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The Innkeeper – Chapter 80: Eccentric guests Bahasa Indonesia

Lex tried to view the details for Glamor Sorcerer but unfortunately all he could see was that sorcery was a different school of power elevation (increasing one’s strength) than cultivation. It would be too awkward if Lex, as the Innkeeper and his boss, had to ask Harry what it was, which is why he would have to investigate in some other way. He then looked at the Event manager panel, barber shop and employee residence.The newly unlocked panel allowed him to easily organize and manage events at the Inn, whether they were hosted by himself or his guests. After all, even common fast food restaurants hosted birthdays, why couldn’t the Inn? The organizing included setting up temporary venues that were much cheaper than establishing permanent buildings, hiring temporary staff, arranging prizes and many more features. The most important feature – to Lex at least – was the autorun, which entailed that if Lex was too busy to personally oversee an event the system could manage the event based on a set template.

As for the shop and residence, well the name was pretty clear on what they were and what function they performed. Since he had decided earlier that all his next expansions would be near one another, he placed the barber shop opposite the Training room. It was a quaint little shop with a large window that let you see inside. A small red, white and blue barber shop pole was spinning next to the door which Lex found amusing. Inside on the left there were a few sofas for people to sit, on the right there were three barber chairs placed in front of full size mirrors and in the far end of the shop was the till. Originally that was all there was to it, but Lex had an idea and placed the employee residence right on top of the barber shop, with an entrance directly from the back of the shop.

Technically, the employee residence was in a separate space and no one would enter it other than the employee, or anyone the employee invited in. However, Lex thought linking it to the shop and having it physically manifest here might not be a bad idea. It was just visualization, and he suspected Harry would like it. Though at the moment the residence was empty except for a bed – Harry would have to populate it with furniture himself using MP. Speaking of which, since Harry worked with guests directly Lex did not need to pay him. Instead, 40% of whatever Harry charged his clients would go to Harry and the rest would go to Lex.

“Welcome to your barber shop, Harry. What do you think?”

The young man stood frozen at the entrance. A building appearing out of thin air surprised him, but it was being told that this shop was his that froze him. He had tears in his eyes and his mind had stopped working. Even though he was doing well on Earth, he couldn’t even get a job as a barber until he got a barbers license and now he had an entire store of his own.

Before Lex could tease the young man he realized some guests were about to enter the Inn so he left Harry to enjoy this moment on his own.

Lex appeared in front of the Inn just in time to see a young girl picking herself off the ground, rubbing her rear as if she had just been hit. Behind the girl stood a tall, mature lady who looked absolutely outraged. Lex noticed the two were wearing glasses with the ‘Clark Kent’ effect, which would work on everyone else in the Inn except him.

He looked at their statuses before saying anything.

Name: Kristine Joel

Age: 99

Sex: Female

Cultivation Details: Insufficient authority to view (cultivation sealed)

Species: Human

Midnight Inn Prestige Level: 1

Remarks: Hello mama *whistling noise*

Name: Vera Joel

Age: 16

Sex: Feale

Cultivation Details:

– Foundation Initial

Species: Human

Midnight Inn Prestige Level: 1

Remarks: She has the aura of a new oracle, stay away! They are all scammers!

Lex raised an eyebrow. There were multiple things in their status that caught his eye, yet it would be rude to keep his guests waiting. However before he could say anything, the older lady waved her right hand, summoning what looked like a bathroom slipper.

“I told you to behave!” she roared as she threw the slipper, yet the young girl dodged effortlessly.

“What’s so good about behaving? I told you we should have run away with dad, then we wouldn’t be in this mess!”

“DON’T BRING YOUR NO GOOD FATHER INTO THIS!” she roared once as she began sprinting after her running daughter.

Lex stood there frozen, unsure of how to respond. The mother and daughter pair were actually running in circles around, yelling at each other.

Lex coughed loudly and used a bit of the power of the Host Attire to attract their attention.

“Welcome guests to the Midnight Inn,” he said, smiling warily.

“Midnight? Such an ominous name,” said the mother, who finally stopped.

“It’s not ominous, it’s romantic,” replied the daughter confidently. “Innkeeper, I would like to travel to a different planet. Any planet with a Star Class civilization would do.”

Lex instantly froze when he heard what the mother and child were saying. They seemed to be familiar with the concept of the Inn, but did not know the details.

“If you want to travel to another world, you would need to increase your Midnight Inn Level to 3. Currently, you are at level 1,” he told Vera. “You can increase your prestige by spending a total of 100,000MP at the Inn.”

“Please ignore her nonsense, Innkeeper. Her father has spoiled her silly,” said the mother with an apologetic smile.

“Haha it’s alright. I’ve heard oracle’s are mischievous, it must be tough on you.” As soon as Lex said that, both the mother and daughter froze. Clearly that was supposed to be a secret. Lex was curious about what an oracle was, he could venture a guess based on the name but it would be nice to know the details. Yet he couldn’t ask directly so he thought he’d stir the pot a little by mentioning it, but it seemed to have a different effect.

The mother coughed as she straightened herself up and looked at the man in front of her as her daughter quickly stood behind her. She could not determine his cultivation, especially since hers was sealed, but based on what her daughter had read in the book of prophecies he was not a simple man.

She opened her mouth to say something but before she could utter a word a bright light flashed, and a giant sleeping turtle appeared in the middle of the road. The three of them looked at the turtle, unsure of how to react. Lex recognized it from the horn on its head and checked its status.

Name: Not available

Age: 2017

Sex: Male

Cultivation Details: Inner Core

Species: Galactic Sovereign turtle (infant)

Midnight Inn Prestige Level: 1

Remarks: It’s a newborn baby, so get a babysitter!

Lex stared at its age for a bit, trying to digest what he was seeing. But then, this was the cultivation world. He should get used to it. He used his suit’s powers to gently lift the turtle and place it in the shade of a tree.

“Please excuse the interruption, we receive all kinds of guests.”

“Clearly,” responded the mother, still looking at the turtle. “Please excuse our earlier display. It was quite rude of us.”

“No no, not at all. Such a close family relationship is quite enviable. Would you like a tour of the Inn? You seem to be familiar with some of it already.”

“Yes of course, that would be lovely.”

Lex was about to take them on a tour himself when he felt more guests entering the Inn. This was quite a surprise, it was rare to have guests let alone so many at the same time.

“Gerard, why don’t you show our guests around,” he said, summoning the old man. Gerard quickly led the mother and daughter duo not to the manor that was right in front of them, but to the Golf cart nearby. It seemed he had discovered a passion.

Just as the two left, a bright light shone, after which Will appeared at the Inn along with Hugo – who still had a room rented – as well as seven other guests.

“Welcome to the Midnight Inn,” the old man said excitedly to his guests, who were looking at their new surroundings in alarm.

“Will, you seem to have stolen my life,” Lex said, approaching the crowd with a smile. Will was the first person who had brought so many guests to him at once, which drastically improved his impression of the old man.

“Haha my apologies Innkeeper, I was too excited,” said the old man, grinning like a child with his favorite toy.

“In that case, would you also like to give the tour to your guests as well?”

“It would be my pleasure.”

With that the man began leading his guests, as if he was extremely familiar with the place. Lex was amused at his expression and was about to return to the mother and daughter before he realized even more guests were on the way. What a busy day.


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