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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 44 Bahasa Indonesia

Usually, when a handsome person like a flower smiles like that, the surroundings will look dazzling.

The bombardment of the handsomeness throws Dalia’s mind into confusion.

If Hikan is a calm and cool-headed handsome man, Cedric had a gorgeous appearance. He stands out more due to his unique blonde hair and red eyes.

Still, Dalia tried not to be bewitched.

She doesn’t know why this person suddenly fell in love with her, but there must be a reason why Hikan and Adrisha are strongly against it.

‘Besides, it’s so out of the blue.’

They’ve only met once.

For now, Dalia sat across from him and began reading the assignment.

‘His handwriting is pretty.’

The nobles were all educated and had pretty handwriting, but among them, Cedric’s handwriting was particularly old-fashioned.

‘But the content is…….’

Dalia saw ten pages of rubbish with clear handwriting, neat logic and rambling.

Although it’s all garbage, the topic is…….

The report was full of vicious contempt and accusations that would make the writer cry and break their pen.

‘Sir Cedric is not a sociopath.’

Dalia realized.

‘He’s just……don’t like human beings…….’

1. People who believe they are good just because they feel uncomfortable when they throw away trash on the street are annoying.

2. Even so, people who openly live like garbage and people who tell others to throw away their hypocrisy are both disgusting.

3. So they’d better all die.

This was the common topic of all ten book reports.

She knew why Adrisha would pass out every time she talked about Cedric. He was the complete opposite of her who believed in the good side of humanity until the end.

‘I can see why he’s never been obsessed with Adrisha.’

At this point Dalia had no choice but to ask a really reasonable question.

‘Why is this person, towards me?’

Just how did you fall in love with Dalia?

‘Did he notice my power?’

That was the most rational reason Dalia could think of.

But for that matter, Cedric didn’t care whether he touched Dalia or not. Even the Emperor wanted to hug Dalia whenever he saw her.

‘I, I, I don’t know.’

Amidst her confusion, Cedric affectionately spoke to Dalia.

“Have you read it all?”


“Are you going to give me homework again?”

Dalia stared at that serene, soft look for a while.

Should I ask or not? Should I ask or not?

‘No, I hate feeling stuffy.’

“That……, Sir Cedric.”

“Uh huh.”

“Sir Cedric hates all human beings.”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s annoying. Yeah, anyways.”

“But why do you like me?”

She knew from her pitiful experience last time that Cedric needed a fastball like this to make him understand.

Cedric looked at Dalia, a bit perplexed.

Embarrassed to the point of death, she did not back down from asking the question, and looked at him straight in the eyes.

Cedric’s expression grew increasingly confused. He doesn’t know why she is asking this. Or, he didn’t seem to know what to say either.

He slightly opened his mouth after licking his lips for a while.


“Ho, ho, ho. Good to see you two.”

The conversation was cut off.

Cedric and Dalia looked back at the door at the same time. There was an uptight-looking grandfather with a book on his side standing there.

“It’s an honor for such high-ranking people to want to take a lecture from me. I am Baron Wales.”


It was a chaotic mess, but Dalia did not panic, and glanced over the front page of Cedric’s book report.

‘There is, Baron Wales.’

She roughly understood the circumstances of the situation.

On the other hand, Cedric, unaware of the situation, opened his mouth with a smile.

“Lecture? To do business in this messy way these days…… ”

Dalia jumped out of her seat and hurriedly covered Cedric’s mouth.

“I, I’m the one who called him!”

Cedric tilted his head and looked at her. Dalia looked at the Baron in a hurry.

“By any chance… did my brother……?”

“Yes, the Duke of Pesteros said that Miss Dalia has specially invited me…….”

‘Ah, brother Hikan. Is this how you prepared it?’

Tears came to her eyes when she thought of Hikan, who must have squeezed his head to come up with this idea. Trying not to somehow leave her alone with Cedric……

So she should do her best to match Hikan. Dalia turned her head back toward Cedric.

“That……Shouldn’t we listen to the author now that we’ve read the book?”

And she belatedly released the hand that covered his mouth. Cedric glanced at Dalia’s face, blinking.

He’d think she’d call more people because she’d be uncomfortable alone. She felt sorry for some reason.

But he didn’t add anything else. She just smiled softly as if she knew nothing.

“Yes, then.”

* * *

“So human beings are……the elements that make it up…….”

‘This is crazy.’

Dalia thought to herself.

She has never had such a sleepy lecture in her life. Madam Mathieu, the tutor, was a great lecturer who will go down in history compared to him.

And he was so uptight, so if she lowered her head a little bit.

“Miss Dalia, you must not fall asleep.”

She got this comment.

It was like going back to high school in her previous life. Besides, the content was so bad, so she has been trying to concentrate and saying the same thing for an hour.

She felt more sleepy as time passed by.

She really wants to sleep.

Dalia also felt sorry for Cedric for letting him listen to this garbage lecture.

But Cedric was still looking at the blackboard with his chin on his face. She had no idea what was on his mind.

‘I’m sorry.’

Dalia apologized inwardly.

He has been reading all those books and writing book reports for her, and she’s letting him take this class just in case she gets stuck alone with him.

In her sleepy consciousness, the words wandered freely.

‘Is he such a bad person to be this vigilant?’

‘My stomach feels twisted.’ (t/n: not sure about this one)

‘Still, he’s nice to me.’

‘He wants to marry you. So you’re going to marry that person?’

‘That’s not it. But I’m sleepy.’

Dalia could not overcome her heavy eyelids and lowered her head again.

She always slept like this before.

After that, the back of her neck always ached. But this time, strangely, something seemed to support her chin.

Something like fluffy air. It was a strange explanation, but that’s the only way she could express it.

‘If I get caught again, I’ll be scolded.’

Thinking so, Dalia really fell asleep this time.

* * *

Baron Wales looked back, proud with his lecture.

Strangely, Dalia was found dozed off, her eyes closed with her head fixed in the air.

It was an unbearable humiliation for him, who also had a history of lecturing at the academy.

He endured trying to throw the white chalk he had used to write on the blackboard.

This is because he heard that Duke Hikan Pesteros greatly cares for his sister.

‘I, I’ll make it half so it doesn’t hurt…….’

He cut the long white chalk in half and made it very small.

Then slightly, just slightly enough to wake her up, he drew a parabola and threw the chalk at Dalia’s head.

Without overshadowing his career, the chalk moved well toward his goal in a very pretty way.

Shortly before reaching Dalia’s head, it was engulfed in a blue flame and disappeared from the air.


There’s only one other person here. Baron Wales unconsciously looked at Cedric.

And he made eye contact with Cedric who was looking at him with a smile on his face.

Cedric was obviously smiling.

But in those eyes, the Baron read a certain meaning.

It meant he could kill him right now and he wanted to kill him, but he wouldn’t.

‘Stop paying attention and keep talking.’

To put it bluntly, this. The Baron turned around as if he hadn’t seen anything.


Scary. He suddenly wants to pack everything up and go home quickly


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