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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 62 Bahasa Indonesia

At the same time, part of the door became transparent and the person beyond was visible.

Looking closely, he was just an ordinary person. Just like Meldon, there was an awkward feeling on his expression as if he had put something on his face.

Looking back, the maid who went up to open the door continued to put her face down. Perhaps she is also an outsider disguised as the person’s face instead of the original person.

She can’t believe that such a thing was happening at the Pesteros’s mansion.

At that time, Adrisha stuck close to the door. And shouted loudly at the iron door.


It’s a language that Dalia didn’t understand.

However, the face of the man beyond the door was distorted as if he had heard something he shouldn’t hear.

Adrisha stepped back from the door with a cold expression on her face.

“As expected, he’s from the Holy Empire.”

“……What was that just now?”

“It’s the dialect of the northern regions of the Holy Empire.”

The Holy Empire and this Empire basically speak the same language. However, the Holy Empire had a unique dialect that was frequently used in each region because of the unification of languages that was not complete.

“What does it mean?”

“I just asked if my parents were doing well.”

Adrisha smiled brightly.

It was the innocent smile that children of that age would show.

Dalia, who enjoyed playing online games in her previous life, has also met a lot of kind people who asked about her parents’ well-being.

“I see……”

Dalia was sweating for some reason.

Adrisha’s first step to accept her past was really cool and amazing.

But……it was somewhat unfamiliar.

Adrisha started talking as she continued to look outside the door.

“The one who is targeting Dalia right now is Pope Aceras of the Holy Empire. Have you ever met him before?”

She then told Adrisha of what happened with Aceras at the ball three years ago. Now that she knows about the fanatics of the Holy Empire.

All the figures Adrisha has identified so far have been arrested but there were also people that she couldn’t figure out, and it seems like they were three people who broke into this mansion.

“But this is the last one. As long as we get past this, you can feel relieved for the time being.”


“It’s small, but I still can use magic. I’ll be able to deal with up to three people.”

‘Didn’t you say at first that only the transcendent can deal with the elites?’

How can Adrisha, who has become smaller, be able to beat the three that can’t even be defeated by many of the imperial wizards?

‘You’re really strong, Adrisha.’

There was a reason why Hikan left Adrisha behind.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about anything.”

Adrisha said firmly as she placed her hand over Dalia’s. She seemed worried that Dalia might have been shocked.

But Dalia, who had anticipated this before, was not so surprised. Still, it would be better to rule out one possibility in advance.

She knew it didn’t make any sense herself, but Dalia said just in case.

“Is there any chance that they came to take Adrisha?”


Adrisha looked at Dalia as if she had asked something impossible. She was rather embarrassed looking at Adrisha’s bewildered expression.

“So there’s none.”

“Yes, probably.”

Then, on the contrary, what is the possibility that his obsession with Adrisha is directed towards her instead?

Unfortunately, it seemed very high. Of course, it’s not love, but his greed to use her power to purify his soul.

‘Isn’t that the worst then?’

Dalia became distraught.

She looked at the man who was wandering over the door. Fortunately, no one has yet come to this mansion with something to cut the chains.

‘Meldon has to come quickly.’

Once she was taken to the Holy Empire, it was certain that there would be serious problems with Dalia’s plan for peaceful life .

However…… This is Vesta, which was on the opposite side of the border of the Holy Empire.

Do they think they can kidnap a member of Pesteros and get out of the empire safely?

Dalia shared her thoughts with Adrisha. She also agreed.

“That’s why the Duke chose this place. However……they’re here, I don’t know what they’re thinking either.”

Dalia pondered. With what confidence did they have to chase her here to Vesta? If she thinks a little more, maybe something will come out.

At that time, something passed by Dalia’s mind the moment she made eye contact with the anxious Adrisha.

“Perhaps……could it be a warp portal?”

The parchment that Hikan gave to Dalia.

He said it was ‘synchronized’ with his own, so if she tore it, it would rip his too.

In other words, the real thing is what Hikan has.

This means that if they force Dalia to grab and tear the warp portal, she will go to the designated place.

Perhaps to the designated place in the Holy Empire, that is, in Aceras’s arms.

Adrisha stood up with a surprised expression.

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that sooner!”

If they also use the warp portal, it is possible to return from here to the Holy Empire without any interference.

Then the only time left for Dalia and Adrisha is until they cut the chain of this iron door.

However, after hearing Dalia’s guess, Adrisha had a happy expression on her face.

“It’s rather good.”


