark contrast with his usual noble and composed presence. Now those red eyes were burning with lust and desire, and his manhood throbbed in excitement.

“Ah…… Hnngh!”

Euphemia’s wet and exhilarated sheath swallowed his sword completely like a hungry beast, without an inch left to be filled.

Her body reacted on its own, as it tightly squeezed his shaft as he reached the deepest parts of her womb, clouding her mind with immense pleasure.

I want to stop making a mess.

I want to stop panting.

Euphemia’s pleasure was so strong that any thoughts of resistance she may have harbored were now thrown out of the window, as she surrendered herself to her lust.


Ferzen continued his motions as he slowly removed his manhood from her tight folds and slammed them with full force again and again.

This mixture of slow and powerful thrusts was driving Euphemia mad, as she reflexively concentrated on his movements.

She had no choice but to do so, as if her body demanded his full attention as his rod continued to stir her insides.

Like a child who never tasted sweets in her whole life, but suddenly found a jar full of them.

As the child finds it impossible to resist the temptation of those colorful candies and nibbles on them with no restraint whatsoever….

She couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

“Ah……. ”

Then, for a moment, Ferzen stopped moving his waist.

At this Euphemia felt a strange feeling of discontentment.

However, Euphemia soon realized what was going to happen.

“The….Ah…n-not… Ah… inside…!”

But her body betrayed her will, as she reflexively wrapped her legs around Ferzen’s waist, expecting her master’s seed.

Euphemia stammered, surprised by her own actions, as she secured his body tightly against hers, but Ferzen simply kissed her nose softly, as if pleased with her actions.

“You did well.”


It wasn’t me.

“Huh, uh… … !”

Like a puppet with its strings cut, Euphemia, reaching the end of her climax, fell gently against Ferzen’s chest.

* * * * *


As they lay on the bed, the euphoria caused by the intense pleasure was slowly beginning to regress.

As soon as their connection was cut off, hot and thick semen leaked out of Euphemia’s lower half. But after such an intense act, she didn’t have the energy to even close her legs.

Her body was simply exhausted.

However, as her mind slowly retained its reason, she felt a sense of shame and resentment towards the man who had embraced her for the second time.

“…… ”

And unlike herself, who was left as disheveled as possible, that man did not lose his dignity for even a second.

If someone saw her state now, they would surely think that she was the one who got driven by lust and desire, and seduced the man by her side.

And her ‘Victim’ would be painted as someone who complied with her lust, not by his own will, but because he was bound by the responsibility of leaving an heir

Sure, that would be a case when viewed from a third person’s point of view, but her musings did little to calm her soaring resentment.

Even on their first night when he violated her, his regal demeanor remained intact.

But those memories had a stark contrast, and even if Euphemia wanted to, she would not be able to forget the pleasure she felt today.

“You must be tired.”

Ferzen gently stroked her hair and covered her with a blanket.

But even this proved to be too much for her, as her body was still sensitive, and her hair was sticking to her body, but his appearance was as perfect as it could be.

“Rest well.”

“Perverted bastard…. ”

Like a person who was accused of thievery, just because he was clad in shabby clothes.

However unfair that may be, it is also an absolute possibility.

So Euphemia barely uttered a mean insult directed to herself.

Her shabby appearance, in contrast to his perfect one, only served to increase her resentment.

“Sigh, I’m a coward…”

Her resentment, having no obvious target, begins to turn into a sense of self-loathing, leaving Euphemia to feel hollow inside.


The man offered no words to her insults, instead he continued to caress her hair in silence.

He is truly a belligerent man.

So first things first, you may have noticed that this chapter was kinda fancy with its descriptions, and you would be right. Some of you may have noticed this, but the author has a very ‘distinct’ writing style with for you guys may be fun, but for poor old me its a goddamn nightmare. Anyways this novel is centered around the theme of Aristocracy, and as such there are a LOT of fancy words. Therefore me and my little gremlin had some difficulties with this chapter because of those ‘fancy’ terms, so I’m sorry if this caused your expected snu snu chapter to come a little more formal than normal, but this was the will of our almighty author.

Go easy on me guys pls, this translating stuff is new to me, and I’m still learning. And on that topic, my week-long break got me sum results as I have built a nice stockpile, and you can expect the quality of those chapters to go up. (Ps: next snu snu chapter is gonna be the 16)


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