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The Innkeeper – Chapter 139: Simple prizes Bahasa Indonesia

Once the topic of the soul was touched upon, both Leo and John became interested. Leo because he himself was looking for ways to stabilize his soul, while John because it was such a rare topic for low level cultivators. Even at higher realms, while it was more important to take note of, rarely would anyone specifically focus on it.

Harry sent John the MP, which prompted him to wake from his stupor.

“If you’re interested in the soul, you’re very lucky to have met me. Few people are as knowledgeable about the soul as I. It’s not a topic many focus on. Let’s start with what the soul actually is.

“The soul is the very foundation for any living being. A being can live without a spirit, and it can live without a body, and occasionally even without both, but in order for a being to be alive it must have a soul!

“Souls are the only common feature shared by all living beings, yet at the same time, for something so common, it is the most elusive. As rare as they are, you will often come across natural treasures that aid in spirit or body cultivation, but hardly ever will you come across something that aids in the growth of the soul. In common cultivation convention, you only start actively strengthening the soul when you reach the Nascent realm.

“Cultivation techniques that focus on using or strengthening the soul are so rare that even I have never actually seen them.” John paused for a moment and eyed Harry. He already knew that Harry was practicing some strange technique that used his soul strength to affect his clients. It was something he had never come across before. Had the situation been different, maybe he would have been tempted to ‘ask’ Harry the details about his cultivation. Now though, John was properly terrified of the Innkeeper and was on his best behavior. There were some enemies even assassins would not dare cross.

“If you want me to make techniques that aid in strengthening your soul, I cannot help you. But I am familiar with some of the most common treasures that can aid in soul cultivation, so I can provide you with some guidance there.

“Much like spirit stones, which contain pure spirit energy, there are soul stones that can be used. But the thing about soul stones is that they can be used by anyone at all to strengthen their soul, which is why they are absolutely rare. Like spirit stones, they also come in different levels of strength and purity, but again, they are so rare that you are unlikely to encounter one easily.

“The next best thing for someone at your level to use is Angel dust, Faerie grass or Purified Wraiths blood. Angel dust is incredibly powerful, yet at the same time very stable and nurturing so it can be used even at your low level. But to get some, you would have to buy it from the Angels. It’s expensive and rare, but at least you know the source. The Purified Wraith’s blood is a product sold by Devils. If you have the guts, you can go buy it from them.

“The Faerie grass is probably the best option for you, as it’s a naturally occurring treasure. But it is extremely, extremely rare. The good news is that it only works for low level cultivators, so the chances of you finding it are much higher than any of the others.

“The next best way, but an incredibly slow way, for you to increase your soul strength is to completely exhaust it and then let it recover naturally. The way your body builds muscle after great exertion, the soul also grows. It might be somewhat beneficial to you at your current level, but in the long run it’s so slow that the natural growth experienced by your soul when you cultivate, though limited, out paces it.”

John paused again, because he knew this was what Harry was most interested in and wanted to give him time to absorb the information. But since he had been paid to give information on the soul, he would do his job properly. His pride demanded it.

“While nurturing a soul is incredibly difficult, harming it on the other hand is very easy, which is why soul protection treasures are very valuable. One of the ways…” Though he tried to hide it, his excitement when talking about all the ways to kill a person by harming their soul came out just a little.

The basic summary of everything he said that Leo took away was that if he found a way to hurt souls, under the Nascent realm he’d become extremely dangerous. It also gave him a better idea of how incredible Regal Embrace was as it allowed his soul to heal naturally alongside his body, something that was otherwise unthinkable. No souls healed on their own and would always require external aid.

Once John was done, Leo excused himself and teleported away. Shedding his persona, Lex donned his suit once more and readied himself for the award ceremony. He’d learnt a lot of important things that would help him a lot in the cultivation of his soul, but those were things he would focus on after the Midnight Games.

He spent the next few hours meditating. He’d noticed himself making more and more mistakes recently, something he could not allow himself to do as the Innkeeper. He had to calm his mind and, preferably, get in the state of ‘flow’ that he’d gotten in earlier somehow. Unfortunately, the state eluded him once again.

As a backup, he explained his plan to Marry in great detail to vet for any obvious mistakes. Fortunately there were none. He repeated his plan to himself a couple of times to prepare. He didn’t understand why he still felt nervous. He’d already addressed these people a few times, you’d think he’d be used to it by now.

He put all such thoughts out of his mind, took a deep breath, and focused on the task at hand. He teleported out to the main stage wearing the warm, gentle smile that the Innkeeper often wore.

“How quickly the performances have already ended,” he said looking at the full coliseum. Unlike during the performances when everyone was in their rooms, this time everyone sat out in the open. It was a sign of respect towards the Innkeeper.

“The performances, in my humble opinion, were stellar. It was great to see so many similarities in culture, not only across various worlds, but across many species as well. It just shows, whether it’s a display of strength, beauty, art or music, everyone can appreciate it. I hope this event serves as a foundation for a friendship that will last the ages.

“I could continue to stand here and compliment each performance endlessly, but I think it would be best if we just got on with the show. So, without any more delays, I would like to announce the winner of the first portion of the Midnight Games.

“Alissa Harmony from Earth, congratulations on putting on a performance that moved the heart and soul of your audience. Please, stand so that you may be recognized.”

In the crowd, the young youtuber stood up feeling a rush of exhilaration without comparison. She was dressed in a long red gown which complimented fair skin and blushing cheeks splendidly. Lex almost felt bad that the award was being shared by the whole planet without a special prize for her, but he also knew that as a mortal she would be in great danger if she received any prizes from him. No one would harm her at the Inn, of course, but back on Earth someone may not be able to control their greed.

“Naturally since there is a winner, there must be an award. But this time, the prize is not only for the winner, but the whole planet that they represent. The first prize is for all the performers of Earth. Whenever someone on your planet gives a performance that is able to resonate with enough people, they will automatically be invited to perform at the Midnight Inn. Of course, whether they accept or not is up to them, but should they accept they will be able to perform for audiences from across the universe!”

This was completely a prize for the performers and not a secret way for Lex to get free and frequent entertaining events at the Inn. No sir, it only benefited the performers.

“The second and final award, though simple, can be shared by the entire planet. After one month, a new hidden realm will be opened on Earth containing the heritage of an ancient cultivator, and will remain open for one entire year. What kind of treasures you can reap will be completely up to you, but whatever they may be, this will be a great opportunity.”

The Innkeeper spoke in his usual casual tone, but whether it was the humans, the Devils or the Beasts, they all had a change in expression. This was no ‘simple’ prize.


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