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The Innkeeper – Chapter 30: Pro Bono wing and Recovery Room Bahasa Indonesia

Looking at the two bodies he could clearly identify them as soldiers or guards based on their uniform. Above them their information was available:

Name: Chen Lee

Power Level: Peak Qi Training

Species: Human

Midnight Inn Prestige Level: Not yet available

Name: Blane Park

Power Level: Peak Qi Training

Species: Human

Midnight Inn Prestige Level: Not yet available

Initially he thought they were dead, but since they were alive it would be wrong if he just watched them die. It pinched his heart a bit when he thought of the expenditure, but ultimately he decided to buy two Botlam Dews as well as the recovery room so that they could heal. He purchased Botlam Dew and asked Gerard to feed it to them, but before he made the purchase of the Recovery Room Mary appeared before him and stopped him.

“Using the recovery room costs money as well. If you’re planning on using it on them, then you should get the Pro bono wing first and accept them as Pro bono guests, which will make their use of the recovery room free!”

Lex’s eyes lit up when he thought of that, and purchased the Pro bono wing as well as the recovery room for a total of 3000MP, bringing his total MP down to 1991! Spending so much MP hurt him a little, especially since he needed MP to upgrade his cultivation. But he couldn’t spare time to wallow in his worries, it was not good to leave two wounded guests out in the open.

Entering the design interface he put the Pro bono wing 500 meters to the left of the main Inn, and gave it the shape similar to a small cottage from the English countryside. It’s interior consisted of a small sitting and dining area right at the entrance, as well as two rooms in the back.

The Recovery room he put in the furthest right of the Inn, as a small hut attached to the boundary wall. The Recovery room should be far away from the main area of the Inn so that any patients would not be disturbed by any guests.

Under normal circumstances he would put more effort into designing the two new additions but for now it could all wait. He exited the Design Interface and directly accepted the two as guests in his Pro bono wing, then transferred them to the Recover wing. Summoning Velma, he asked her to take care of them to whatever capacity their status as PB(Pro bono) Guests allowed.

Quest Update: Quest Complete! PB wing established and guest accepted

Calculating Rating…

Rating: D+

Host Reward: 500 MP + A Babies Candy

New Quest: Having a guest come once can be an accident, only repeat guests can reflect an institution’s prestige! Have 5 individual repeat guests!

Minimum Reward: Midnight Inn Prestige

Remark: You can’t live off your face only, stop being lazy and put in some work!

Lex’s lips twitched. This was the lowest reward he’d gotten for a quest, probably because he took too long in completing it. But even if it was a small reward, he was still interested in seeing what a Baby’s Candy was. That reminded him, he hadn’t checked out his reward for connecting Vegas Minima either.

He opened his inventory and checked it out.

A Baby’s Candy

Making a baby like you is as easy as giving it candy. Similarly, getting weaklings to like you is as easy as giving them some benefits. Instantly allows peak Body Tempering cultivator to break though Qi Training without any negative influence.

Serene Whistle

A whistle that placates beasts at Foundation realm and below during a taming attempt. Repeated use in a short time builds resistance.

Midnight Events: Trials

With access to multiple worlds and a growing Inn, the number of tasks for the Innkeeper will increase but you can’t do everything yourself. Create Trials for guests to undertake in various worlds with different objectives and rewards to secretly complete tasks you can’t do yourself!

Both the rewards were nice, but of no use to him at the moment. The Trials, on the other hand, was probably one of the most useful things he’d encountered so far. It’s potential was amazing, but again, he didn’t need it at the moment.

He put both the reward items in the Gift Shop, the Candy for 500MP and the Whistle for 1500MP. His pricing was a little arbitrary, but he eyeballed it based on their use and what cultivation level they corresponded to. A true test of their pricing would be determined when he established more footfall.

While he was thinking about pricing, Velma appeared to give him a report.

“The two guests have been put in healing pods, but they have suffered very serious injuries. The Botlam Dew has neutralized the mutagen, but their internal organs have been seriously compromised. Their meridians have also suffered damage, not to mention both their spirits and their souls.”

Lex frowned, thinking it was inevitable that they would still die. The condition they had reached in the Inn was just too bad and…

“Keeping all of that in mind, they should wake up within a few hours, and be able to leave by tomorrow morning.”

That greatly surprised Lex! Damn the recovery room was pretty good.

Lex dismissed Velma and summoned Mary. “Introduce the features of the Recovery room to me.”

“The Recovery room (RR)is a special environment that promotes the body’s ability to heal naturally. Currently it can host 6 guests at a time. It’s limitation is that it can only speed up the healing process, so if the body is incapable of healing on its own, being in the room won’t help.

“The recovery of a guest can be further aided by putting them in a Recovery Pod (RP). The room has 3 of those which not only accelerates the body’s self healing further, but also heals some wounds that the body itself is unable to heal as well. The pod also acts as a life support system. This is a great way for someone to heal without damaging their vitality. This is also great for developing immunity for poisons, as the pod keeps healing the body from the effects of poison until it develops a natural immunity.

“Finally, the Recovery room has a single Organic Reconstruction room (ORR), which instead of actual recovery, builds new body parts for the guest and replaces them for the guest. The new body part will be identical to the original in optimal condition. The ORR is special, in that while the other facilities of the Recovery room can be upgraded, the ORR can only work on guests at the same cultivation or lower than the Host, meaning you. The ORR is also not available on PB basis and needs to be paid for.”

Lex raised an eyebrow, clearly impressed. Even if the ORR was limited in its capability right now, it was very impressive.

“Let me know as soon as those two guests wake up,” Lex told Mary, and quickly exited the Inn. Lex had been lazing around for the last day, but the sudden entrance by a zombie scared. He needed to upgrade his authority as quickly as possible so that he could at least stop zombies from entering. While he did not have a direct way of increasing his authority at the moment, increasing his strength was also a way of doing so in the long run.

Picking up his phone he texted Marlo his requirements for the weapon he had asked for. Although yesterday he was a little out of sorts with his random “enlightenments”, some of them truly did make sense. Having finally sent the message he put on a track suit and went out to jog. His body had recovered a lot by now but he was still sore, a little movement would do him good. Furthermore, he needed to think of ways to distribute more golden keys as the last one still had not been used.

Lex let out a sigh when he thought of all that he had to do. It truly wasn’t easy being an entrepreneur.


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