“I am smaller now. Do you still have the powder you put in the cookies?”

Dalia brought the powder pouch that she had placed on the kitchen counter.

She used half of it to make cookies, but there was still some left.

Adrisha smiled brightly and took the pouch with a small hand the size of Dalia’s palm.

“Do you still have the bead you got from Sir Cedric?”

“…… that……killing magic?”

Adrisha nodded.

She had no idea what she was thinking, but Dalia opened the pendant and showed her the bead. Adrisha took that too.

“Magic has a reverse property. If used properly, it is also possible to dispel magic. The magic that makes up the warp portal is the opposite of these two types of magic.”

Adrisha covered her hands with the powder in the middle of drawing a complex magic circle in the air.

Dalia was not sure what method she used, but Adrisha pulled out a few threads from the bead and put them into the magic circle.

Whenever her hand touched it, the color of the magic circle changed.

At the same time, outside the iron door, the man who had finally come down brought a saw with a huge blade. It is used for special purposes in the garden.

“If they are really fanatics of the Holy Empire, they cannot learn magic because they have divine power. That warp portal must have been purchased through some sort of path. There’s nothing they can do about it once you negate it.”


“I’m small so I won’t be noticeable. I will hide and when they try to use the portal, I will nullify it.”

“Can you do it?”

Adrisha looked at Dalia. She smiled awkwardly.

“Dalia, I actually……I’m not a noble. Like the people out there right now, I’m someone who specializes in this.”


“So I can do it well.”

For the first time, Adrisha told her real story.

Dalia felt happy for some reason.

Although the chains were being cut with a saw outside, and they have no idea whether the plan will succeed or not when this door opens, but her mind was still in peace that it did not make sense.

But then, the strange peace was shattered.

Come to think of it, both Dalia and Adrisha have forgotten one person.

The maid who opened the door.

Behind the transparent wall made by Adrisha, she was now seen staggering down the stairs.

The problem was her appearance. There was nothing in common except that she wore a maid’s uniform when she just opened the door.

In addition, she was somehow out of balance. She seemed to be much bigger than before, and one shoulder was raised.

The other shoulder was completely down, and her face was strangely pulled to one side.

The other two men were also shocked by the changed appearance of their colleagues, so they stopped sawing and stood blankly.

She staggered down the stairs and punched the first man standing in front of her.


Unable to withstand the strong punch, the skin of the woman’s lower forearm was torn in half.

Then, the shoulders that had been lowered went up and the arms were finally balanced. Under the torn fake skin, copper-colored skin and hard arm muscles were revealed.

The other man, who finally understood the situation, rushed in, but the fist of the one in the maid’s costume was faster.

He knocked the two men down on the floor and started turning humans into blood clots with just one fist.

It was a terrifying violence that made those who saw it freak out. To the point where she wondered if it would look like that if she could describe the word violence.

Dalia immediately recalled Meldon’s ability.

‘Body strengthening.’

He had the power to knock the lion down with one hand.

“Damn it! It’s frustrating, it’s driving me crazy!”

The man wearing the maid’s mask stopped his arm in the middle and peeled off his crooked face.

The long wig fell to the floor, revealing short black hair.

After smashing a man’s head with his fist as he was trying to stand up, he ripped off the skin of his leg.

Then, a strange scene was created in which a giant man well over 180cm wore a maid’s uniform with his chest button on the verge of bursting at any moment and lace stockings.

Adrisha covered Dalia’s eyes with her hands so that she wouldn’t see anything. However, the scene has already been deeply imprinted in Dalia’s mind.


At the same time, Meldon ripped off the iron door of the basement with his hands while spitting out various swear words.


The entire basement ceiling where Dalia was at flew away.

Now Dalia was on the first floor, which was rather low. (*t/n: which means since the entire basement ceiling gone, it’s no longer ‘basement’, it became the ‘first floor’)

“Hi, Dalia.”

This voice is……

Dalia raised her head.

Gorgeous blonde hair was flying in the air. Beautiful red eyes, a beautiful face that looks like it has been sculpted.

Cedric was floating in the air, looking down at Dalia. With a calm smile, as if nothing was wrong.

Translator Note: Hehehe Cedric is here!!! I wonder how Hikan will react to know that once he left, Cedric immediately appear by Dalia’s side

Sidenote: I was reading ‘SSS-Class Suicide Hunter’, and the first thing that came to my mind was, “I really want to see the interaction between Cale/Kim Rok Soo, Kim Dokja and Kim Gongja” anyone else also reading this?


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