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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 56 Bahasa Indonesia

Dalia took Adrisha to the largest bakery in Vesta’s festival grounds. And the sweet desserts made her stomach burst. (Actually, Dalia ate a little more than Adrisha.)

Adrisha was still gloomy. Still, thanks to the power of the festival, she seemed to be feeling much better in the evening.

Dalia pressed the back of her fork toward the tip of Adrisha’s nose.

“Are you feeling better now?”


“You fool.”

Dalia smiled faintly. Adrisha smiled as well.

In fact, although she pretended to be okay, this incident bothered Dalia, though not as much as Adrisha.

Meldon is fine for now, but it was only a matter of time before he went crazy the moment he entered the full-fledged love and hate route.

Moreover, as Meldon was someone who worked in the underworld, he often solved the problem by using his own mana.

‘The more you use mana, the more your soul degrades.’

In other words, even before meeting Adrisha, the corruption of his soul has already taken place. He’s such a sly person that it’s hard to tell.

Dalia let out a sigh.

In the original route, Meldon never harassed Adrisha alone.

It was also very common to touch the people around her to inflict pain on her.

Dalia was perfect to be the victim because Adrisha is her maid and she also had a bad relationship with Meldon.

Of course, Hikan won’t stay still if she gets involved.

Then this will become a battle between the transcendents.

Even by just imagining it, it seemed that Dalia would likely die from stress.

‘Is this the only way?’

Dalia looked down at her hand.

‘Hu……I tried not to use this power until just before the end of the world……’

Dalia quickly changed her thoughts because she thought her hands and feet would become squid while trying to set the mood for no reason. (t/n: probably a slang but I can’t find the exact meaning for that..maybe means weak or cold or something..)

Naturally, she didn’t plan to be caught by Meldon like a fool.

If Dalia is really going to purify Meldon’s soul, she should do it secretly so that she doesn’t get caught.

‘Let’s wait for a chance.’

“The festival will start soon, right?”

Adrisha nodded and took Dalia’s handbag then pulled out her rabbit mask.

“Please wear this. Let’s go to the festival together.”

“Would you be able to go?”

“Of course. Because I promised Dalia.”

Dalia thought for a while then nodded her head.

Looking at Adrisha’s condition, she thought it would be better to just go home, but when you’re depressed, it’s better to go out and play.

Besides, it was her most anticipated festival, so she wanted to be a little greedy.

She wanted to try dancing with strangers wearing a mask, and she wanted to watch the amazing parade.

“Oh, but I must have lost that mask.”

Adrisha said in a hurry while looking through her bag again after leaving the store.

“Since it’s a festival, I think they’ll sell it everywhere..….”

“Yes. I’ll be right back. Do you want to come with me?”

“No, go ahead.”

Adrisha nodded, but she looked a little anxious.

“That, just in case, make sure to bring what the Second Prince gave you.”

Dalia tilted her head and realized a moment later.

Ah, that quartz piece with the stun magic for self-defense. She brought it with her but forgot about it.

‘I should have knocked Meldon out earlier……’

Regret belatedly poured in, but it was already too late.

While Adrisha rushed to another store, Dalia was standing alone fiddling with the quartz piece given by Cedric.

It was a transparent color. There was nothing special on the surface, but it was fascinating.

‘I am very grateful to Sir Cedric for many things.’

And then.

“Now you’re finally alone.”

A very villain-like line was heard from behind her.

“Wh, wh, what!”

Dalia looked back in surprise.

Standing there…… was Meldon.

‘Why are you here again?’

Dalia couldn’t figure out why he came to meet her instead of leaving.

But even before Dalia could raise a legitimate question, the quartz piece broke in her surprised hand.

It felt like cold sweat was running down her back.

‘I’m, I’m doomed.’

Is this the right way to use it?

Only then did she have an ominous feeling. If Dalia is the one who faints instead of Meldon, there is nothing as foolish as this.

However she couldn’t reverse what she had already done, so she held out her hand containing the broken quartz pieces in front of Meldon.

He stared at the pieces of quartz with a puzzled expression, and then leaned back against the wall with a resigned expression as if he had identified the identity of the pieces.

“Why on earth……?”

She didn’t do that on purpose either…….

However, Meldon couldn’t utter the rest of the words, slipped on his back, and fell asleep with his head down as if he were sitting in an alley.

……He looked like a fighter who died from a fight.

Dalia looked at him with a sense of guilt.

‘So what were you trying to say?’

But there was no time to wake him up and listen to the story.

This was the roadside. The people passing by were looking this way in surprise. Besides, Adrisha will be back soon.

‘Adrisha will be distraught again when she sees him.’

Based on the extremely reasonable reasoning, Dalia dragged Meldon’s collar and pulled him into the nearby alley, and she hid in the alley for a while. It was less than 10 meters away, but she almost died of exhaustion. He was really damn heavy.

‘Why are you here?’

Fortunately, even 20 minutes of memories will be gone, so he won’t even remember the fact that he met Dalia.

‘Should I purify him now?’

After thinking about it carefully, it seemed like a good idea.

The fact that the Meldon route was hard was also due to the fact that his soul was corrupted by magic from the beginning of the route.

Hikan was worried about Dalia, but Meldon won’t even remember meeting her anyway. Cedric’s quartz piece would definitely wipe away his memories about her.

Dalia looked down at Meldon with a completely different feeling than before.

‘This is quite good?’

Isn’t this a great opportunity to never get caught and even crush Meldon’s route flag?

‘If I’m going to do it, let’s do it before Adrisha comes.’

Dalia hurriedly took off the ring the Emperor gave her from her hand. She was a little nervous, but she lowered her head and quickly placed her hands on Meldon’s exposed neck.

Seeing him sleeping helplessly, she felt a little revengeful.

Why does she have to worry about this because of him?

She pressed hard on Meldon’s neck and contributed to his neck disc 10 years later.

After a while, Dalia hurriedly removed her hand and straightened her back.

Since the level of purification was not clearly visible, she had no idea how long it would take to remove it.

But Adrisha will soon find Dalia.

‘I’m sure it’s purified enough by now, right?’

His memory is gone, so he doesn’t know who did it.

Dalia put on her ring again. And she looked down at Meldon. Somehow, his sleeping face looked more peaceful and gentle than before.

‘With this, I hope you reconciled quickly.’

Or you can forget about Adrisha and leave Vesta. That would be the best.

Dalia put her hands together and prayed earnestly for Meldon. For about 10 seconds.

‘First, I should run away before he wakes up.’

Dalia hurriedly left the place.

* * *

After a while, Meldon wakes up.

‘Why am I lying down in this dirty alley?’

He couldn’t remember a thing.

Obviously, he…… what did he come to do again?

He shook his head and as he stood up, he noticed something strange.

His body feels unusually light and refreshing. His head is not heavy, his fatigue is gone, and above all.

The dirty and stinky feelings that always annoyed him, the indescribable betrayal and anger he felt when he met Adrisha before, didn’t make his heart beat as intensely as before.

For some reason, he felt strange as if one of the main parts of the cogwheel was missing.

At that moment, a boy as translucent as a hologram appeared in front of his eyes. He said with a smile.

-Did you do everything as ordered?


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