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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 42: Visiting The City Lord Bahasa Indonesia

Alex scanned Aaron with his eyes of truth but he found nothing unusual.

These bastards only know how to bully the weak. In front of strong people, they just behave meekly and with their support, they would just go rampage doing all the dirty things to satisfy their owner like a dog and lick their shoes.

“Come, Sir. come and sit here,” Alex said, waving his hand.

Aaron wanted to cut these men down with his machete but seeing each one of them was at squire rank, his hands trembled and his eyes opened wide with shock and disbelief.

Aaron swallowed his saliva nervously and asked”Who are you? You are not a simple man. You have a whole squad of ferocious people with you?”

“Didn’t I tell you? I am your lighter whom you asked to light the cigar.” Alex spoke and pushed Max forward.

“You…..” Aaron stumbled on his back and fell when he saw the man who they had given a good beating just an hour ago and now he came back with his lord.

“Lord…Lord” Aaron recalled hearing Max speaking about his master.

“Wait! Are you a noble? If you are then you can look for Lord Sten? Why are you looking for me?” Aaron spoke with a fearful gaze.

The soldiers behind Alex tried to control their urge to laugh.

Alex sighed and spoke with a cold tone”Hey, tie that bastard and strip him naked and hang him in front of City Lord’s Manor.”

“And yeah, wet him in oil. We will light a cigar for him.” Alex spoke with a devilish smile.

“While few of you take the loot…I mean, take the money and distribute it to the people.”

“Now, let’s give the city Lord a Visit.”

“Shall we?” Alex asked while Aaron tried his best to resist only to end up with broken hands and legs.

In front of the City Lord Manor.

A huge fatty man was hanged naked and a huge mass of people had gathered to see who the person was but when they saw the figure, their eyeballs almost popped out of their sockets.

“Isn’t that the Boss of Aaron riders?”One of them muttered.

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen him for a while.”

“I think this man tried to imitate Aaron and he was punished here.”

“Yeah, you are right. This may be the reason.”

“Oh!What a poor soul? What is going to happen to him?”

As people arrived with all kinds of weird conclusions and rumours, they shivered thinking about the man’s fate.

Most of them thought it was Aaron rider doing and this man was going to be punished brutally.


While the mobs and masses were mumbling over the matter.

Inside the City Lord’s Manor, another storm was blowing.

Alex sat on a chair while a man kneeled on the ground. He was so frightened that he wasn’t able to raise his head.

The man was drenched in sweat.

It was just a normal day while he was busy with his tasks when this group of men forcefully raided his house and before he could ask them what was going on, he was slapped again and again.

Every time he asked a question, he would be slapped hard. His face had become swollen like a pig due to the merciless beating.

“I heard you are the Lord of The City,” Alex asked in a sharp tone that sent a shiver down his spine.

The man just nodded his head.

“Tell me, just from when do City Lord instead of managing the city are siding with Bandits,” Alex asked.

But the man was too frightened to reply and kept mum which annoyed Alex

“If you don’t answer my question till the count of 10. You will not be able to answer any questions in this life?”

The man swallowed his saliva and was about to answer when he heard a loud commotion coming from another side of the house.

Opening the door with a loud bang, a four-year-old girl ran towards the city Lord calling him”Papa, Papa..”

Behind her, a woman and some maids ran and tried to pull her back but she cried wanting to play with her father.

All the hair of the City Lord stood up out of fear and she ordered the people to take her daughter away but saw her daughter crying loudly.

He was about to touch Alex’s foot and ask him to spare his family.

Alex raised his hands to stop them from taking away the girl.

As soon as the girl was freed from their clutches, she ran toward her father and hugged him.

With a sweet, innocent voice, she said”Papa. I wanted to play with you but Mommy didn’t let me come here.”

“Papa, why are you on the floor?”

Alex chuckled and said”Little angel! Your Papa is playing with me.”

The girl flinched back a little seeing the stranger but seeing Alex look, he asked”Who are you?”

‘Cute!’ Alex muttered inwardly as he saw the cute puppy-like eyes of the girl.

“I am your big brother. Now come, hug this big brother,” Alex spoke, extending his hands.

The girl hesitated for a moment but saw Alex’s sparkling ruby red eyes which made her remember the ornaments and looked at her father and after getting his confirmation, she moved forward and gave Alex a gentle hug.

[Host, you should be careful. You shouldn’t develop this kind of fetish. Just because there is no FBI in this world, you shouldn’t run after lolis.]

‘Shut up, when did I run after her. I like her as the sister you asshole.’

[Sorry, Host the system doesn’t have an ass or a hole so you can’t call me that.]

Alex gritted his teeth, shaking away the system grumblings while activating the eyes of truth, he looked at Alicia.



Talent:State and Civil Management


Alex chuckled inwardly after finding a precious gem.

Nevan lacks talented people who are good in the management of the public sector.

Moreover, even this city Lord also has the same talent but he has no potential.

With good education and learning, Alex was sure that Alicia can become a good asset to Nevan.

Moreover, Alex had taken a liking to this girl.

While patting her, Alex thought about his brother and sister of this world and wished they would have a healthy relationship but he knew since they are born enjoying wealth and status, Alex was worth a fart in their eyes.

Moreover, in influential families having more siblings is just another trouble on top of others.


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