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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 398: On The Verge Of Death Bahasa Indonesia

The ground rumbled and cracked.

Shockwaves emerged one after another.

Fierce Clashes took place one after another.

Mana swirled in the air and the auras clashed against each other.

Rody manifested his aura and swung his sword towards the Knight guarding the front of the enemy formation.

He believed that his attack would cut down the enemy.


Contrary to his expectation, Kinley’s knight blocked the attack.

Aura clashed against each other and Rody felt dizzy for a moment due to the strong clash.

His expression turned pale as contrary to his expectations he was pushed back.

The opponent was also at a Transcendent rank like him, but he seemed to overwhelm him.

Aeon took on Rody and injured him with his swift attack.

Johnson took on two with him.

Though Max was at Epic rank, with the help of his squad he was able to deal with a Transcendent rank.


While the fierce battle was going on against Alex’s and Noah’s men on the other side of the battlefield.

The scenery changed and exerting mana from his body, Noah moved like a mountain beast charging towards his goal.

Alex cut through the whips of vines charging at him and saw Hunter closing towards him.

He pulled back his sword and stabbed Hunter.

A strong pressure shot towards Hunter who avoided it narrowly.

Alex noticed Noah appearing close to him and mana churned around him.


A gurgling sound echoed in the air followed by a heavy rumble.

The flames from Noah’s hands spewed out in all directions and surrounded Alex.


The heat was quite intense and strong enough to melt one skin once it came into contact with it.

Alex turned around and covered himself in a barrier on which the strong flames crashed heavily.

Once the flames died down, Alex pounced on Noah who was quite close.

Noah’s eyes gleamed with danger and his body glowed due to a spell.

Noah accelerated backwards due to which Alex’s attack missed Noah narrowly.

The ground cracked and out of it rose many spires which attacked Alex and the tree trunks of large size which possess the power to destroy the human body at once tried to wrap him.

Alex raised his hand and shot down the spires with bolts of lightning.

His sword caught fire and burnt as Alex raised his mana and cut down the tree trunks that attacked him once.

It was then another powerful force that struck him.


An explosive aura erupted and Alex was blasted back.

Alex saw Hunter’s aura rising and it was quite intense. He seemed to be angered for some reason.

Alex raised his aura, casting the entire area to shake.

Alex and Hunter went over each other’s throats.

The strong and fast combo attacks kept on pouring over each other creating strong gusts and shockwaves one after another.

Noah tried to seize the opportunity and fired a spell at Alex.

A strong wind blew and a wide-arced wind blade appeared attacking Alex while he parried Hunter’s attacks.

Alex instinctively threw himself away and immediately raised his hands to block Hunter’s attack as he rushed toward him.


Alex’s hands shook and his body jerked due to the violent strike.

Noah and Hunter coordinated quite well to deal with Alex.

He thought that no matter how much Alex struggles and crawls, he will not be able to withstand the pincer attacks from both of them.

The only thing that worried Noah, was the total regeneration which Alex had shown before him.

To prevent that from happening, he just needs to cut Alex’s head as he was sure that it cannot be regenerated.

Alex’s head was spinning extremely as his mind and body were on full alert.

The repulsive energy rose from inside due to the opponent’s non-stop and relentless attack.

Alex spit out blood and focused on Hunter running toward him.

Hunter didn’t give Alex any moment to rest and breathe and pushed him fiercely.



As the aura clashed, a strong shock swept through the entire area.

While both of them clashed, Alex felt the mana rushing in once again and he senses the incoming attack.

The blades of strong winds went past him and blood splattered on his face still he was able to block the attack from dealing any further damage.

Alex gritted his teeth and the mana inside him was boiling heavily.

Mana erupted in all directions like the powerful explosion of an active volcano manifesting a strong killing intent directed at Hunter.


The killing intent was too strong even for Hunter to bear and he was frozen for a moment.

A strong blow ripped through the air and he raised his sword and roused an aura with all his might to defend.

Alex concentrated all his aura on the sword and kicked the ground to propel his body forward.

Noah’s eyes widened as he saw Alex’s strength skyrocketing and he hurriedly cast spells to stop Alex.

Alex just waved his hand and Noah was struck with a strong mass of condensed air and was thrown back after spitting blood.

Alex gritted his bloody teeth and swung his sword at Hunter.

He had to connect the hit otherwise, he might lose for real.

Alex who was about to pull his sword down suddenly felt the time slowing down for a moment and his heart started to beat wildly.

He was frightened for a moment as he felt the approaching death and all his senses screamed.

Alex tiled his body and tried to dodge something which he wasn’t able to see but he could feel it and sure enough an instant later.

Something flew past Alex making a hole in his chest but luckily due to Alex’s instinct, the attack missed his heart.

Alex coughed blood and drop down on the ground under Hunter and Noah’s astonishing gaze and heard a mocking voice.

“I can’t believe you were able to react to that!”

It was a voice that carried a powerful momentum which ceased everything that was going on the battlefield.


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