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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

00071 <– #After the Rain–>

#After the rain, Black Mountain (1)

The U.S. government had officially elevated Camp Roberts’ status. Plans to increase its military presence and size by transforming it into a fortified base had already taken off.

As a result, it wouldn’t take long before it would be called Fort Roberts.

The treatment of refugees had also improved, with the construction of row houses now beginning in the refugee zone. Row houses were prefabricated buildings designed for efficiency rather than aesthetics, but they were still superior to tents in all aspects.

Refugees sent to the construction site were highly motivated. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, wanted to help. Those with architectural expertise taught them. Because they stayed up all day and night, complaints came from the engineering unit in charge, but the scheduled construction period had been cut in half.

Gyeo-ul commented, “Everyone must be happy. The refugees are building their future with their own hands.”

Third battalion commander of 160th Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Capston, agreed with him.

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