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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 384: Hunting In Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

The forest of Terror Of Ranvier started from low land to a highland area which was followed by mountains.

The reason it was named Terror Of Ranvier was centuries ago, the Western Front was called Ranvier and anyone who was caught in this place would find themselves terrorized by the ferocious wildlife and the vast and deadly wilderness.

After Kinley occupied the Western Front due to various struggles, the beasts were eradicated and their numbers became quiet but the long-standing forest with rugged mountains could still kill some if they were trapped here without any prior knowledge.

The rugged mountains and blinding darkness were factors which didn’t let anyone even see the inch.

They limited the movements of both sides but since the reserve units had been trained in a place like this for a month, they were able to move freely.

To mask their presence each of them took a dip in mud and rolled in leaves which caused their current dilapidated condition.

If they stood near the bush, one could find it difficult for them to even identify whether it was a human or a tree.

And all the numbers of beasts were low but weren’t to the point of extinction.

There were still many deadly beasts living in the forest. Alex was able to locate them with his mana sensor map and was able to stay away from them but it couldn’t be said to be true for others.

With the previous explosion, he had led them towards the cave of the arachnoid spider monster.

A squirming shriek echoed across the forest.

A wriggling mass of flesh appeared followed by large dark legs followed by many crimson-glowing eyes shining in the darkness along with the squirming voice.

The cavern under which they lived shook due to the explosion and many arachnoid spiders moved out of it.

The first thing they saw was the humans disturbing their rest.

The fresh scent of cuddling blood filled the air all around them.


The Arkham soldiers started to feel uneasiness as they heard the sound.

Many odd things were going on around and traps hidden on the path were already making them hard to move around.

The soldier with a torch while swinging lit the path and saw a huge wriggling mass of flesh before him.

He raised his torch and put forward his sword while treading carefully.

The light that was illuminating before him showcasing the path suddenly fell on a dark slimy figure whose many eyes were staring at him.

He yelled in fear and swung his sword but the arachnoid spider jumped on it and opened its maw taking a bite and engulfing the soldier’s head and body.

The abrupt yell mortified everyone and soon they found a horde of Epic-rank spiders rushing towards them.




The Arkham soldiers tried to fight back but they were rendered immobile.

It was the terrain of the spiders and they were familiar with the topography.

Jumping from tree to tree, they shot the cobwebs which wrapped around Arkham soldiers completely.

One of the soldiers cut through the net with his aura and jumped forward, piercing the skull of the spider.


Rotten odour liquid gushed out from its head, as the monster screamed painfully.

It struggled and tried to shake away the man but it failed and due to the disturbance many spiders sprang on the man.

The Arkham soldiers were nothing but food in the eyes of the spiders who sought them out violently.

Since Alex’s troops had masked their presence and their killing methods included swapping and twisting necks, blood didn’t splatter on them so most of the spiders didn’t seek them out.

Unlike them, Alex and Riya were drenched in blood and their presence and smell could be felt from a long distance.

But it wasn’t easy for them to find Riya who could become one with the darkness.

Meanwhile, being trained in different types of topography, every turf had become Alex’s home turf.

He was even forced to fight in the depth of boiling lava while putting on a mana shield or covering himself in the aura and so it didn’t even matter if he was on steep slopes covering my forest.

The spider that followed Alex has led around towards Arkham soldiers.

Alex knew that this strategy wouldn’t last long.

The number of spiders was roughly 200.

Though they have taken several hundred of the enemy’s life, it was still a meagre amount in front of the whole thousands of Arkham soldiers.

So, Alex actively kept killing enemies on his way.

Alex used his partial concealment to the fullest. Even if he was before someone, it was difficult to discern others.

When he moved, even though he stepped on twigs or leaves no sound could be heard due to his light steps as gentle as feathers.

Unless Alex attacked the other side, they had no way of finding Alex.

When the place that had been illuminated with the fire from the torch until just a moment ago became covered by darkness again, Alex made his move.




He attacked his enemies by surprise. The sword that came down from the darkness wasn’t something that could be easily dodged and the soldiers of Arkham died with their eyes wide open.

“An enemy is here!

Whistles started to ring loudly.

The Arkham soldiers were aware that the enemy was nearby so they narrowed the formation but Alex had already jumped out from the net and started to take down the outer side of the soldiers in the net.



Yells and shrieks started to be heard from everywhere. Those who tried to trap Alex found themselves trapped.

As they were hallucinating, they could see Alex appearing from all sides and killing them at once.

Arkham soldiers looked around frantically and tried to close the gaps to protect themselves, but Alex managed to pierce the gap that was eventually created and took out the entire squadron of hundred people in the blink of an eye.


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