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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 52 Bahasa Indonesia

Dalia had no idea what Adrisha was worrying about, and instead she was anxious that Meldon and Adrisha might bump into each other.

Fortunately, not long after, Adrisha has fully recovered from the motion sickness.

Just in case, Dalia didn’t bring up the fraud incident to her.

But now that Meldon is leaving Vesta, Adrisha will never see him again.

She hopes that they won’t see each other again forever. If the reunion doesn’t happen, then the Meldon route won’t start.

When Meldon disappeared, Dalia went around freely with Hikan and Adrisha by her side without any worries.

She visited all kinds of tourist attractions, and she ate seafood dishes to the fullest starting with crayfish and crabs.

Although her face seemed a little rounder these days, Dalia pretended to not notice that.

She couldn’t swim since it was winter. However, she slightly dipped her ankles in the sea while taking a walk on the beach.

After such a peaceful time, three weeks had passed since the trip started.

She wrote the book report in her spare time to exchange it with Cedric later, and eventually she could see the end.

She also received a reply to the letter that she had sent before coming here. When Hikan took the leave, he also wrote down the location so that he could get a reply right here in the mansion.

The letter was stamped with the imperial seal and was not very long.

[Dear Miss Dalia Pesteros.

Hi, Dalia. Did you see the silver beach in Vesta? It’s a pretty place. I hope you have fun and come back soon.

I hope you don’t get sick and have a safe trip. I enjoy reading the books that you mentioned. It’ll take a long time to read, so take your time and come back after doing everything you want to do.

I’ll be waiting.

– Cedric Michelio.]

The letter smelled fresh and clean.

It has a similar scent as Cedric. It was as if he had sprayed his perfume on the paper.

‘Where did you learn all this?’

As expected, he’s a dangerous person so she should not let her guard down.

There was also a small gift.

A quartz piece. Dalia had received it once from Cedric when she first met him, so she could recognize it immediately.

“It’s a magic that can cause people to lose consciousness. It’s good for self-defense.”

Adrisha, who looked into the quartz piece, nodded while saying so.

“Besides, it has the ability to erase the memory of the last 20 minutes or so. It makes the opponent forget the fact that you met.”

Dalia was surprised. It’s hard to believe that you could create such a complex combination with magic.

“Wow, that’s great.”

“Yes. Sir Cedric must have been very worried about Dalia.”

Dalia took a paper and wrote a reply.

She thought that it would be burdensome for her to write a long reply, so she only wrote a simple greeting, and sent Vesta’s silver sand in a small glass bottle.

And she added a little bit of content as a postscript.


Do you perhaps know the young Viscount Arthur Pendleton? I’m asking you because I met him by chance and I think he knows the prince.]

Anyway, Vesta was such a nice place. At first, she thought it was just a land with nothing to see for a month, but now she always has a new place that she wants to go to.

Right now, the three of them were on their way to the night market festival. They changed into plain clothes because they didn’t want to be seen and hide their identity.

Dalia looked like a snowman with a scarf wrapped around her and with the coat on.

As the three of them were walking down the street, people passing by kept staring at them. Maybe it’s because of Adrisha’s gorgeous appearance, but…….

Dalia looked back at Hikan in vain.

“If we get caught, it’s because of brother.”

“…… Why?”

“Brother’s hair color stands out too much.”

Adrisha agreed silently.

Hikan frowned. In fact, his silver hair shimmered even more at night, making him as pretty as a star.

“Oh, it’s a shooting range.”

At that moment, Dalia’s footsteps stopped in front of a stall.

It was a typical structure where you hit a moving target with a gun and the prizes are given according to the number of hits.

‘Usually shooting is the flower of the night market!’

Dalia looked at the first prize. It was a big box of Vesta traditional confectionery that was as tall as her.

They gave you 20 bullets, but you had to hit all 20 to get it.

‘Not a doll, but a traditional confectionery?’

She had never seen such a large box of cookies before. Besides, it’s Vesta’s traditional confectionery that were made with candied sugar, so they were incredibly sweet and incredibly delicious!

