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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 98: Waging War From All Side Bahasa Indonesia

Under the layer of dust and debris, a hand covered in metal gauntlets emerged followed by a small explosion which shook away the pile of soil from which a man covered in armour stood up.

“Haaaaaa!” He exhaled a mouthful of air while looking at the scene before him.

He had overdone a bit and underestimated his strength. He had put three fourths of his mana in his last strike which swept away the majority of the battlefield along with the flare which had become a pile of dust and debris.

Alex looked at the horrifying scene of mass destruction that lay before him. A mushroom shaped cloud still hovered around there while dust and debris lingered in the air carried by strong gales which were still blowing.

A huge crater of 60 metres in diameter and 20 metre dip was formed where lightning still lingered and burst out emitting a sizzling sound.

A huge chunk of the ground seemed to be evaporated by intense heat due to lightning while the ground was glowing with a reddish colour as the huge bolt of lightning had heated the whole ground.

The soldiers of Wright were also blown away by the impact but unlike Amidon’s soldiers who were burnt to crisps, they were in a much better state except for some faint bruises and dirt stricken faces.

Many of their bodies had been buried by layers of soil and some had been flattened by the shockwave.

Still, they were alive and breathing.

So, it was nothing serious and Alex shrugged his shoulders turning a blind eye toward them while a series of annoying notifications flashed before his retina.

[You have killed an early Disciple ranked warrior. You have obtained 200 experience points.]

[You have killed an early Disciple ranked warrior. You have obtained 200 experience points.]

[You have killed an early Disciple ranked warrior. You have obtained 200 experience points.]


Alex didn’t lose his guard as the battle was far from over as he can see many soldiers being alive with his mana sense.


Taking deep and heavy breaths of air and wielding a massive double-handed axe with a great amount, Alex crushed the enemy warriors wherever he went.

Many soldiers even bluffed thier death trying to escape from the demon but Alex killed one by one as if he could see through their disguise which brought many to the door in despair.

“God damn it! How did this demon know that I pretended to die.” Those were some of the last words of the man before Alex sliced him up.

The Master ranked warrior who was fighting with Frank tried to flee seeing the situation out of hand.

He was so scared out of his wits by the newly arrived man that he almost pissed his pants seeing Alex who controlled lightning and obliterated the huge army.

It looked as if Alex was the God of lightning and the master rank feared him unleashing such a devastating attack again which could even wipe out Epic rank from existence.

But Frank didn’t let him escape and tried to chase him, wanting to vent his frustration by killing him.

“Let him go, there is someone else to take care of him.”

Frank heard a loud shout and looked at the source of the sound to see the armoured man telling him those words.

Frank didn’t know what that man’s intention nor did he know what plan the armoured man was cooking but he still listened to words and stopped chasing while going toward the man.

He didn’t stop the chase because of the armoured man’s words, rather he was cautious about this man’s sudden appearance who turned the tide of the battlefield with his arrival.

Unless he knew the identity of the man, there is no way he could put his trust in this stranger man.

“Sir Brave Warrior! You did a great job. I am General Frank who is under the command of Her Highness Christina. Can you please introduce yourself? Though you helped us, we need to know your identity to conclude whether you are a foe or a friend.”Frank spoke while staring at the man whose whole body was covered in armour leaving only two large holes for eyesight.

Through which he can see two red-coloured vicious eyes which sent a chill down the spine, he still summoned all his courage to ask.

” I am a warrior of Nevan who is here to help the soldiers of Wright. My soldiers are already on their way and some of them have already reached the Fortress and are guarding the gates.”

“Since you have done your duty, quickly carry the injured and retreat.”

“You don’t need to linger around here anymore. You have done your job.” Alex ordered and turned his gaze towards Pierce who was being carried by other soldiers.

He was in bad condition and may die due to excessive blood loss.

Alex just cast a minor healing spell to stop the blood flow and revitalised him under the surprised gaze of others.

The war wasn’t over and he needed to have more mana to deal with the remaining sums.

Alex once again reminded Frank to retreat quickly while stomping the ground leapt into the air and used the air leap to move towards the wall of the Fortress leaving Frank to stare at his back with a dazed expression.

‘Why did I feel as if I am being ordered around.’Frank muttered inwardly as he could feel the man’s commanding voice subconsciously make him obey his command.



A man went inside the tents while yelling loudly.

In a panic, he even forgot to ask for permission and as soon as he stepped in a wine glass hit his head and deflected with a large bend in it while making the man stumble a few steps.

“What happened?” The commander asked with an annoyed tone.

Currently, he was having fun while enjoying himself with the service of the women.

“Sir, we have suffered a huge loss. We were in a good position but someone intervened in between the war and killed our soldiers and the flare had also been destroyed.”

“What?” The commander shrieked in panic and jumped up from his bed frightening the women.

“Leave!” He ordered with an angered tone and the women quickly dressed up and left the tent.

“Did you discover his identity?” The commander asked with a solemn voice.

“No, we weren’t able to uncover anything. We only know that he is at peak disciple rank but he was able to deal with hundreds of soldiers alone.”


“Hundred of soldiers were screwed by one man alone.”

“Then pass the orders to retreat for now. I will think of other plans.”

“They are already retreating.”

“Shut up dumb head? What else do you all know except fleeing after getting your ass beaten.”

The man just nodded and left the tents quickly in fear of angering the commander.

The commander’s expression turned ugly and he cursed aloud in frustration.

The loss of Flare was too huge.

They had brought the Flare from a neighbouring Tier 1 kingdom at the cost of almost 100,000gold coins along with an exorbitant interest per week.

After using the flare, he deployed it near the Fortress wall to draw some of the soldiers from their shells and finish them.

While he had sent two master ranks to deal with Christina.

But now, everything was ruined just because of the appearance of an asshole.

“Asshole, you better pray that you don’t fall in my hands otherwise I will rip you apart.” The commander spoke with bloodshot eyes.

He tried to calm himself and his blood pressure started to stabilise only to be spiked again by another loud shout.

“What happened now?” The commander asked with a deep heavy voice which sent a chill down the spine of the informer.

“Commander, someone had trespassed into our tents and burned the food and ration stocks.”

The commander froze for a moment and gritting his teeth in anger, he threw a fist at the man.

“No….No!” The man screamed in panic and tried to dodge but a strong gust of pressure hit him.


A crystallised mass of fists hit him and burst his body into blood mist blowing away the front of the entire tent.


“These useless pieces of scum can’t even guard the rations against a trespasser.”

“Useless shit!!” The man roared in frustration and rushed out of the tent trying to sense anything but he wasn’t able to find anything.


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