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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 49 Bahasa Indonesia

00049 — #signs–

# Signs (5) Atascadero

Jeffrey’s squad cautiously approached. They had no idea what to expect. Whenever they reached corners, Gyeo-ul stretched out a convex mirror so they could see what was lying ahead of them. Jeffrey and the soldiers were doing their best, but Gyeo-ul felt that it wasn’t enough. After they had checked the locked doors, it seemed as if they let their guards down.

Gyeo-ul then borrowed a six-fire grenade launcher from one of the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has walked into a trap. Unbeknownst to him and his team, a gray figure was crawling down the wall, covered by darkness. It was moving silently, like a predator stalking its prey.

“Jeffrey! Get down!”

Gyeo-ul began firing as he screamed out his warning, surprising the soldiers. By reflex, they found themselves lowering their postures as bullets flew all around them.

“Get down!”

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