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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 387: If You Go Down What Will Happen To Them Bahasa Indonesia

Alex bent down and picked up the communicator from where a voice filled with uneasiness was resounding.

Alex had heard a bit of talk.

Alex stared at the mana communicator stone and then at Jack who stared at him with eyes as wide as saucers.

What Noah advised could shift the scale of the battle.

If indeed, Jack stood still and observed everything he might not have suffered a fate like this after all he is a legendary rank warrior.

Since the other side was using terrain, if Jack would use his aura and blow away everything within a radius of 50m then Alex would have no choice but to come out and engage in a frontal battle as he would have nowhere to hide.

But Jack wasn’t able to think about this.

Initiation and Intimidation were the two reasons that caused such a change.

From the moment they stepped foot in this place, Alex and his men were the ones who hit the nail to the coffin first.

He and Riya were the special case who can’t be found as long as they didn’t appear but his men didn’t have that kind of power, so if the enemies fight carefully they may be able to deal with them but the fear has already overwhelmed them unable to make them think properly.

Alex gave Jack a crooked smile who with a pale expression started to yell in fright.

“Don’t come close to me, you demon?”

“You have gone insane? I am already standing on you and you are asking me to go away?”

“Shouldn’t I treat the guests who have visited?” Alex spoke with a chuckle.

[Who are you? You are a worthy enemy? Would you like to tell me your name]

Alex heard Noah’s voice from the other side and picked up the mana communicator and spoke.

“I am Alex Von Leonhart from Kinley. It’s nice to meet you Noah Ark who is renowned as the rising sun.”

Noah stayed silent for a moment and continued.

[Alex you were previously known as the Fifth Prince but you were thrown out. You have been placed here and there might be a reason and I am sure it’s not that Arkham was waging a war. They might have posted on a desolate land where you couldn’t prosper.]

[You might have been betrayed by them. I deem you to be a very talented individual so I am offering a helping hand.]

[I will make you the Duke Of Arkham if you accept my hand and together we would soar into the sky]

[On top of that you would also hold a considerable amount of power and I will also grant you a piece of land we have conquered]

“Noah Ark, tell me? Do you think of me as a fool? And you still haven’t conquered the place and you never will as long as I am standing here?”

“If the life of your Legendary rank was not within my hand, would you have offered me this kind of deal? Your main motive was to eliminate us no matter what and what are the chances that you wouldn’t backstab me?” Alex spoke with a harsh voice and raised his tone.

“Listen to me well and etch this in your mind, any enemy that steps in this land will be killed no matter who he is or whatever strength he may have?”

“You attacked first so you should bear the consequences for your actions.”

[I am not going to deny my responsibility. As widely known, the Arkham Empire is experiencing a terrible calamity. There have been troubles all around, common people don’t have food to eat. Trade and commerce had been slowing down. Our soldiers had been dying down due to the war with demons. Our border can’t hold on.]

[At the covenant, it was agreed that everyone would come together to fight the demons but no one had helped nor were they willing to provide us aid or some money. That is why we launched an attack on Kinley. We have no choice but to make that decision for Arkham to survive and maintain its existence.]

“Are you asking me to sympathise with you and change my heart just because of this?”

[No, I am not asking you to sympathise with me nor am I trying to convey just how desperate we are. The life of the people of my Empire is at stake. Our goods supply would run out in a few months. Nonetheless, we are not going to back down at any cost. I will do everything within my power to stop my nation’s downfall even if I have to sell my soul for my nation’s safety or punish in hell for my wrongdoing.]

Noah breathed heavily after his bone-chilling statements.

Being the Second Prince and a man with great responsibility he was unable to erase the image of his people begging him for food, every time he stopped out. The children looked like sacks of bones and the adults looked to be aged a decade due to their problems.

It was so bad that even the rations of the soldiers were reduced to provide relief to others. Noah has always been troubled by this and Arkham even sought help and revelation from the Goddess for help.

And the oracle just gave a single statement.

‘You will find the solution to your problem besides you.’

And since Kinley was beside them that means the key to stopping their downfall lies in Kinley.

[You know my plans so you must know just to what extent I can go. Tell the Royal Family of Kinley to either offer us a huge sum or sign the pact to help us avert the demons or we will let the miasma that has been running rampant in our land infect Western Territory and turn it into the land of death.]

[I have already made my choice to go down for the sake of my country but what choice will you make Alex? Even if I die here, I would be praised. But would people praise you or bury your name? I know that Shen had some conflict with one of your wives. If you go down what would happen to them? Will you fall here or make a compromise? The choice is yours, Alex. I hope you choose wisely.]

Noah waited for Alex’s reply from the other side but instead of words, what came was a bestial shriek and a cacophony of breaking of bones.


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