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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 376: Preparation For The Upcoming Bahasa Indonesia

The third and fifth defences were the only ones which persisted.

The fourth defence line was taken quite easily. After Alex and the nobles departed, it became hollow.

Out of the remaining soldiers stationed there, many fled away while others surrendered without any resistance.

The fifth defence succeeded in repelling the enemies. The wave consisted of only a few thousand soldiers so they were able to hold on easily.

And as no attack had been made on the third defence line, it was still as good as before.

After Alex escaped, a scout from Arkham’s side had been sent to the second defence line and after noticing the absence of Kinley’s soldiers, the group from the first defence captured and secured the perimeter quite easily.

On the fifth defence line, movements could be seen throughout the forts.

“Take care of the rations. Prepare the weapons and prepare them from before.”

“Repair the walls as soon as possible. Our lives are at stake. Hurry up quickly.”

“The second wave might be around the corner.” Baron Cohen roared as he looked around.

There had been many cracks formed in the wall and it looked as if it was going to collapse. The gates were good to go though they still need some repair.

It was good that we were attacked by just 6000 Arkham soldiers who fled quickly.

They were able to sort out the mess and were able to hold on. Still, there wasn’t any relief.

He contacted the General who seemed to be talking in a roundabout way and he could infer that the bastard was reluctant to send reinforcements.

Baron Cohen had never liked that man and at that moment, he wanted to kill that stupid person.

Shen was a stupid muscle head and was widely known as the Second Prince Gigolo.

As he sighed, a soldier came to him.

“Commander, we are receiving a call from Western Garrison Quarters.”

“Take it!”

Baron Cohen muttered as he walked towards the command centre.

He saw two people on the communication channel.

[Baron Cohen and Count Patt, I am Alex Von Leonheart, a member of the reserve unit as well as the acting Commander of this place.]

Alex had called both the commander of the third and fifth defence line at a time.

Both of them looked at Alex with surprised expressions. While Cohen was oblivious to the things on other lines, Patt was already aware of the recent affairs and straightened out his behaviour.

“Why are you contacting me? Are other defences already gone?” Cohen asked with a frown.

Alex gave them a brief summary and then spoke.

[The Arkham kingdom seems to have taken over the warp gate in the rear of Western Front. We have been isolated and would just be waiting for our death if we stay here. We must abandon the fort and take refuge in the Terror of Ranvier and try to block them out from reaching the Kingdoms.]

Count Patt and Baron Cohen jumped up from their seats.

Cohen thought that they had barely blocked the attack from the first wave while other defence lines had already fallen and even the warp gate had been taken over.

Meanwhile, the Third line wasn’t even attacked till now.

“There is no way the rear could have fallen. Are you saying Arkham soldiers have bypassed us and have taken over the warp gate? It’s ridiculous.” Count Patt spoke in denial.

“And even if this had happened? Are you telling us to abandon our position and seek refuge somewhere else?” Baron Cohen spoke with disbelief.

[Alex stared at their confused expression coldly and said”Do you think defending the lines hold any value in this situation when they have already bypassed and secured the warp gate? They could just bring troops over there and march towards Western Territories.”]

[They have never taken the defence line into their eyes. They hadn’t used their full power and just tried to distract us by focusing on the goals. Count Patt and Baron Cohen, think rationally for a bit. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.]

Both of them were speechless as they heard Alex’s words and started to think carefully.

Although Arkham attacked them first, they withdrew quickly if the battle turned out to be disadvantageous.

[We are escaping towards the rocky mountain of Ranvier to take refugees. If you stay there, you would be isolated and defeated by enemy-forced attacks from both sides. I plan to destroy the road towards Western Territory leaving them no other option but to walk through Ravier. Even if it is difficult, we still have a way of staying there and crossing through the mountains.]

Alex’s persuasion didn’t work. Both of them thought that this was just an assumption without any solid evidence. They couldn’t believe it fully.

” I need evidence first. Moreover, your plan doesn’t make any sense. You wanted to use guerilla warfare in the vast wilderness but can you handle that?”Cohen snorted.

“Contact me again if you have some news.”Baron Cohen muttered and cut the call.

Count Patt didn’t cut the wall and stayed silent for a moment.

From the information, Alex knew that Count Patt stayed silent most of the time and didn’t utter any words if it wasn’t necessary. He may look like a fool but he had good judgement.

Alex had a bit of hope for him but it was small.

Count Patt rubbed his chin and said”I don’t know if what you said is true or false. But when we are on the battlefield. We need to make certain assumptions and conjectures.”

“I have 18,000 troops stationed here and I am willing to send 5000 troops and place them under your command but please forgive me. I can’t leave my post without any proper command.”

“And you know why? If we leave the post and by any chance, Arkham loses, General Shen wouldn’t leave any leaf unturned to dispose of us. It’s okay for me to die but I don’t want my family to bear the tag of traitor and get despised. I don’t have the guts of a young man like you.”

“So, I advise you to be careful Alex.”

With sincere advice and a parting warning, Count Patt cut the call.

Alex sighed and stared at Riya for a moment and spoke with a self-deprecating smile.

“It seems the proverb was true. Good people don’t live long.”

“We should start packing up quickly. We should leave before Arkham troops appear through the warp gate.”


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