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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 45: Overseeing The Army Training and Meeting The Merchants Bahasa Indonesia

The training grounds, which seemed deserted a month ago, were now brimming with hot-blooded youths and some middle age men who were full of spirits and each of them had a fiery gaze.

Various people were practising in the field and all of them had been divided into groups according to the weapons.

Archers, Swordsman, Spearman, Defenders.

And many recruits have joined the army recently and were going through basic training guided by Mordek.

All of them followed a strict training regime set By Alex.

While archers were practising with the shooting targets, swordsmen were practising with swords.

While Spearman and defenders were practising together.

While spearmen were thrusting their spears, the defenders used the wooden shields to block their attack.

While they were busy in training, Alex entered the training field and everyone stopped their practice and gave him a slight now.

Alex looked at the soldiers and was quite satisfied with their improvements.

After purging the nobles and settling the score with them, Alex’s calls for soldiers and arms received a warm welcome from the masses and citizens of Nevan.

That was what he thought. But seeing their looks of distrust and anger at the beginning, Alex came to know that many people had joined the training camp because of his promise that no families of the soldiers would go hungry and they would get their well-deserved pay by the month-end.

Due to this most of them were forced to join the camp by their parents or due to some circumstances, but they still hadn’t trusted their king.

But practising for a month their attitude had changed and all of them had become quite docile.

Alex never went easy on his own training and trained with the soldiers when he had time, showing his will and determination and soon gained their respect.

Alex stood on the platform and his voice spread across the field”Don’t train like a muscle head to the point that your head becomes filled with muscle.”

“A soldier needs to move by taking many things into account, the current position of the squad you are in, the mission you are tasked and the dangers you are going to face and evaluating your and enemies’ strength.”

“A war is not won by a soldier but an army of soldiers. One has to know about the situation of his allies so that one can grasp the situation they are in and give others help.”

“On a battlefield, each one of you has to decide by yourselves and think about which action would be the most appropriate one, taking the situation you are in, into account.”

“It’s okay to flee but only if you dare to come back and take the enemy’s head back. Listen to me well, don’t be fearless because only one who knows the true value of life and only the one who fears death can overcome death.”

“But even if after doing our best, we fail, then just face death with a smile on your face.”

After giving the soldiers some words of wisdom and making their blood boil, he started to do hand signs.

He tapped his feet two times.

The soldiers heard the tapping sound of feet two times and separated into two squadrons.

It was rather a quick movement but Alex still noticed some stiffness in their movements and spoke”In training, we don’t only train our body and mind but also learn to use various things to deal with the situation like the study of hands, signs, signals, tactics, formation of enemies.”

“We have to practise all this until our body becomes accustomed to the things and are engraved in your bones as instincts and body moves on its own on receiving the signal.”

“Did you hear my words?” Alex shouted after his long and fiery speech.


“What! haven’t you eaten properly? Why are you all barking like a dog instead of roaring?” Alex shouted.

“Even my Leo roared better than y,u, “Alex shouted.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Yes, Your highness.”

Alex raised his fist and clenched it and hit his chest.

The soldiers who were dispersed quickly gathered into a single spot forming a formation where defenders were at the front followed by spearmen and then archers in the middle while swordsmen were at back protecting them.

Alex opened his clenched fist and hit his shoulder.

Following his notions, the defenders lower their shields while the spearman stoops low leaving archers drawing their bows with a ferocious expression.

Alex took a deep breath and looked at the group of soldiers.

A small smile formed on Alex’s face as he spoke”You all are going to be a nightmare the enemies who are going to face you.”


Alex, after overseeing the training of soldiers, was preparing to meet the merchants.

In all likelihood, the merchant will be a pain in the ass.

After Alex repeated requests only four merchants were interested in the proposal put forward by Alex.

But they have only agreed to meet him and have not promised anything.

Alex was so pissed off about it that he promised himself that he would try to get back at those merchants who ignored him.

Most of the merchants seemed to be supporting Amidon and Bright Kingdom and as there has been an undercurrent of War which might happen soon.

Alex stopped Riya from coming with him, he didn’t want those merchants to see her with their ogling eyes and drooling saliva and didn’t want to cut their heads in the first meeting.

“Count Bassie is everything set?” Alex asked as he walked through the huge spacious hallway.

“Yes, Your Highness. I have already prepared a document along with the equipment.”


As Alex entered, the guards bowed and opened the door.

Inside the room, four merchants sat and they didn’t even get up to greet him except for one.

Alex squinted his eyes and took a look at each of their faces and expressions.

They have an expression of disgust, hate and boredom.

Most of them didn’t like his recent invention and thought it was absurd.

Most of them still think poorly of Nevan and think of him as a crooked kingdom where people even lack necessities.

Alex tried to get in with the merchant groups who operated in Nevan previously but all they raised their heads swearing that they are not going to take a step into Nevan where they have suffered huge loss.

‘So, they think that they are wasting their time by coming here.’

Alex nodded at one of the men that stood up and took his seat.

Before Alex could speak.

A man with a rough browny beard scoffed “To what we owe you the pleasure, your Majesty.”

Alex didn’t mind his attitude for now and said”We have invented a new type of material for the construction of weapons and building materials.”

“We wanted merchant support to help us in dealing with exports and help us buy other things.”

The expressions on the merchant’s faces changed quickly when they heard about the new material and they still maintained stoic faces.

They looked at each other and one of them said”What is the material? Where did you discover it?”

“Sorry, we can’t disclose where and how we get the material. The only thing you got to know is that I have a good thing, you need to negotiate and make a deal.”

“And the name of the material is Steel,” Alex spoke with a large grin.


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