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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 46 Bahasa Indonesia

00046 — #signs–

# Signs (2), Atascadero

There was a thunderstorm outside the car window, and lightning flashed occasionally. Heavy raindrops then struck the Humvee. Things proved to be better for Gyeo-ul, who was in the front seat, but the machine gunner sitting in the turret was destined to be rained on throughout the journey.

They had to take a detour from Paso Robles to Atascadero. Even if the missing mission squad had cleared the obstacle, it took a considerable amount of time to go 40 kilometers. The road was smashed in several places, a sign of repeated air bombings. The cars could hardly speed up. It was time to run through the dug-out sections like a worm. On an abandoned ranch in front of the right, infected mutants were chasing lost horses. They looked this way and changed their objective. Across the dead and yellow pasture, they ran hard, waving their arms. The machine gunner knocked on the roof.

“2 o’clock direction, about fifty meters distance, eleven general mutants…no, thirteen. I’ll take them down.”

He pulled the lever straight away. The machine gun turret creaked as it spun to aim. Soon after, the three Humvees then ired in unison. The firepower from the machine gun ammunition was several times more powerful than personal firearms. The running mutants were smashed to pieces, white steam rising from their broken bodies.

「Noise Control. We’re here, 331 mission unit. .50 caliber shooting. Noise assistance, please. Over. 」

Jeffrey’s voice flowed from the radio. As a senior officer in charge of the unit, he was on board a follow-up vehicle behind Gyeo-ul. Shortly after the communication, a loud noise came from three directions over the horizon. It was the operation of the noisemaker that was recently sprayed. This reduced the noise burden during the operation. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to use the heavy machine recklessly. Jeffrey radioed the end of the shooting. Right away, it became quiet.

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