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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 52 Bahasa Indonesia


#Journal, page 83, Camp Roberts.

In the end, Jeffrey’s prediction proved to be correct. I was awarded a medal again. Major Bliss, who had come to the press conference, looked as if he was asking, “Him again?” I even felt kind of sorry for him.

The Distinguished Service Medal I received this time was not as valuable as the Order of Merit. Nevertheless, there were more reporters than there had been the first time. Major Bliss had evidently had a hard time controlling them.

Reporters asked me to say a word of encouragement to American citizens. Of course, I had some lines prepared; Major Bliss had already told me the things I should say. I did wonder what that meant, but I did as I was told, even if the lines sounded embarrassing.

“Protect your family and hometown! I’ll help you!”

Keeping a smile on my face was hard work. It was awkward, no matter how much I thought about it, but the reporters said it was good. Their emotions must have been different from ordinary people’s. It was that, or they were crazy because the world was crazy.

An invitation came from the citizen’s residence. For those who were bored and anxious every day, my award was a good reason for a festival. This was after the video from the Combat camera had been on the news. They’d said that it would be included in the combat training manual, but it seemed that making promotional materials was more of a priority.

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