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The Innkeeper – Chapter 12: Test and Registration Bahasa Indonesia

The lab was a large, rectangular hall with various machines placed in glass cabins. A few people in lab coats were gathered around each machine discussing things in whispers. A few people were getting tested at various machines but Lex could not tell what the machines were for.

“Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way shall we,” Hamid said, grabbing a clipboard a doctor brought to him. “Since you are currently in the Body Tempering realm, your registration is currently quite simple. Other than testing your cultivation technique, we will need to collect a blood sample, gather your personal details, which we have already done, and finally make your personal identity token. That will conclude the requirements for registration at Bluebird, however there are a few more tests for Body Tempering realm if you want to take them. Information from any additional test you take will be saved onto your token and considering your results it can help you with recruitment if you wish to join an organization. You can consider that later, let’s begin with testing your cultivation. Follow me.”

Hamid led Lex to a long cylindrical machine with a glass top that opened to a padded table. He spoke to a few people who quickly started preparing the machine. They opened the top and instructed Lex to lie down, attaching various node patches all over his body. Finally, after attaching 36 patches, they inserted 2 needles that were connected with wires into both of his arms.

“The needles will send small, quick bursts of spiritual energy into your body,” said Hamid as the machine was getting ready, “and the patches will detect how your body reacts. Body Tempering cultivators temper their bodies so that they can accommodate spiritual energy in the body at later realms. Since that is the case the spiritual energy that is put into your body should either be dispersed out of your body by your cultivation or should be absorbed evenly to temper your body. If the spiritual energy gets trapped anywhere in your body that means there is something wrong with your cultivation technique.”

Lex listened to his explanation, though he was not really worried about his cultivation at all. Although different in the beginning, Regal Embrace should not be underestimated at all.

Eventually the machine started, and immediately Lex a sharp tingling in his arms near the needles, as if he were receiving a jolt of electricity, though the jolt barely lasted. He could feel that it was supposed to be traveling through his body, but disappeared before it could even exit his arms. After a few seconds he received a second jolt, this time a slightly stronger one, however the outcome was the same. This continued for a few minutes but regardless of how strong the jolt was, it never went past his arms. Although Hamid didn’t comment on what was happening, Lex could see him trying to hide his surprised expression.

Eventually the machine stopped and the patches and needles were removed.

“Congratulations,” said Hamid as he helped Lex off the table, “your cultivation technique is extremely stable. You should have no trouble cultivating all the way to Golden Core based on the stability of this cultivation technique, though if you wish to cultivate higher you will have to return for a different kind of test to ensure absolute safety.”

“Golden Core?” Lex repeated, a hint of a question in his tone. He still did not have a detailed understanding of cultivation. He was hoping Hamid would fill in the blanks.

“Ah of course, I forgot you do not have anyone to guide you in the cultivation world. Well fret not, should you join an organization they will guide you carefully on your path. Considering your current cultivation, you should not worry about it anyway. It will probably be a very long time before that becomes relevant to you. Come, let’s take a blood sample.”

Another doctor came at Hamid’s call with a fresh syringe and extracted enough of Lex’s blood to fill a small vial. Lex had to admit he was a little impressed at how easy it was for all these needles to poke him, as based on his understanding it should no longer be so easy to penetrate his skin.

“Now to finish off with getting you your personal identity token. This shouldn’t take too long, follow me.” Hamid led Lex to a different part of the lab to what looked like a 3D printer that was printing out what looked like a black and red poker chip.

“This token is built using a spiritual metal, combined with the latest formation as well as modern technology. Once it is complete it can become personalized to you by dripping a drop of blood on it. In it will be a Bluebirds certificate of approval, signifying that you have gone through the Bluebird registration process and are recognized as a non-hostile entity. You need to carry it with you at all times, as it can be sensed by authorized Bluebird personnel. If you are caught without it on your person, you will be treated as if you had intent to do harm and will be detained pending an investigation on your activities! Which is why I must stress this again, always keep it on you! If you ever lose it, report it immediately to a Bluebird office near you to get a new one, though you have to pay for any replacements. That’s also why Jessica treated you so harshly, as a cultivator without a token you are a suspected threat, even if your actual cultivation is low.

“Other than that, you can also scan the token like a QR code to access the Bluebird network, an online platform for cultivators, or access other cultivator networks as a guest, though that would limit what you are able to do.”

Hamid continued to make introductions for Lex while they waited, and finally after a short 20 minutes the token was complete. After ensuring that everything was in order, Hamid handed Lex the token along with a prick so he could draw some blood for it.

Lex was filled with some anticipation, but after absorbing the drop of blood the token didn’t do anything special, nor did Lex feel any kind of connection from it. That was to be expected though, Hamid already explained that to view the data stored on the token he would have to scan it as if it were a QR code. Hamid also introduced some of the other tests he could take, which included tests for physical strength, stamina, reaction, intellect, learning gradient and many more. After thinking about it for a moment, Lex decided not to take the tests currently.

First of all, he didn’t want to leave records for his capabilities since his cultivation wasn’t ordinary and he could not predict how his stats would change. Secondly, although Hamid did his best to seem friendly, the frequency with which he brought up regulations, surveillance and security measures, Lex started to feel as if things weren’t so simple. He wanted to learn more before he made any decisions.

Lex even asked Hamid why security was so strict and how dangerous the cultivation world really was. All he got for a reply was that as long as he stayed in a Bluebird supervised area, followed the law and avoided shady people he had no reason to be concerned. If that couldn’t be considered dodging a question, Lex didn’t know what could.

When all the procedures were complete he asked if he could leave, and Hamid escorted Lex out of the building. He didn’t encounter Jessica again but he quickly put that out of his mind. He had gotten a lot of new information today, he needed to absorb it and see how he could use it to his advantage. His drive to make MP had increased and he wanted to increase his cultivation as quickly as possible.

It seemed a little unfair how the protagonists in the novels never met cultivators much stronger than them in the real world, and so could always manage a solution. He apparently didn’t have that luxury. For a good portion of the day he felt helpless. It wasn’t a feeling he enjoyed. It wasn’t a feeling he wanted to experience again.


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