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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 1: Hikan Pesteros Bahasa Indonesia

Dalia Pesteros remembered her past life when she was thirteen.

There are two reasons for this.

‘But then, why?’

‘I’m doomed.’

There was definitely no such character in the original!

Hikan, and Dalia.

In fact, I didn’t really want to know.

Hikan Pesteros is only sixteen years old now.

‘Magic blooming.’

Those who were born with such powers are called the ‘Transcendents’.

‘It’s really crazy.’

I wish I could have been born in a more gentle world if I were to be reincarnated.

The only difference from this game setting was Dalia’s own existence.

‘……Maybe, if Hikan sees his cute sister, he will decide to live a healthy life?’

Dahlia thought maybe she could live like this forever.

However, Hikan and her meeting came sooner than expected.

* * *

“Young Master, you can’t! If you come in like that!”

Dahlia had already prepared her mind by that time. Ah, he’s finally coming.

That’s her brother and the final villain in this game, Hikan Pesteros.

Although he is still young, his eyes were fierce enough to make an adult feel chills.

Dahlia was nervous and swallowed the bread in her mouth.

‘I think, I’m going to get indigestion.’

Such a typical transcendent figure was felt from Hikan as well.

A bewildered nanny followed behind him.

“The lady still isn’t ready yet…….”


“Father is dead, Dalia.”


She glanced at the nanny. The nanny is in tears.

‘Poor nanny.’

She seemed to have been fidgeting all day, wondering when to tell Dalia.

But it wasn’t so shocking for Dalia, who regained her previous life’s memory.

‘Did you become crazy like that because you didn’t get love from your family?’

That’s what I was thinking, when I could feel a gaze.

It was Hikan.

Dahlia, a quick-witted person, noticed immediately.

‘What kind of humans is this!’

Dalia froze and stared blankly at Hikan.

“……..You don’t cry.”

At Hikan’s low voice, Dalia shook her head hurriedly.

Now is not the time for this.

Hikan approached her step by step.

My heart sank with nervousness.

She suddenly holds it out to Hikan.


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