The second place had to get at least 18 out of 20, and the prize was a very strange-looking sheep doll.

The eyes were mismatched and the cotton inserted was uneven, making them lumpy.

‘Who wants that……?’

And there were no prizes for 3rd place onwards.

‘That’s so extreme……’

It was meaningless if you didn’t get first place. Either you have it all or you don’t have one.

Perhaps that’s why, unlike other stalls that were crowded with people, this stall was especially quiet.

But still, she wanted that box of snacks.

As she stared at the box, Adrisha put her hands on Dalia’s shoulders and softly smiled.

“Do you want that, Dalia?”

Dalia nodded her head.

“Do you want me to get that for you? I’m good at shooting.”


“Of course. I’m better at shooting than the Duke.”

Hikan, who was standing still, looked at Adrisha while frowning.

“What does that mean all of a sudden?”

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to hear that.”

“Never mind. Dalia, I’ll win that box of snacks for you.”

Hikan first approached the stall and picked up the gun, exuding a chill aura. His pride must have been hurt.

At that time Adrisha winked at Dalia. She must have intentionally provoked Hikan to induce him to win that box of snacks.

‘As expected, Adrisha is amazing.’

“Oh, you’re a handsome young man.”

The chubby owner of the stall was noisily pleased, he filled bullets, handed it over and collected the money. It was a pretty high price for just one game.

Hikan paid without saying a word and tied his long silver hair back with a hair tie in his mouth.

Then, he loaded the bullet and put the rifle gunstock to his shoulder. (*t/n: The back portion of a long gun that provides structural support.)

His handsome profile was more visible when he took the firing position. It was so pretty that Dalia unknowingly admired it.

“Okay then, let’s get started.”

As soon as he said that, Hikan’s gun fired.

The target was moving, but the speed of each line was constant, so if it was Hikan’s skill, there was nothing he couldn’t hit.

Besides, he’s a transcendent. He hit each target with excellent stability.

He got all 19 targets in no time, and only one target was left. Hikan pulled the trigger without any hesitation at all.

However, as soon as Hikan pulled the trigger, the target that was moving slowly suddenly stopped.


Naturally, Hikan’s bullet, which calculated and shot the next course, cut through the air.

“Oh my, unfortunately you missed the last one. Congratulations! Still, you’re in second place!”

Without a chance to refute, the owner of the stall shook the bell quickly to announce the winner of the second place.

He cleared the bullets and the perforated target, then gave Hikan the ugly sheep doll at an incredible speed.

“No, wait a minute……!”

“Unfortunately, you only have one chance. You can’t do it twice.”

‘That’s a scam!’

Hikan was staring blankly at the sheep doll he had received.

It seemed to be a big shock to him.

It was amazing for him not to get angry, but strictly speaking, it was a foul to have a transcendent participate in such a trivial game.

He trudged and handed Dalia the ugly sheep doll.

“……I’m sorry.”

“It’s, it’s okay. It’s quite cute if you look at it closely……”

“My daughter made it!”

The stall owner stepped in from behind.

Dalia glared at him with a hateful gaze.

She could see why there were no customers here. He’s cheating like that. The first prize was just a bait.

At that moment, Adrisha picked up the gun that Hikan left behind.

“I’ll give it a try.”

“Oh, you would?”

The stall owner smiled more brightly, perhaps thinking that another pushover had come.

He put the target back in place and, likewise, gave the 20 bullets and received the money.

Adrisha smiled and picked up the gun. Of course, her posture was not as sophisticated as the standard of those who learn it officially.

The target started moving again. It looked like a constant speed, but it was a troublesome target that moved at will from the moment you hit everything.

“Then, you can start over!”

Adrisha fired the gun. And it’s all over. ……It was at a speed that made her speechless.

Bang! Bang bang! Bang bang bang!

The firing and reloading were almost simultaneous. It’s like she is pulling the trigger without aiming.

Dalia couldn’t even catch up with her eyes with how fast it was.

One bullet penetrated two targets. When she came to her senses, all 20 targets were on the floor.

The stall owner didn’t even have time to cheat.


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