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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 46 Bahasa Indonesia

After dinner, Dalia sat at her desk and finished her homework given by Madam Mathieu.

And after chatting with the nanny for a bit, brushing her teeth and washing her face, she lay down on the bed in her pajamas.

‘It’s been a long day.’

It’s really been a very, very long day.

She lay down but couldn’t sleep, so she looked up at the ceiling.

Knock knock.

It was then that someone knocked on her door.

Dalia opened the door with a puzzled look.

Standing there is…… Hikan with a book by his side. Dalia asked in surprise at the completely unexpected person.

“Brother, what are you doing here at this late at night?”

“……I have something to say.”

For some reason, Hikan’s eyes looked more sunken than she had seen in the afternoon.

He also looked like someone who had made a big decision. Dalia tilted her head and guided him inside.

“Were you about to sleep?”

“Yes. But it’s okay since I can’t sleep anyway.”

“No, lay down. You can talk next to me.”

Hikan dragged a chair from the desk and brought it next to Dalia’s bed.

Not knowing what he’s trying to say, Dalia quietly lay back on her bed.

Hikan pulled the blanket up to her neck and patted Dalia’s chest slightly. Her heart feels warm.

She turned her body and looked at Hikan. He also looked at Dalia.

“I’ve made up my mind.”


“If His Highness Cedric has done anything to you, I will officially file a complaint against this matter, even if it means against the Imperial Family.”

Dalia shook off her blanket and jumped out of her seat.

“Huh? What do you mean all of a sudden!”

Still, Hikan’s expression was serious.

“There’s no way that damn bastard can leave you alone after talking about his first love.”

Dalia unknowingly covered Hikan’s mouth from his profane remarks.

He couldn’t bring himself to take Dalia’s hand off and just lowered his eyes in melancholy.


It must be because he was too tired from work with the Knights.

‘But you’re complaining to the Imperial Family. I have something else to say.’

Dalia hugged his neck and patted his head.

Then she pushed his shoulder back and said.

“Well, is your head clearer now? It’s hard to control your magic power because the other knights are watching……”

“My mind is more normal than ever.”


Dalia awkwardly returned to the bed.

“Brother, nothing really happened to me.”

“This is how I will feel at ease.”


But you’re sending an official letter of complaint to the Imperial Family.

This is different from just grumbling to the Emperor. It really means that the issue will be highlighted as a political issue.

Although the Emperor and Hikan were close, it cannot guarantee that their relationship would be the same after he crossed the line.

It was even more so for Dalia, who had personally seen the Emperor give Hikan the death penalty in the original game.

As if reading her thoughts, Hikan spoke softly.

“If I could hear what happened from your own mouth then I might not.”

Eventually, Dalia opened her mouth. She did not leave out a single detail of what happened.

Hikan must have calmed down now that he knew nothing had happened.

Dalia glanced at him. As expected, he certainly looked more calm than before.

“So it’s really dangerous. I think I have to work hard to not be bewitched.”

“……Yes, I think so.”

“So, we’re supposed to meet again next time, but I don’t know what to do with this. I’m sure he’ll want to see me again soon like last time.”


“It was fun though. I think it would be fun to meet again. Nothing happened. So you’re not going to complain anymore, are you?”

Hikan nodded heavily.

Dalia looked at him with a smile.

“Thank you for your concern. Are you going now?”

“No, since I’m already here, I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”

He laid Dalia down again and tucked her in. Dalia was desperate.

‘I hope I don’t need to kick the blanket again.’

Then, suddenly, her mind went crazy at the book he brought.

‘What was that?’

She turned her body vertically.

And she was so bewildered to see him holding a fairy tale book with a big picture on the cover.

“Wh, what is that, brother?”

“I brought it because I thought you liked fairy tales last time.”


When he was bedridden with fever, Dalia’s attempts to tease him were now completely backfired. Although Hikan was sincere. He opened the cover even though Dalia tried to dissuade him with sorrowful eyes.

“Four centuries ago, in a certain territory, there was a demon king…….”

‘Oh my God, in the end he started reading it.’

Dalia resigned and closed her eyes. Then she began to listen to the old tales by Hikan.

All the fairy tales in this world didn’t make sense to her because they were about angels or demon kings. She used to read fantasy novels when she was younger.

But such a story, combined with Hikan’s low and deep voice, sounded very plausible.

‘……it’s quite good?’

As expected, she fell asleep better than she thought because she likes his voice.

The warmth of a person nearby gave her a sense of security more than she thought.

Dalia opened only one eye and looked at Hikan, who was concentrating on reading.

He doesn’t have to wear glasses now, but he’ll be wearing them for work in a few years.

Transcendents have far better eyesight than ordinary people, but in return, they have hyperopia as they get older, and they usually wear glasses for work. Like the Emperor.

He is still handsome now, but if he wears glasses then, he will look really cool.

She was happy that she could think of his future now.

Dalia reached out and held Hikan’s empty hand on his lap.

It must be hard these days, so she thought that she should at least clear it up, and she wanted to hold his hand. Hikan held her hand without hesitation.

The still quiet voice continued. Shortly after, Dalia fell asleep.

* * *

Hikan looked at the sleeping Dalia. The paper that he was holding in his hand was quickly crumpled.


Dalia furrowed her eyebrows at the sound.

Hikan was bewildered and opened the paper gently so that it wouldn’t make a sound.

Then, carefully removing her hand that was holding him so as not to wake her, he put the blanket over her neck again, and quietly left the room.

As soon as he left the room, his steps accelerated. Soon he strode out the front door of the mansion with a big stride.

The coachman rubbed his sleepy eyes and brought the horse out.

“Where are you going at this hour……?”

“I’m sorry. I’ll be right back, so wait for me.”

Hikan hopped onto the horse and headed somewhere.

He arrived at the townhouse in the capital of Beniter. Count Beniter and his wife did not come to the capital, so Adrisha was the only one who lived here.

Adrisha quickly came out of the mansion with a look of annoyance.

It was clear that she wanted to settle it right away without letting him in.

“What brings you from so far tonight……”

“I must separate Dalia from His Highness Cedric.”

Adrisha’s eyes widened. She immediately led him to the drawing room.

After hearing all the explanations from Hikan over a light tea, her expression darkened terribly.

“How did that happen….. I can’t give Dalia away to such an inhuman person.”

“I totally agree.”

“He’s so clever that he’ll buy Dalia’s heart soon. We need to separate them as soon as possible.”

Hikan nodded in agreement.

“But how……?”

Adrisha was troubled as she bit her nails and shook her legs.

It was far from behavior befitting of a noble, but neither Hikan nor she had the time to care about such things.

After a while, she put her hand down. She declared with a very determined look.

“I thought of a way.”


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