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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 96: So, Who Is Next? Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone was expecting the death of Antwan as no one was in a position to save his ass as they were themselves in the position of getting their ass beaten like a dog.

The numbers of opposing forces were too overwhelming for them.

Many wished to close their eyes so that they don’t have to watch their mighty comrades die at the enemy’s hand but they couldn’t.

As the rapier was about to descend on Antwan’s head, a loud sound rang out which drew everyone’s attention.

“Hey, son of a bitch! Try this.”

“If you are so mighty and why don’t you try to dodge my ultra pro max weapon of mass destruction which still now, no one has been able to evade.”

A confident voice rang out from the other side of the battlefield.

However, even though the enemy Master’s rank didn’t want to mind the words of a random dog barking like an idiot and went back on killing Antwan, he felt that something aimed at his head was rushing towards him.

An object was flying fast at him like a meteor wanting to take him down.

He was surprised on sensing sudden danger and pulled back his rapier and tried to block whatever was flying at him while slashing his rapier at the object thrown at him.

The weapon of mass destruction or the object thrown at him was slashed into two halves by the flaming rapier and red liquid splashed onto his body, drenching him from head to toe.

“What was that?”

He reacted out of instinct and didn’t even know what was the object thrown at him suddenly and thought that someone had sneaked an attack on him and he tried to duck to prevent any more red liquid fall on him which he guessed to be some kind of acid or poison.

But his eyes widened with disbelief and horror as he looked at the so-called destructive weapon which was the dead body of one of his soldiers.

Someone killed this pitiful man and grabbed him like a doll, threw him at him and due to his carelessness, he didn’t even look and chopped it into half.

Though none of it matters as he didn’t care about such low lives.

“Didn’t you say that mad bulls are easy to handle? Then try to defeat this daddy of mad bulls?”

Gloating laughter echoed on the battlefield which redrawn the attention of the rapier-wielding man.

He looked to the left towards the source of the voice, to see a man wearing a full heavy suit of armour with only two openings on the armour for the eye holes.

In the light of the sun, the armour gleamed brilliantly giving this man a majestic look.

That man didn’t waste any time, he started charging right away like a mad hound, the momentum from his body caused powerful collisions which hit the enemies hard and they were knocked out from the body slam of this man.

The man just ran through the battlefield among the sea of people whose bodies were slammed against the armour and were thrown off balance with broken bones.

In his left hand, he held a massive double handles axe with which he was planning to take the rapier man down.

“Idiot! You are seeking your death. You can’t defeat me with brute force alone.” The Master ranks enemy sneered seeing that the newly arrived man was disadvantageous.

Full heavy armour was used by cavalry soldiers like knights who had superior strength along with skills, not the regular foot infantry and common soldiers who were just cannon fodder in mass wars.

It was idiotic to wear such heavy armour for close combat range since it would slow your attacks and weigh you down.

While the man diverted his attention towards the newly entered man, the soldiers of Wright found the opportunity and pulled Antwan to their side.


The man screamed as flames burst out from his rapier and he moved all his energy into his weapon.

With flames covering the rapier, he thrust at the hulking armoured man charging at him.

The strike was as fast as lightning and the energy was overflowing from the rapier wanting to tear everything that lay in front of it.

The enemy had unleashed all the power of his Master rank and thought that his rapier would pierce the man through the armour and kill him instantly.

The man in the armour sneered looking at the tip of the rapier crashing on him while many thought that the man was an idiot charging into his death.


Sparks flew all around.

The laughter of the Master suddenly stopped and the smile froze on the warrior’s face.

The huge axe that the man was dragging appeared in front of him from an unbelievable angle and collided with the rapier tip.

The enemy was stunned for a moment, after all, striking the tip of the rapper with such accuracy was nearly impossible in his eyes.

The enemy felt a dreaded fear seeping into his body and tried to back off but it was too late.


The rapier couldn’t hold up the strike from the axe and snapped into pieces.

The energy that was flowing onto the rapier was cut apart by the axe and the force of the axe didn’t stop here and the rapier holding the warrior’s hand almost exploded.

The momentum of the sudden burst of energy backfired on the man and travelled upwards, the veins in his right arm bulged and his skin ruptured and blood spurted out from the veins of his right hand.

The man shrieked in pain and jumped back in fear.

The huge noise had distributed everyone on the battlefield and everyone’s attention was drawn to the particular man who appeared out of nowhere and changed the momentum of the fight.

Frank, who witnessed the scene, almost screamed aloud.

‘Who the hell is he and if he is on their side then where the hell had he been hiding?’

The armoured man stomped the ground and jumped forward towards the ex-rapier man.

His movement was as fast as lightning which no one was able to follow.

The rapier man tried to dodge the attack and jumped back changing his direction of motion but the armoured man saw the scene and as if bending the laws, his axe changed the direction of motion in the middle and he rotated the axe vertically and slashed fiercely.

A strong arc of the blade emerged from the axe and slashed the man in the mid-air.


It sounded like the tearing of paper as the blade of the axe went from downward to the top of his head and because it happened so fast, the enemy didn’t have time to react and fall to the ground in one piece.

After a brief moment, a tiny bloody furrow appeared on his body and even before he could emit his last wail, blood spurted out from his body and his body separated symmetrically into two halves and all his internal organs fell all over the ground as his body burst into two halves.

[You have killed a mid-master rank warrior. You have gained 250 experience points.]

“So, who is next?”

The armoured man’s cold and chilling voice permeated across the battlefield frightening the enemy soldiers.


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