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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 394: Stepping Into Enemy Trap 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Alex tried to move his hands and feet but it seems all of them were locked and he had been forced to become a statue.

The mana core started to radiate mana which entered his heart but as his mana was pushed into vessels by the heart, it became empty or it could be better to say it was blocked which causes the veins near his chest to bulge giving him a subtle ache which started to intensify.

Alex felt as if his heart was burning.

‘If this keeps going on, my chest would burst and I may kill myself.’

He tried to use spells but much to his shock he wasn’t even able to use the spells nor was he able to manipulate mana.

He was even unable to rotate his head so he rolled his eyes trying to see as much as he could and found that he had stepped into the enemy trap.

The space all around Alex had been sealed by an array of formations with Noah at the centre.

With Noah at the centre, 20 Transcendent ranks Knight stood over magic circles.

Alex was closed in a space which had been devoid of mana and even if he tried to manipulate his mana inside him, he felt dense ropes coiled around him that were interfering with the mana channel.

“How is my surprise?”

Alex squinted his gaze towards the owner of the voice and glared in anger.

“You have given me many nice memories and now it’s time to return all this to you.”

Noah spoke with a sneer and stared at Riya.

Alex observed the two Mythic ranks that were standing far from Riya. His heart ached to see Riya’s hurtful condition and the only thing he wanted to do now was to kill the Mythic rank.

He didn’t know whether Noah had Mythic ranks or not and if he had Alex guessed that Noah would save them as a last resort to use a trump card against the Kinley’s main forces.

Alex’s expression of uneasiness was noticed by everyone which brought smiles to Noah’s and everyone’s faces.

“You are feeling it, aren’t you?”

“That sweet despair and pain of your wife being killed before your eyes while you can’t do anything?”Noah shouted with anger.

He still couldn’t forget the screaming voice of Jack asking from his mind.

If Alex could speak, he wanted to say ‘I am not gonna lie, I am really afraid but I am not afraid of her dying rather if she went aggro, shithead not only you will die but also my men.’

The current situation was scaring him.

Just like him, Riya was an anomaly. She might be a bigger anomaly than him. On top of using the power of darkness, if once she is pushed to a near-death situation, her powers would take over and once she starts a rampage, it is too heavy for even Alex to bear.

Alex didn’t know the reason behind this, he tried to ask Goddess and even tried to solve the mystery himself but it was all for nought.

Alex didn’t try anything hastily and carefully assessed the situation. He looked for his men and fortunately, they were far away now and seemed to be observing the situation from afar and Noah seemed to have turned a blind eye towards them.

It seems Riya had asked them to retreat.

Alex could feel their unwavering belief in him.

Normally, they should rush forward to help but all of them believed in him.

They know their strength and weakness as well as their limits.

If they rushed in, they would put Alex in a more difficult spot.

Alex had taught them to always wait for his commands.

So unless Alex called for them or they perceived that either Alex or Riya were dying for real, they wouldn’t make the move.

All of them were biding their time while waiting for his call and trying to recover as much as they could.

Alex who was assessing the situation was snapped out of his thoughts by the swift shrill voice.

“My Lord! Please forgive me.”

“It’s all my fault. I am too weak and am nothing but a burden.”

Alex heard Riya’s words and wanted to open his lips to ease her but he couldn’t.

He just stared at Riya helplessly while slowly trying to exert his strength to break out.

Den, one of the mythic ranks, made his move and Riya was unable to react in time.

She was punched in her guts and was blasted away for ten meters which made her cough blood and fall to her knees.

Alex’s eyes became hollow and as dark as a black hole.

Alex’s blood boiled with anger and he tried to break the space around him.

Noah noticed his struggle and muttered with a chuckle “It’s worthless. Cutting mana is equal to cutting the root of a tree.”

But his chuckle didn’t last long as the space around Alex started to tremble.

Alex’s body seemed to vibrate and veins all over his body bulged outward due to the extreme strength emanating from his muscle.

Alex was finally able to move his lips and he muttered softly”Do you think I am useless without mana?”

Not only had he learnt to use mana but he had also followed the path of a true warrior.

True warriors weren’t able to store the mana in the vessels due to various reasons but that didn’t stop them from getting stronger.

They soon found that they could damage their body which would soon be healed by mana and in doing so, their body would get strengthened.

Alex had been whipped thousands of times, and his bones had been broken by Max’s hammer.

He had bleed litres of blood by damaging his internal organs.

His body was enough to take on Disciple rank when he wasn’t even awakened and within the two years where he wasn’t able to use spells, he has trained his physical body as much as he can.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Many cracks appeared in the space.

The Transcendent rank who were trying to maintain the formation felt burnt and fell onto their knees.

Their faces had become pale and repercussions hit them hard.

Noah’s expression also became ugly.

“Cockroach!” Noah muttered while gritting his teeth.

This was one of his last resorts.

The formation takes a heavy toll on one’s body and if Alex breakout, The Transcendent’s ranks would suffer.

“Little more.”

Alex could feel that he was close to breaking out of the shackle.

Blood trickled from Noah’s lips as he was also overexerting himself trying to keep Alex in the closed space.

“Hunter, do it!”Noah ordered.

Alex’s eyes widened and he raised his right arm. His whole body acted on instinct as the figure flashed by his side and slammed his foot onto Alex.


Blood splattered from Alex’s lips and he was shot down like a ragdoll.

He crashed onto the ground heavily and a deep crater was formed.

He coughed blood and felt that three ribs on his right had been broken due to the attack.

Alex didn’t even get up when he saw a foot pressing down on him.


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