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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 57: Fending Off The Beasts Bahasa Indonesia

After fighting for quite some time, the number of aerial monsters started to trim down by a margin but still, a bloody battle was going on below the wall of the fortress.

Alex didn’t forget to keep an eye on his battalion which looked pretty good even if this was their first battle on such a large scale.

Before going out, Alex repeatedly warned them not to get carried away and went on a rampage.

After all, only he had this privilege for now.

On a large battlefield, one needs to stay in order and maintain the formation and stay close.

Dispersing on the battlefield is the worst mistake an army can commit.

Coordination among the group of soldiers is the most important thing on a battlefield.

Since the aerial ones have been taken care of,it’s time for him to have some fun in the down.


In front of the fortress, the situation was a mess.

The entire ground was drenched in blood and reeked giving one a nauseous feeling.

Those who have no experience on the battlefield would even find it hard to breathe.

Even some of the soldiers on Alex’s side had an urge to puke but still controlled their urges trying to contain their puke.

Ben was taking the command while Max was dealing with troublesome opponents.

But after a few hours of fighting, the flaws in them were quite apparent.

The soldiers and knights on the Steelfield side were still fighting as hard as before but the soldiers in Alex’s squad had already been worn down and had already exhausted.

Unlike others, they went hard from the beginning and exhausted their stamina while the soldiers from Count’s side, having traversed through countless battles, conserved their strength and used the bare minimum strength to deal with the monsters.

Max sliced the monsters one after another, he tightened the grip of the axe hilt and lunged forwards toward a two-headed snake.

The two-headed snake jumped on Max but Max was quite fast and using his muscles, swung the axe horizontally wanting to tear everything in front of him.


The two-headed snake body was torn by Max’s swing and it was divided into two halves but the two separate halves didn’t die and rushed at Max from both directions.

Max was caught by surprise by the snake’s sudden manoeuvre and was caught off guard unable to select how to defend.

But before the snakes could bear their fangs, two spears flew into their direction and pierced the head of the snakes.

“Max, fall back. You have gone quite far.” Ben shouted.

Max heard the call and panting heavily, he took a huge jump towards his group.

On his way, many started to pounce on him.

Max just held his axe and clenched it tightly, veins started to appear in his arms and his muscles bulged and contracted as if he had lifted a heavyweight and swung the axe while he spun in the air.

Anyone who went near him was cut apart by the revolving axe and blood splattered all around him.


With a huge thud, many pieces of corpses fell on the ground and Max finally landed near his group.

His legs gave away for a moment and putting his axe on the ground, he leaned on it, taking deep and heavy breaths.

Ben commanded the defender and spearman to move forward and cover Max to allow him to recover.


The sound of the clash was going on throughout the battle as the 300 groups of people went against an army of monsters.

The sound of the trumpet was heard from the Fortress.

Every two hours there would be a rotation of the soldiers so that the soldiers don’t overexert themselves and recover their stamina within two hours of rest.

Ben maintained the formation and ordered the squad to retreat and fall back.

He had 50 people with him and the next batch would be commanded by the King himself.

On hearing the trumpets and signal, they slowly started to retreat.

Seeing the humans before them going back, the beast became more violent and frenzy as they thought that humans had been worn out.

Only if they knew that with their retreat, a mad psychopath was going to make his presence, they would just run sway from there.

A single wave of lightning tore through the sky. The thunderbolt emitted a crackling sound as it made its way through the group of people.

It seemed to be a magic attack made by a beast who summoned the lightning on them.

Max and Ben decided to take charge seeing the flash of lightning appearing before them but a figure appeared before them which raised the huge hammerhead and used it as a shield to block the lightning.

Since the metal was a conductor, lightning passed through it but before it could discharge, the silhouette that appeared over them disappeared within a flash and appeared over the swarm of monsters.

Raising a hammer, the man smashed it on the ground with his full strength.


A huge boom thundered and the whole area shook and rumbled emitting a huge shockwave.

The beast and monster were blown away by the mighty blast and a shock wave of lighting spread across the area which stunned the beast and monster that were within a radius of 20 metres.

Anyone that was below squire rank was immediately turned into a blood mist even before they could emit a cry and those who were hit by lightning or were still alive even after being blown away emitted a shrill cry which echoed in the area.

Dust and debris flew by the impact and as the dust dispersed a huge pit was formed and inside it, Alex was standing holding a huge hammerhead and looking at the surrounding monster who was momentarily frightened seeing their mate turning into blood mist.

Alex smiled seeing the monster’s reactions and muttered.

“Fear should exist and fear should be shown and expressed.”

“When you face me, fear is the only thing that will make you feel alive after all, even before you all can rampage, I will turn you all into a meat paste.”


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